Earlier this month I managed to Crack a tooth right below the gum line, During the next 10 days of Pain induced insomnia I dusted off a copy of Autodesk Inventor and set out to try and keep my mind distracted from the pain. 

First up, was a  design for a bed rack for my Toyota Tacoma.  More a fan of the old school Tube style over the newer bent sheet metal designs.


bed rack assembly 2 v3b


bed rack assembly v3b 1

Tonight I change up the slotted gear panel to add a Rotopax mount

Slot and hole with RotopaxSlot and hole with Rotopax plain

Hoping to have a finished version of this in the next couple of months. all depends on my time off and the time off for the guy who is helping with the final fabrication. 


I also created this little item for the front of the truck bed, a Molle  and shock cord / quick fist panel

Mollie front bed header Panel v2 2019 Tacoma

I found a laser cutting service that was reasonable, so I order a sample part made, from concept to reality in less than 6 days.


I found out the mounting holes where 1 cm off so I drilled  new mounting holes for the header rail.


Updated the design to use slots for the mounting holes.

Mollie front bed header Panel 2019 Tacoma v2

A quick coat of self etch primer and satin black.   The panel is fasten to the factory header rail with T-nuts.  The Rail was missing in later years but it is an easy bolt one addition.



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Malpaso posted:

Nice work! Autodesk is the shit. I use Fusion 360 for 3D printing design.



Autodesk is great, I am using there small business  program to get a legal copy at no cost for 3 years. 


have not used fusion 360 yet, but It is installed,  Been thinking of picking up a 3d printer myself.

The rest of the laser cut parts arrived today.


The side gear panels.






Also another little part that I made.  A zip tie mounting tab for the series 10 80/20 extrusion that will be on the top of the bed rack, and also is on my cab rack.

This sample is painted, but will be checking on powder coating these



A sample bundle of six 16 gauge wires in a braided sleeve




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Very cool!

I've always been interested in that kind of modeling so I could work up ideas for tools and whatnot.  Even thought about designing a new gas forge.

I'll look forward to seeing how this all comes together!

When reason fails...

Doug Tilley posted:

This is pretty bad ass. Any updates with photos of it all loaded up with gear?

Not yet, still have to get the tube bent and welded.  The guy who is going to help with the use of his shop ran into some  issues that required surgical  intervention  to repair.  So it may be a bit before the finished product is done

Bill, Idaho posted:

My son has a 2019 Turd.   He has some type of support for his Tepui tent, and wants something different.  

I will show him this thread, and then have to listen to him whine.

Well, if things work out with the design, ge can be the 3rd person  with one, for the right price lol .. still TBD

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