Just added the G Maritime catch to my long used Norgon ambi. lower & I I can’t depress the bolt catch w/ my left trigger finger but a palm strike will cause it to release the bolt. 

Need to make time & see if the interface ‘tween the two is the issue.

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The Norgon should work with Maritime Bolt Catch.  It did for me when I was using the Maritime Catches, I've since moved on after a Maritime Bolt Catch broke in two during a firing session.

Just to make sure I'm not an outlier:

Question:  Will the Ambi-Catch™ work with the Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch?

Answer:  Yes.  Left handed shooters can actually depress the lever of the Ambi-Catch™ and the lower projection of the Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch (GMBC) simultaneously with their trigger finger while dropping the magazine.  This action serves to positively maintain the lower projection (tab) of the GMBC in a depressed condition while the magazine is being released.  The upper projection of the GMBC is located upward and slightly to the rear placing the actuating surface away from the serrated portion of the lever of the Ambi-Catch™.  No modification to the Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch is necessary when installed with the Ambi-Catch™.


(PS: I'm not pooping on the MBT, mine broke, Geissele offered to replace it, I moved on to a billet type enhanced bolt catch.)


Thanks gents! I'll forge ahead with using the two I purchased and see whats up. Of course it never occurred to me to check Norgons website. I had previously heard a rumor that they went under so maybe that notion lodged itself in my pea-sized brain, hence no checking there ...duh!

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