Was at the exchange and saw the 365 display. I have to say that gun felt very good in the hand, and the dry fire trigger pull was just as good as any other striker fired subcompact I've felt.

I'm fighting the urge to go rent one and see how I like it. I am completely happy with my PPS M2 (even after the recall), but that capacity with that size make it almost a no-brainer.




I'd be happy to get one and put the LF/DOC recommended 1K rounds through it before trusting it, but I still have a problem giving SIG my money at this point.

Skandar, I LOVE my PPS M2. The only sigs I trust are the classic P-series. Mine are either Legions or older builds (2004ish). I'm still incredibly wary of the P365.

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Yeah, I feel the same way Hile. I wouldn't give up my PPS, but damn it's tempting to have 11 or 13 rounds in the gun when I have to deep conceal. 


I've got a friend in the market for a new subcompact and will likely go to the range with him to try it out.  I'm actually hoping I don't shoot the 365 as well as the PPS . 

I had a PPS M2 and it was terrific.  My wife's P365 beats it in every meaningful category.  I wholeheartedly agree with everyone about Sig and it's current leadership, but at this point in time their design team appears to be leading their competitors.    I recently bought a P365, but will not be able to test it until after the 1st of the year.  I hope it is as good as my wife's P365, but I'm not holding my breath.  We waited to get a Glock 42 until the early issues we're corrected, but we jumped on the G43 when it came out, and regretted it.  There was a time I trusted Glock as much or more than any pistol manufacturer, but that 43, and the btf we experienced on three gen. 4's, plus a friend's recurring issues with his gen. 4's and late production gen. 3, turned me against that company too.  I was especially soured when I called Glock and spoke with them about the btf I was experiencing.  My friend had an identical experience it when he called about the same issues.  To say they were rude is an understatement.  When my wife had P320's and we contacted them about the "voluntary upgrade", at least they were polite!  

I will withhold judgement on the latest P365's until mine has been run through the wringer, but our sample size of one beat our G43's (all three of them, our Shields (2 of them), and my PPS M2.  Of all those other pistols, only one G43 remains.

One final comment.  Her P365 has been more accurate with every type of ammo we've put through it than anyaother singlesstack 9's we've owned, and  stays with full size duty pistols out to 25 yards, the farthest we've shot it to this far.  Interestingly, even with the last G43 we have, and it has a Victory First barrel, and different springs to lighten the trigger pull (wife has arthritis),  her stock P365 is more accurate, has a better trigger, and we both swear it is more concealability.   It doesn't hurt that it holds 11 or 13 rounds either.

I believe all of us, if we admitted it, would be more comfortable with Sig if Ron Cohen and his cronies went elsewhere to wreck still another company.




Took a rental 365 for a spin today. Overall felt very...meh.

In fairness it was a very used gen 1 rental gun, but still I was underwhelmed. Accuracy was decent for a gun this size, and it doesn't feel tiny when shooting it. There's nothing wrong with the gun per se, I just don't shoot it as well as my PPS, and it doesn't feel as good in my hand. The rental only had the 10 round  mag with pinkie extension, so I couldn't assess what the flush mag would be like. I did improve my accuracy over the course of the morning, but it still wasn't as impressive as I'd anticipated (feared?).

The trigger was adequate. That may sound strange, but pistol triggers are fairly immaterial to me unless they're notably bad.

It's definitely an engineering accomplishment in terms of capacity. My friend and I fired 100 total rounds through it and both felt like we had some sort of Hollywood action movie magazine; it was only 3 rounds more than how I carry my PPS, but that's still almost 50% more and it felt like the mag went on forever.

On the negative side, we had a cumulative 5 failures to extract, and at least 3 times the slide failed to lock back on an empty chamber.

The extractions may be due to it being a well used range rental. After the first slide lock issue I took extreme care to note if I was actuating the slide release with my grip and was definitely not on the second or third. Again, I'm not going to condemn the design based on one range gun.

I did take the opportunity to put some mags through my 1993 West German made P220. Not by way of comparison as the 220 and 365 couldn't be very much more different unless one was a revolver, but compared to the 220, the 365 didn't have the SIG "soul" that I love about my 220 and the M11s I carried in the Navy.

Bottom line, I have to grudgingly admit the 365 is a competent gun, and packs more capacity into a subcompact than anyone else (so far). It's just not for me, but I can see others being very happy with it.

The friend I shot with is in the market for a new subcompact and he is hard over on a single stack. He was impressed but is taking my advice to go to another range and try a different 365 for peace of mind. I can't say it would be a bad decision if he goes with the SIG (though I'm also recommending he wait to see what the reality and timeline is on the 43x/48).

For myself I'll stick with my PPS, though I think there's a nice little niche between that and my VP9 that will probably be filled with a VP9SK when I offload my P320.

Got to shoot one of these today. More recently produced version (11/30/18). 350 flawless rounds. I do note “striker drag” on about 1/3 of the primers. I will continue testing but I think this will replace a Kahr PM9 for pocket carry. The P365 is virtually identical to the PM9 with just a slightly increased length. Trigger and capacity are significantly better on the Sig. The Glock 43 and shield don’t match the PM9 form factor, but this thing is an engineering marvel. I can get a good purchase with  my medium size hands on the flush mag grip. I’d like a better mag release.

"I'm the only one macho enough in this room, that I know of, to pull off this Miata"

I hear you. For my needs pocket carry is a must. The Kahr PM9 has reigned supreme in this role. The P365– if it proves reliable—is a step up. The Glocks you mention would be great for IWB.

"I'm the only one macho enough in this room, that I know of, to pull off this Miata"

I have a Kahr PM9 and I recently shot a buddies Sig 365.

I greatly prefer my Kahr to his Sig. I shot my Kahr much more gooder. I also prefer it to the couple of G43 I have shot. The PM9 has a much better trigger than both and just feels nicer in my hand. YMMV.

I will say though, that seeing those ten rounds fit in that little Sig is like some kind of black magic. 

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DocGKR posted:

Thanks, but I'll take a G43X or G48 instead....

That looks a great option. It seems the right grip size rather than with most of subcompacts.

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