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I am looking for gear testers/product feedback in Colorado. I will consider other locations, on a case by case basis. This is unpaid, except the reward of improving gear, and use of the cool new kit.


Over the last 2 years I have been developing a new modular load carriage system that is lighter than current equipment, without sacrificing strength. 2 of our users just finished the Thunder beast/ Competition Dynamics 24 hr sniper adventure challenge in NM; their reviews were all positive. Everyone that has put on our kit has said that it is more comfortable than what they have used, and its lighter. We need more comments and feedback from experts to refine the designs.


If you ever wanted to be part of the development of new kit, this is your chance. We will schedule an office meeting with product introductions, and then provide opportunity for field use. At the end, we will use your comments to improve future designs.


This product took life when a close friend from high school, now 20 years Navy SEAL retired, told me that backpacks and body armor do not work well together. They are designed by different manufactures and often incompatible. A few good designs are available, but they are heavy. Waist belts are frequently not used because they are uncomfortable with armor or a gun belt, and you can't ditch quickly. An armored pack would be cool to rest your rifle on in a gun fight.


Further research on lightfigter and other places demonstrates that current gear designs cause:

• back injuries

• loss of circulation in your hands and arms

• plate crush and shortness of breath

• discomfort when layering pack belts over gun belts

• rucksack palsy

• heavy packs

• pack roll

• helmet interference when you lay prone

• reduced ability to fight effectively

did I forget anything?


I addressed these problems with a ground up solution that is lighter than the current alternatives.


This pack design was conceptualized 15+ years ago for Mountain Rescue, and now it has been applied to tactical gear. The modular design is useful for anyone who carries a pack.  PEO Soldier and MARCORSYSCOM have seen the design. They did not fund further testing, but encouraged continued development and commercialization.


Soldiersystems summed up the design criteria, when he discussed SPD 9, before he knew about this design:

"But, in our opinion, until armor, fighting, and sustainment loads are all looked at as load problems and a common chassis is developed to support them in a modular and scalable manner, then we will continue to see increased weight due to to redundancy."


Jimmy has asked me not to post my own review/pictures, but rather have another member post their own review. I don't know anybody here, even though I have read many of your posts. I look forward to getting to know more people through this process.


You can count on me giving back to this site, once the development process stops bleeding cash. Post here if you would like to participate in the testing process.


Legal mumbo: The design has foreign and domestic patents pending, licensing available.




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