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My department has been issuing Federal LE223T1, the 55gr bonded bullet, for some time.  I've never had issues with it, and my rifle is zeroed with it.


We recently switched to the LE223T3, the 62 gr bullet.  (I don't know why, it's just what was delivered.)

I was also just issued an AAC Mini supressor, and just mounted the adaptor on my M4 rifle, replacing the A2 FH.  I wanted to check my zero to see if the new adaptor and supressor would change my POA/POI, and test the new ammo.


I went to the range and fired 3 rounds of the 55gr stuff first, to confirm my zero.  At 50 yards, I wound up with a nice group of about 0.5", dead center.  (I love my Aimpoint.)


Next I shot 3 rounds of the 62gr bullet.  I was shocked to see my group open up to about 3".  (The group was a little low, but I expected that.)

At first, I thought it was me, so I went back to the 55gr. bullet.  My 3 round group was a little more than 0.5", but still pretty tight.


I had some ASYM 75gr ammo with me too, and thought I'd try that as well.  It printed low, with about a 1" group.


Rifle: DPMS LE lower  with BCM upper, 14.5" H barrel, about 600 rounds through it, Aimpoint T1 4MOA.  All rounds fired from a solid prone position at the 50yd line, using the same PMAG as a monopod, no supressor.


Frankly, I was shocked at the difference between the 55gr and the 62gr.  I know some rifles like some ammo better than others, but this was ridiculous.

Has anyone else had this experience?  Or am I missing something?

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Personally, not that much of a difference.  I'd quantify it out with a couple boxes.



Professionally?  Give me a few months and I'll tell you.  We've mostly gotten rid of any 1/9 and 1/12 barrels here and are about to begin the transition to the 64 grain bonded ammo.  



Unfortunately we have an LES who is dead set on never allowing leaded (duty) ammo on our ranges.  I sent out an email to all concerned asking to at least procur a couple boxes to shoot out of park, on my own time.  I want to compare - at least anecdotally - the performance POI shifts between the old and the new.  



Nice score on the suppressor btw.








Good question.

I've been able to shoot about 1 MOA with this rifle since I got it, mostly regardless of ammunition.  I've fed it the Federal LE223T1, the Winchester 64 gr soft point, ASYM 75 gr OTM, and frangible crap.  I've even had good success with WWB.

While they all have a slightly different POI, the LE223T3 that I shot is by far the largest group I've ever had.


I guess I'm going to have to go back to the range for more testing.  Damn.

Originally Posted by DocGKR:

. . . while the .223 62 gr version (LE223T3) has historically run in the 2.5-3.5" . . .



The 10-shot group pictured below was fired using one of the more recent lots of LE223T3 that I had on hand.  The group was fired from the bench at a distance of 100 yards from my Lothar-Walther barreled AR-15.  The group has an extreme spread of 0.87”.  (The single smallest 10-shot group that I had obtained with previous lots of LE223T3 had an extreme spread of 2.13")


This more recent lot of LE223T3 had a muzzle velocity that was 140 FPS slower than typical lots of LE223T3 that I’ve tested.  Whether this difference was due to just a wide lot-to-lot variation or an actual concerted effort by Federal to improve the accuracy of LE223T3, I don't know.








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