Guys, As I stated in my intro post I am a collector and interested in preserving helmets and gear from men like yourselves. I recently picked up from a Navy Corpsman that is assigned as a Independent duty corpsman with some Recon Marines.... a high cut helmet that is labeled a Gentex Phonetalker III ballistic helmet. DOM 2013. As with all of the things I aquire I try to authenticate them as best I can. It has a net painted camoflauge , ARC rails on the sides with hook and loop above the rails as well as across the back. No NVG shroud is installed on it. I cannot find much of anything on the helmet online and am wondering if anyone has heard of these helmets. And most importantly were they used by guys, on the ground deployed to the middle east. It looks exactly like a SOHAH or FAST helmet.  I am still figuring out how to post pictures here, Thank you for your time....

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"The Gentex Phonetalker Type III Helmet protects the wearer's head from impact and ballistic fragmentation while conforming to latest NAVSEA specifications. The Phonetalker Type III is available in one size. The helmet consists of a ballistic shell that is painted gray with a water resistant pad suspension. Each helmet features an X Retention System with front release mechanism.

  • Water resistant pad suspension.
  • X Retention Systems with front release mechanism.
  • Conforms to the latest NAVSEA specifications.
  • Specifically designed to be worn over sound powered headsets such as the H200/S and gas masks or by itself.
  • Available in one size that fits 95th percentile."

Sounds like a standard XL SOHAH with a generic, one-size-fits-all suspension.  This would work for the Navy in that you can issue one per every position on a boat/ship that requires comms and not have to spring for individual fit kits.

I'm assuming this:


replaced these:

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