I know a set of tubes on their own were unobtanium back when First Spear was the only one doing it.  Now that Safariland is also doing tubes on their carriers, is their any way to get a hold of a a set of tubes without buying a whole cummerbund and cutting the tubes off of it?   Looking to retrofit a Slickster cummerbund with tubes.   

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I don't know about unobtanium, but I got them from First Spear around this time last year, my wallet cried,  but I rubbed some dirt on it.  They took a while to ship- about 3 weeks, but it was well worth the wait.

The tubes are listed on their website now, fiftten bucks more than I paid.

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Yeah, I already went the cummerbund route on my AWS 6094.  I am trying to just find the tubes themselves this time to have the local stitch doctor fit them to a Ferro Concepts slickster.  I don't really want to pay the price for the cummerbund just to ditch the cummerbund and keep the hardware.   I want it but I don't know that I want it "that" bad.

What's so special about the Tubes that can't be replicated with Cobra buckles or even Fastex?

I personally rigged my Tyr Pico up with Cobra buckles to replace the hook & loop cummerbund attachment system.

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I would say that the Tubes are wider, and therefore more stable than Cobra buckles or Fastex, unless you use a couple of buckles. Even then, a single wide Tube would provide a more rigid solution than a couple of buckles.

This would mean that donning and doffing is slower. Especially when compared with just pulling the Tubes tab to release it in an emergency.

The Tubes also appear more durable than Fastex, and easier to use than both Cobra and Fastex when wearing gloves. There are plenty of instances where Fastex buckles have broken, but very few, if any complaints regarding broken Tubes.



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Considered that, but in thinking about it, it would seem that doing one central buckle would create a roll point on the cummerbund.  They also take a substantial length given both male and female parts, for this particular application I don't want a closure that eats up an inch and a half of so of space.  

@LobsterClaw207  lucky....  thats a badass carrier.  Had some guys running them slicked out during an aircraft assault class recently and I was really impressed.  I haven't had PC lust in a long time but got some from that one..

I *think* it would work if you had someone who could cut your cummerbund right between the large velcro piece that goes under the front flap, and the rest of the cummerbund itself and then sew the tube in where the cut was made.    That is how I plan to insert mine if I can ever get ahold of one.  Checked their website this morning and it just says that they are available to approved industry partners.  Dug around on their site and didn't see an option to purchase anywhere.  

Damn I was thinking something along the lines of half the tube has a Velcro "tail" that I could put under the front flap of the PC and Velcro it down, and then the other side maybe threaded through the cummerbund and fold the Velcro back inside it..  Am I describing this at all coherently?

I like it so far and we got the releasable one for ops near water and the attachable backpack. Going to be night and day over the my current Protech entry vest I think.





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I got an email or something that said the Tubes would be available soon for purchase by individuals. Damned if I could find it...

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I see reference to "...the release of individual Tubes for commercial and individual sale..." but do not see the post about that nor can find them on their site. 

Is it just me? 

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I use an LWPC for work and I'd be happy with just the cummerbund..


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Has anyone actually ordered individual tube sets successfully?  The email I got had the 2017 price list but it was case sales only, not for individual sales. I have a LPAC cummerbund I need to retrofit.

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Any update to this?  Has anyone else been able to buy "tube" hardware separate for their project? 

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@Diz  Yes.  You have to contact them, they will send over some agreements you have to sign prior to purchase and send back.  With those agreements comes pricing.   After that you can call in an order without trouble.  Still not available on their website. 

As an update, I have modified a couple of PC's so far and these things are GTG.  

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