FN 509 experience?

Wow...Thought I'd get more of a response than that, as much as FN is pimping these things recently.

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II work for an agency that issues the FNS-9.  We have had issues with the magazine release which FN apparently tried to remedy with the FN-509,  As you probably know, the FN-509 has an undercut trigger guard to allow a higher grip on the weapon.  When I examined the 509 at the local gun store, I found the design or the grip and trigger guard hindered my ability to hit the ambidextrous magazine release.  When I depressed the magazine release paddle  on the left side of the gun, the paddle on the right side was blocked by my middle finger.  I imagine there is some technique tp avoid this, but it certainly didn't strike me as a plus for the weapon.

I just handled one at Cabelas.  I saw exactly what you're describing.  A right-hander-only button would be better for me.  I've seen someone grind down the right side, but a factory solution would be optimal.

Jason -------------------------------- "Consumer, how many times have you hankered for vegan mayonnaise only to realize you're not man enough to open the jar?" -- Bucky B. Katt

We issued the FNS-9 with the standard high profile ambidextrous magazine release.  We had some issues with magazine being ejected by center consoles and furniture.  After losing a magazine, I had our armorers convert my weapon to the low profile version that I believe is used in the FNS Compact.  That's not optimal as it requires some finesse to eject the magazine with my dominant hand thumb.  The firearms training coordinator has told me that FN will be producing magazine releases which are high profile on one side and low profile on the other.  

Hopefully, the Compact releases have been improved as some of our street crime and criminal investigation officers are now issued that weapon.  I will remark that when I test-fired  our T&E Compact some months ago, I had to place the pistol on the bench to remove  the magazine.   You know a weapon has issues when you read criticism of the magazine release in two cop/gun zines.

The folks who left here and started P&S seem to be pretty high on the 509. Riafdanl has been quite supportive of the platform. 

I handled one of the prototypes dry prior to the wake for Pat last year. I liked what I felt - dry - but I have no live fire with it. 

Bumping an older thread. 

I took advantage of a firearms instructor discount through FN for a 509. 👍👍

 Shot it the first time the other day. Trigger was a little rough in the beginning but is smoothing up and it really isn’t noticeable when shooting at speed.  Shot it better than my Glocks out of the box stock. 

The 509 I got with factory night sights (u notch), 3 mags etc for 350.00

 I liked it enough I bought two more FNH pistols, FNS 9L and FNS 9c. 

 I’m not selling my Glocks but my humble option is that it is miles ahead of a stock Glock. 

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