So I'm interested in some "end user" feedback, this seems more reasonable than KUIU gear? just wondering about sizing, quality and over all value? I'm interested in the base layer and outer layer stuff, camo not so much.I'm looking at the Chamberlin down jacket for cold weather. Thanks.

They are on Promotive as well, which is real bonus.

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I've been using First Lite while hunting in Wyoming, Colorado and Oklahoma for the past 5 years or so.  I have their merino wool base layers (Llano, Chama and Allegheny), two pairs of Kanab pants (Kanab and Kanab 2.0 - replaced by the Obisidian) and a bunch of other stuff.  I just bought their Corrugate Guide Pant (not merino) last week but haven't used them yet.  I bought it all through ProMotive (or whatever they're calling it this week).


I love their merino wool.  I layer it with my issued waffle top and bottom for added warmth when I'm going to be stationary.  The base layers excel during active hunting/hiking/snowshoeing and they're all I needed under a pair of my Kanab pants even when temps were below freezing.


Now that I'm living in Kansas for the year, I'm looking at adding some of their outer layers for stand hunts but I don't have any experience with them.


As far as sizing goes, I wear the same size in all of their gear that I wear in my normal clothing (I'm 170lbs and 5'9" so I wear a Medium in pretty much everything).  I have found that the new Corrugate pants are a little more snug below the knee but I have large legs so that could be a factor.


Durability hasn't been an issue over the past few years.  I've worn some small holes into the base layers but with the amount of use they've gotten I'm not surprised.  I took a stick to the shin and tore a hole in my Kanab pants but after a call to First Lite they sent me some material to patch it up with.


If you want solid colors, I have black, dry earth and conifer.  The conifer is a really nice OD green shade.  The dry earth is basically coyote.


I haven't used Kuiu or Sitka to compare but with the ProMotive discount I don't see any reason to change things up.  Everything that I've read on some of the outdoor/hunting sites make me think First Lite is the way to go for merino base layers.


Let me know if you have any other specific questions that I can help answer.

Thanks, awesome response, right now I'm looking for a good cold winter jacket, something that will take me into the minus's. I like Arcteryx gear, but the FS pricing is much better, and since the demise of the LEAF program, well here I am. I'm gonna take a closer look at some of there base layers etc. 

Well done BTW 

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The founder of FL was/is a professional snowboarder and knew firsthand the advantages of technical clothing in the mountains and specifically the advantages of merino. He figured out a way to print camo to it and away they went. FL does all kinds of good work for conservation and preservation of public access to our lands. A first rate company IMO. I had to call into support once to return something and wound up chatting with the guy for thirty minutes because I had an elk tag near their HQ and he gave me some tips.

I've been running their gear for about five years and absolutely 100% endorse every piece of merino I own from them (Llano, Chama, Aerowool, Kanabs, Uncompaghre puffy) The only thing I don't run anymore is the Red Desert boxers. Love the first year edition of them but they changed the cut and it just doesn't agree with me anymore. I also have the SEAK top and bottom rain gear and for the money it is great. I like some Sitka and Arc Gore rain gear that I have better, but it also cost me about double.


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Hey troops, just to keep the discussion going, without starting a "new" thread, how about an comparison between First Lite and Outdoor Research? I'm in the PRO program for OR, so the pricing is excellent. I"m just looking for some feedback on there "tactical" line of clothing? jackets and gloves etc. 


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I have the older model merino Labrador sweater, a heavy wool full zip hoodless sweater, its really nice. Fit is baggy, so I could fit a medium, but its not so big as to be annoying.

Ive seen and heard of some issues with the newer model merino items, but unsure if its wearing out due to misuse or just wearing out early.

I'm looking at buying more of their merino stuff as sales etc pop up to try out. Only issue is the exorbant price to ship to Canada ($45 USD?!? really? costs me around $10-20 CAD to ship tracked to the USA.....)


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In the past three months I've added some more First Lite gear to my hunting setup.  I'm not a hoody person but I've been using the Kiln Hoody every single time that I'm out hunting.  The hood is the perfect cut to stay out of your peripheral and it's my new favorite piece.  I've used it in Wyoming and Kansas during bow and rifle seasons from the mid-50s paired with my old Llano base layer to down below freezing paired with a bunch of other layers.

Early archery season in Kansas saw a lot of  use out of the Wick LS Crew.  I wore just that and it did everything that I needed it to at warmer temps.  Definitely didn't give me that sweaty cotton smell that tends to happen with non-Merino gear.

I just took advantage of their Black Friday sale and got the Cirrus, Woodbury, Shale gloves and Softshell gloves.  The Cirrus is almost exactly like my Arc'Teryx Atom LT and for $52 it was a steal.  The Woodbury is an awesome jacket but I think it's hunting specific.  The Cirrus and Woodbury will be perfect for the cold weather we have this week.  

I think the Shale gloves are going to be my new favorite gloves.  I could see these being used for a tactical application.  The leather palms are really soft and give you good dexterity.  The Merino backing is a plus.  I'll be testing them out in the woods for the rest of this week.  The Softshell gloves seem like they'll be pretty warm and are light.  They're cut more for hunting use with an opening for your bow release.  I'm also curious how durable they'll be with the softer outer layer.


I don't have any experience with the OR gear (besides their Crocodile gaiters which I 100% endorse) but I'm interested to hear some comparisons.  Once we PCS, I'll need a good outer layer jacket for where we'll hopefully be going and I've been looking at OR.

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