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Curious if anyone has had a look at this thing yet...?

As far as "tactical" trends go, I'm beyond fashionably late to every party...if I even show up at all.  I'm still rocking mostly quad-rails on AR's, Mil-dot reticles, and hammer-fired pistols as well as shoot a lot of 308 for actual distance and precision; I generally don't give a damn about the hot, new stuff.  However, a 90gr 5.56mm bullet out of a standard AR (or even a roided up receiver like the LWRC Six8) intrigues me.  The big-block SR25/AR10 patterns don't do it for me and the BH 77gr 5.56 has its limits.

An ammo giant at the front like Federal gives me some confidence.  I know J&P Ent. and Larue are in on it.  I'm curious to see what kind of support we see behind it during/after SHOT 2018.  


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Yeah, I've seen a lot of talk about it on a 68 Forum.  I don't reload; no time for yet another hobby.  Nor do I have enough time to do as much shooting as I'd like to.  I have the 5.56 for plinking, a 6.8 for hunting, and 6.5 Grendel for killing paper.  That's on top of all the other rifles I have at home.  I need another caliber like I do a hole in the head.  Looks interesting, but no way I'm jumping in yet.

Consigliere posted:

At least LT and Federal have gone about it the right way with two big names out front.  Remington and the .260 come to mind as how not to do it.

I'm with pointblank in the weapon luddite category now.  I leave it up to the youngins to continue the latest/greatest race.  Needs to be a bolt action to even gain my attention now but this round looks intriguing.

You ain't kidding with the 260; I remember thinking in 1999-2000ish when I was shooting 6.5x55 that I wished I could shoot the same bullets out of a 308. 

The questions I want answered are real MV numbers from barrels shorter than 22"...and if 1:7 is enough to spin these 90gr bullets if they only happen to be coming out 2550-2600 out of factory load(per a chrono readout from K&M)?  Also COAL issues with magazines going to be an issue?  I'm waiting for real shooters with valid opinions and not YouTube celebs to iron things out. 


I have a fair bit of experience with the 6.8 based cartridges with a 6.8, 6x6.8,  and .22 thunderbolt (actually based off the 6 hagar case but same parent case as the 6.8 with the shoulder blown forward basically). My gut feeling is the posted numbers seem high on what I have seen. With a 24” poly groove custom barrel ( typically get faster FPS) on the 6x6.8 I get 2810 FPS with an 87gr if I really push my brass. The Valkyrie uses a shortened 6.8 case and claims better velocities in a shorter barrel, it doesn’t add up unless they are running hornady style loads where you may get one loading of brass it’s so over pressure. For something that you want more poop in a .224 cal I personally think the 22 nosler is the best option out there right now for factory offerings. If I had to do it all over again I would probably do something based off the Grendel, either the 6.5 or .243lbc so I could really launch the heavier bullets.  

OK.  So I lied.  I was looking for some very minor parts on arfcom when....and I have no idea why....I started noticing some .224 Valkyrie barrels for sale.  About an hour later I have a LT .224 20" barrel and bolt, a rare LT Stealth stripped upper w/M4 ramps, a Geisselle Mk14 rail and 2 Geisselle super gas blocks coming in this week.  All are new for a grand total of.......$638.  I love my 20" Stealth 5.56 upper with a KAC URX 3.1 that is ridiculously accurate but I'll just swap it out on occasion to try this thing.

I bought ammo and I have a BCG for the LT 6.8 bolt.  Just need a charging handle and a rifle length gas tube which Jojos probably has come to think of it.  Should be fun.

Well, I'm curious to hear what you think...when you ever get out and shoot it (still waiting to hear how that 6.5CM Coyote is doing).

I've come pretty close to spec'ing out a barrel to my liking but the lack of consistency with factory ammo that's heavier than the 75gr fmj is troubling.  

I know Galli on Sniper's Hide just posted a vid on him and another dude shooting JP guns to a mile with Hornady 88gr ELD's.  This is in the SW and it appears they likely had some atmospheric numbers in their favor.   But for every one success, there are 2 or 3 dudes with factory guns shooting factory ammo like shit.  

I think it's at a very critical point...SHOT 2019 might be interesting/telling on the future of the Valkyrie.

Shoot it?   Shoot it?  You actually think I'm going to use it?  C'mon dude, you're better than that.  I just buy shit, take pictures of it and throw it in a safe.  Actually, since it's just you and me here and I know you can keep a secret, I don't even like guns.  I just wanted to fit in here because my life sucks and I have no friends.  Shoot it he says.   Why that's just crazy talk.

I’ve had very mixed results with mine. I’ve had very good luck with Fed 75 gr FMJ,  but occasionally it will have a wild group i the 2” range. The Hornady 88gr ELD-M has always shot like ass. Function sucked across the board until I put on an adjustable gas block. Now it runs fine. I shot a few hundred rounds out of all excited - then it sat in a safe untouched for the last few months. I have come to the conclusion that it’s pretty cool, but since I only have access to a 500 yard rage daily, free ammo from work is a lot easier to come by.  I would like to try more boolit styles and weights, but apparently so does everyone else. Nobody has shit in stock ever except the 75gr federal FMJ - which I already have. 

Here she is:

Colt lower with Colt CS stock, Sierra Prescion grip and Geissele HiSpeed DMR trigger.  Colt H buffer.

Colt M4 upper with LT Stealth 20" barrel 1/8 twist, Geissele Super Gas Block, Geissele Mk14 15" rail and LT Tranquillo muzzle brake.  Bolt is LT headspaced to this barrel in a chrome lined KAC bolt carrier.  BCM No4 charging handle.

Steiner Military 5x36 fixed with illuminated reticle.



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WyattT posted:

the results discussed on the snipershide podcast got me excited about it, sounds like barrel life is good.


Take that in context.  Consider the two guys doing the shooting, their location/atmospherics, their target sizes, hit percentages, the success of the AR vs the long bolt gun. 

The thing that I would like to note from the vids is how the target is situated and the fact that this is a 2-man, shooter/spotter endeavor.  If you have a setup that will afford you good indication when not on target of dirt/dust splash and someone good to see it, all you need to be is consistent. 

In no way am I belittling this endeavor, but it's not what somebody going out on their own should expect to replicate without significant effort...and probably a lot of frustration. 

I look at it this way: Frank likes to talk about how everybody wants his opinion on how to fix PRS, everybody want's his opinions on X,Y, and Z products.  You listen to the podcast, then you should know.  For the record, I neither like nor dislike Frank..and have come to understand his perspective and context for most of his content.  From a market standpoint, it makes sense to be good with JP and push the .224 Valk.  The market's rough...handguns are cheap, AR15's aren't selling.  While precision rifle has grown as a whole, but for most it's a one, maybe two and done thing (unless you're a weirdo like me or Consigliere and have a stable for the fuck of it).  The Valk has promise and we all know how fast even a good ammo concept can die from neglect.  It's just smart business.  Case in point, look at how he's helped Mile High, and they in turn scratch his back.  Spoiler alert: You aren't going to get that kind of treatment there but yet people are breaking their neck to be their bestie.  Randy and Diann are fine in my book but everyone else I've dealt with there can eat a bag of dicks.

Not saying one should or shouldn't roll .224 Valk...just take that podcast/promotion stuff with a grain of salt as you/my mileage will vary greatly from Frank's.

Matlock posted:
Consigliere posted:

Steiner makes some overbuilt optics.  They are awesome.

I've recently become a big believer in Steiner's stuff, as well.

Does that base detach? Looks like an acog-type carry handle foot, which makes me curious as to whether it directly mount to an AUG w/ Hagen77's fancy rail.

[thread drift off]

I do not believe so but I'll check.  As QD levers go, Steiner's is very well made.  Haven't checked return to zero but I will.


The Valkyrie is purpose built to launch long skinny bullets for long distances to ring steel targets with very little recoil in an AR-15 platform.  If that is not your purpose then it offers very little over the 5.56 for a killing cartridge, and lags behind the .22 Nosler for that same purpose.  As an example, the Federal 75gr FMJ load out of my 18" Valkyrie w/SF can averages 2770fps while the Magtech 77gr OTM out of my 18" DD MK12 w/SF can averages 2740fps; not much to brag about there.  If you handload then you can squeeze a little more speed out of the heavier Valkyrie bullets but you are sacrificing your brass when you do so.

Yeah we all know what its SUPPOSED to do.  My question is:  How much interest is left in it to keep people marginally interested like the 6.8SPC or is going to wither and die given the troubles with the high-BC projectiles and other teething issues?  Has the clock run out...


ETA: Well apparently somebody posed similar to the Federal rep.  Of course they are going to say things are all smoothed out...


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