The Fal-files forum should also yield some knowledgeable answers.

Moses Machine is John Moses, a falfiles legend and very well versed in anything FAL.

Their trading/sell/buy section used to be very very active.

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X-ray Dave posted:

I'm not a FAL guy, but never seen or heard of any. Wonder if any were made for target shooting ?


DSA stated to me in a long ago email, that they modded 20rnd mag for shooting off the bench and for the 94AWB.  Currently, The 5 rounders are legal for hunting in some states and the 10 rnd mags are good to go in the onerous "Ban States". Forvsome reason DSA hasnt made any of either in quite some time. I think it has to do with the drying up of surplus FAL parts/mags but thats just a WAG.

+1 on what others have said.  Moses mags are good to go, but I didn't know he made ones other than 20's.  I did have some 5 and 10 rounders years ago but I'm pretty sure they were cut-down 20's.  They were a little ugly but they worked just fine.

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