I started this project some time back Nov07

SAR 1911 TDT (Take down tool) #1 of ?????
CPM 154 blade .160x4" stonewashed Recurved blade
Textured and stonewashed .140 6L/4V Ti lock side
Textured Black coarse peel G-10 with regular 1911 bushing wrench
5 1/2" Closed, 9 3/4" open
Ti disk (shell casing) with logo steel thumbstud (primer)
Removable cord wrapped lanyard. optional Big Grin

Its strong, easy to maintain......bottom line "Good hard working folder" like the sidearm many ,no wait millions of us are fond of.

Thanks for looking

For orders and new stuff please visit my website. http://www.sarcustomknives.com/mailinglistsignuppage.htm
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Looks great!

You showed me a pre-pre-prototype of the concept sometime back in late '06 or early '07. One of those ideas which had me hitting my forehead saying "why the hell didn't I think of that?" Absolutely farkin brilliant.

Very nice job forming the thumb stud to appear as a primer surrounded by a case head. I like the slight recurve to the belly of the blade, and the use of Torx screws to enable user dissassembly for cleaning.

As usual, your handle grooves look like a sure-grip is assured, and the deep cut behind the pivot combined with the file work above the thumb stud are well thought out.

Plus, as usual, you make a knife big enough for those of us with big mitts.

Very well done, Spencer!

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Don't even THINK about it Weaver. Dibs! Big Grin

Spencer, I have no idea what Weaver said but it looks awesome. Eagerly awaiting availability.



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That looks pretty damn boss! But you could use some lotion on those hands. Eek Wink

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Excellent folder Spencer Just what I need for my series 70 Colt.

Now for the hands, bag balm works great for frostbite on the hands.... Smilebut hard work really takes it's toll on the mitts.

I'd better get in line for one of your SAR 1911 TDT or I'd wind up with #3,0003 CoolSgt P.
Maybe I am a dumbass and missed the info (yes I know I am already a dumbass)... but how much is this puppy going for once you starting selling them off?

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I don't even want to know how much time you put into getting that 'just right', Spencer. Great work. Love the blade shape, and the stout size.


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But you could use some lotion on those hands.

All that knifey goodness and you're looking at a mans hands?!

In all seriousness, Spencer that is one good looking knife. I need to put that on my list of gear wants!


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Originally posted by walrus:
A real badass

Just a question, Spencer, does it have a double edge?

Thanks in advance.
From the photos, no, the false edge has not been sharpened.

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Originally posted by Tactical450:
Maybe I am a dumbass and missed the info (yes I know I am already a dumbass)... but how much is this puppy going for once you starting selling them off?

If you were on his mailing list you'd know.
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I read this post about an hour after I posted our own fixed blade w/bushing wrench.

There's no comparison. Your blade is amazing!

Back to the drawing board for me....on to the Blade Show for you.
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I simply saw it was for sale on Bladeforums and thought folks here would be interested.

My apologies!

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Sgt P. if you' re interested subscribe to Spence


which describes the knives available

Anyway here's the detail on the SAR 1911 TDT:


... featured today is #004,#005, and #006 of 25 folders. If you are interested please send me a email with the following details.

What number, method of payment (paypal add 3 %), personal check and MO taken, please include your full name, phone number, and a solid shipping address

SAR 1911 TDT (Take down tool) Cost is $425.00 +15.00 S&H, shipped (USPS priority, insured if you are a first time customer delivery confirmation)...
...Please reply to: sc65surf@aol.com
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Walrus, thanks man. I am on Spencer's list now.

Boy am I glad too! The 1911 TDT is what the "doctor" ordered for us with HUGE mitts!

And about checking out Spencers hands, well I come from Vermont, hometown where the Mt. Infantry school is in Jericho. Many of you know it personally.

I didn't get frostbite in VT, hell I had to travel half way round the world to freezin cold S.Korea to get it. So bag balm is a friend to people who have frostbite in their hands & feet.
CoolSgt P.

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