I've been reading this forum for a few years now, and I've always thought it odd that there is no enduring food discussion thread pinned at the top for consolidated all food planning questions and advice. We have pinned threads for communications, survival books, and other topics, but food - possibly the most essential item in a disaster preparation plan - isn't included among them. If one of the moderators sees fit to add such a thread, I thought I'd compile some links to related threads from the past and sources for food that people have recommended along the way. If there's enough interest, I can attempt to keep the first post updated with new additions to these subtopics as people add more to the discussion.

Food Recommendations and Discussion:

M4C: Some Thoughts on Buying Food

M4C: What are you growing?

M4C: 3 months of food for 5 adults 2 children

M4C: School me on MREs

M4C: Source for Freeze Dried Food large order

M4C: Bugs in Rice

M4C: Food Cans and Tins

M4C: Water purification and things other than biologic agents

Sources for Survival Food:

Walmart.com listings for Emergency Food

Associated M4C Thread: Walmart has Food Storage Items?

Amazon listings for Mountain House food products

Amazon listings for Wise Company food products

Food Storage:

M4C: Shelf life of MREs

M4C: Foodsaver Vacuum sealer

M4C: Rice Storage

M4C: Root Cellar Build

Sources for Food and Water Storage Equipment:

Lexington Container Company - good mail order source for water cans, barrels, and other storage containers

Walmart.com listings for water storage containers

Amazon listings for water storage containers

I'm sure there's a lot more that could be added to this - these are just a few interesting discussions and sources I've gleaned from this forum. I hope others are interested in a consolidated location for this sort of information.