Hey Y'all,

Pictured below are some quick indoor / flash photos of the refinish job I did today.

What makes this special? The coating used is my attempt at Foliage Green. Essentially I mixed equal parts of Norrels OD and Brownells Teflon coat in grey. Is there bad juju with mixing the Brownells and the Norrels? I don't think so, but we will find out. With use.

In one of the photos the firearm looks very grey, this one had a histogram run over it and basically removed all traces of green from the photo. I included in the pictures of a piece of ACU gear (recently purchased from a fellow LF'r).

I can post a link to the refinish tutorial if anyone is interested (stickmans from arf). This is not the first job I have done, I do most of my firearms in norrels tan or brownells coyote, to better match my aor.

Thank you for your time, I hope this may provide some ideas for anyone looking at attempting Foliage Green.

SIDE NOTE: The firearm is not completed, FYI.

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USMC03 - Sir, I have alot of good info on the durability of the Norrels VS Brownells Teflon. I will post pix tommarow of my primary weapon that has both sprays and a fair amount of use.

foxtrotbravo - Sir, the pictured ACU item is the BCS IBA carrier. There is one thing that leaves me wanting with this item.

1) There is no method of keeping the front panels in place. To remedy this I had velcro sewn in to mate with the panel velcro in addition to using industrial strength sticky velcro to keep the panels in their respective spots. I can post pictures of this as well. As for how well this is going to work... we shall see. I wish it had the TAG spartan system of keeping the panels in place.

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That is one matte-ass rifle. Cool as hell. Is the charging handle part of your future work?

I have never been clear if there is a difference. Sorta thought the Brownells stuff was the same, but sold by Brownells, but now that I think about it, I have no proof.

Now, to continue off topic:
What do your panels do in the BCS carrier? I mean, wrong. How do they shift around? My soft armor doesn't (though it sat too low and I ran a stitch across the bottom to hold it higher) and plates fit snugly...

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Good job

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foxtrotbravo - this carrier holds the two part front IBA panels, it is a different version than the BCS carrier for standard panels. The standard panel one still uses velcro as far as I know... Let me know if I can provide more information, I have both carriers.

shoobe01 - I have the charging handle and the optic mount to do next, I didn't know how this batch was going to turn out, so I didn't do it all at one time.

Brownells vs Moly-resin.

First this is the Brownells Teflon / Moly Oven Cure Gun Finish, not the Brownells GUN-KOTE Oven Cure. I do not have any experience with the GUN-KOTE.

The Bronells Teflon seems to be different than Norrels. The Norrels seems to be a bit smoother and easier to apply. The Norrels OD is the BEST ever to use. The Brownells seems to require far more thinning with MEK. I think that they are VERY similar in composition but slightly differnt non the less. I had heard that it is the same stuff, just re-sold but I am not sure if I believe that. As far as I understand Norrels does not have teflon.

Durability: This is a tough one to quantify. The Norrels seems to win again. But this is based on my limited experience. It seems, as a rule, that the darker the color the better the durability. With both, degreasing is key. Warming the parts up very hot before hand makes the ultra matte finish.

Why use Brownells if Norrels seems to be better? The answer is kinda lame really, with the dealer discount, Brownells is 1/2 the price of Norrels. Lame because with 8 oz of Norrels ($23) you can do like 3 AR's, so the $23 of good stuff should do the trick.

Again, I will post pix when I get home of my primary weapon that has wear on it and both coatings used.

- Gazukull
shoobe01 - Opps! I forgot to address the panels sliding around. The IBA panels being two parts in the front are problematic with them sliding towards the center of the carrier. The BCS standard armor carrier does not have this problem, as it uses a single piece front panel.

Right, the Spartan (i'd imagine the centurion and the TT IBA as well...) has the two overlapping pockets and the BCS doesn't. Very disapointing, as I like the idea of the IBA carrier with no pals. For those who run their shiz on a different platform instead of stuck on the armor. I wonder if enough people asked for it, if Beez would make a change?

Ok as promised are the pix of the primary weapon done in both Norrells and Brownells.

The upper was done in Brownells, the lower in Norrels. The reason for this? It's what I had during the build Big Grin.

As you can see there is chipping occuring on the sharp edges. On the magwell, there are scratches from my magazines rubbing against the rifle. All and all I'd say the finish is durable considering the use. Has the weapon been overseas or anything like that? No, it hasn't. On the vltor, you can see the norrels on plastic works fairly well, there is wear from the sling.

For those of you interested in getting something refinished, Macs Shootin Iron does a park followed by GUNKOTE finish that is very durable. I had him do a couple of handguns before I started the DIY stuff.


I just have to comment on that FINE ASS tan rifle!

Quick Q: How much time lapsed between the application of your paint and the taking of those pictures?

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Mark Enders - Sir, Thanks! I like it too. On the FG rifle it is right out of the oven, assembled while still warm. On the Tan rifle, that coat is about 2 yrs old.

The money to DIY refinish is not bad. I got a chicom airbrush and air compressor from harbor freight for $55, $23 for the norrels and $2 for the brake cleaner to degrease.

Than it is many happy longtime refinish job!

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