Hey everyone I just got a Spiritus Bankrobber rig and am looking for a solution to fit a small IFAK/trauma kit in one of the slots. For reference, each slot is similar to a Blue Force Gear Helium Whisper mag shingle, sized to fit a standard AR 30-rd mag. I'm wondering in particular if the BFG Micro Trauma Kit would fit, maybe if I removed the outer carrying sleeve and just tried to fit the inner component. Anyone have any luck with this, or something similar? Thanks.

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The BFG wont fit. I have the small loadout in it and it bulges pretty bad. ITS and Haley have smaller optoins designed for the chest rigs that may work. DARK minis will fit in the Spiritus Mk3 chassis in the front if you split it with a pistol pouch. it might be able to be finagled into a bank robber as well.


I'd say build your own kit. As long as you aren't bound by SOP just try what fits/ what you need/ can do without and vacuum pack it/ ziploc/ custom made insert (duct tape, seat belt, shock cords, whatever you have on hand...) 

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95AC8E2D-53F8-4CCC-B041-066140ADAE78C741CBF4-AE3D-43F2-808A-2005DF0FB15C8947780B-C13B-4D35-9A02-AA61CB63FE1B389A97FC-64E3-4D13-B170-CC2059A0B69DI took the components of a BFG micro kit and put them into two separate elastic cells. 2 TQs on the outer bungee spots, Chest seal and Combat gauze in one cell, micro bandage and another small micro packed gauze in the other. Run a radio and a 30rd mag in the bank robber, plus two pistol mags, a carbine mag and a pair of cuffs on my belt under a cover garment. Surefire light and a folder in my front pants pockets.

I'll try to take some pictures tonight post shift. EDIT: added photos.  No TQs or radio, but you get the idea. 

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