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Having only seen the pics, here are my thoughts and impressions.  Hopefully the guns aren't vaporware and we'll be able to handle them in 3 weeks.  All available evidence suggests to me that Glock has decided to go to a modular concept in the Gen 5 guns, which include the G43, G43x, G48, G17, G19, G19x, G34 and G45.  In the each of the categories, single stack and double stack, they have 2  frame sizes and 2 (or 3 in the double stack) slides.  They each have a short frame, 6rds (G43) and 15 (G19); and a long frame, 10rds (G43x, G48); 17rds (G17, G19x, G34, G45).  The key difference from earlier generations is the shorter dust cover on the frame and the extended recoil spring area on the longer slides.  I realize this is conjecture for the doublestack group of guns, but it is only a slight extrapolation from the smaller guns.  We'll see if I'm right.

If my design philosophy is right, it answers the question about the lack of an accessory rail on the G43x and G48.  I THINK, I don't know, that Glock decided keeping to the frame flexibility between sizes was more important than having two different 10rd frames.  Which is why I think the G45 frame is really the new G17, G34 frame  as well. 

The G43 doesn't fit my hand.  I don't like long frames and short slides/barrels, so the G43x doesn't appeal to me either.  But the G48 does, assuming it feels good.  And if it does, and I get one, I'll probably put a TLR6 on it from the get go.  I picked up a couple of the Olight mini-Valkyries when they were on sale and they sit on my M&P Compact and G19.  I've already gotten one holster for the M&P/light and I'm still shopping for a G19/light compatible one too.  They've finally gotten the output on the small lights up high enough you can have a light without increasing the footprint at all, for which I am VERY happy!

Dorsai posted:

The rumor also says that there is a G48 (what happened to G44, G46 and G47?) which includes the G43x 10rd mag, and a 4" barrel.  I guess we'll find out for sure, maybe, partially? on 1/3/2019.

I don’t know what the 44 or 47 are, but the Glock 46 was a rotating barrel lock up model that was entered in to a German police pistol trial.


Don't forget, the numbers are supposed to be their patent order, which is why the Glock22 isn't a .22 and the Glock45 isn't .45 caliber.  Their first gun was the Glock 17, so they had 16 patented items before that.  So while it is likely that the Glock 44 and 47 are guns, it isn't a given.  Let me caveat that by saying that they may be playing a little loose with their naming conventions.  The long slide Glock 17 was the 17L, but the long slide Glock 22 was the Glock 24, not 22L.  The 19x and 45 should be the same model with variations, but they aren't.

M. Wilson posted:

So super duper dumb question, is there a micro red dot that will fit on a 43?

The Shield RMS or RMSC maybe.  It might even fit on your CW9. 


I hope they've worked out the durability issues (it's a Jpoint sight).

Lucky me, the wife has a G43 with the Crimson Trace green laser/WML and now she's is "needing" the Sheild RMS on it as well...

So if I'm lucky, I may be able to get one for my EDC blaster next year sometime...



Thanks! The 48 has an appeal to me. I'll let it percolate a bit as well as wait for a black slide. Glocks are fugly enough, that silver slide makes it more so.

Edit to add: I bet Sootch is really wishing he hadn't been hovering over that "send" button while drinking on new year's eve  

I'm sure heads are exploding in Smyrna right now, and it'll be a cold day in hell before Gaston's crew gives him inside info again!

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To explain why I'm interested (not that you guys would care about our gun tribulations up here).  That said, the challenges we face are similar to some of your leftist states...except we aren't allowed CCW. 

If, however, everything starts to go for shit and one consciously decides to break what was once a law in the interest of self defence or protecting his family; one will have to go with what he has and obtained legally when there was law and order in the land.  With that in mind one would want the closest possible to an ideal CCW.

We are limited to 10 rd mags and barrel must be 106 mm minimum (4.2 inches).  In the vid above he mentions barrel length as 4.17 inches.  Likely we'd get Cdn barrels as we do already on G19, G26 and my S&W SD 9 - all extending .25 inches beyond the slide.  

So, I want the shortest barrel legal and 10 rds in a slim, single stack.  I was covetous of Commander sized 1911s in 9mm, but they weren't physically available in my town  (I like to walk into a store and handle the product before I buy) and seem pricey.  The bulk of a double stack is pointless if legally limited to 10 rds..

Soooo G 48 looks real good to me.....

Glock lists the G48 barrel length as 106mm, so the confusion involves conversion between metric and imperial, and rounding of the numbers behind the decimal point.  So the G48 will be legal in Canada without any barrel change.

With respect to the magazine compatibility, my lightbulb went off this morning.  Time will tell if it is 100w or just a fizzle, but I think within a year, Glock will announce a new G43 with a wider frame to accommodate the wider 10rd magazine, plus a flush fit 8rd magazine.  Since I'm now trying to channel their corporate decisions, they may or may not discontinue production of the slimmer 6rd gun.  I'll let you know when I make up their corporate mind.

Rich275 posted:



I don't think Glock is doing it's customers any service by not making the 10 rounds mags compatible with the current model 43. 

I do however really like the 48 and think it should be an excellent alternate duty gun for coppers with really small hands or as an LE admin gun.

We have a couple people who could benefit from this.

Too bad there's no accessory rail, though.  

Before you wish for a rail, consider what lights might fit on such a rail.  The 43x is supposed to be a cross-over between the 43 and 48.  The short slide is flush with the end of the dust cover.  If you make it flush with the end of the 48 slide, like a 19, it is no longer compatible with the short slide.  That defeats the purpose.   So we keep the short dust cover and add a rail.  It isn't long enough.  The G43 barrel length is 8.6cm, the S&W M&P Shield 380 EZ barrel length is 9.3cm.  Or in Imperial terms, a shade over 1/4" shorter than the Shield EZ.  And since the Shield EZ's dust cover doesn't go all the way to the muzzle, it's safe to say they are about the same. 

I bought a Shield EZ for the purpose of giving it to a friend who has strength issues due to nerve damage.  And to set it up properly, I planned to slap on an Olight mini-Valkyrie light.  After all, the Shield has a rail with 3 slots, so a light must fit, right?  News flash, it doesn't.  The smallest detachable light is too long to latch on.  A TLR-1 won't fit either.  The only one I can find that will is maybe the Inforce APL.  The Recover Tactical rail doesn't look long enough to handle anything useful either.  So the bottom line is that Glock can abandon the "x" concept to give the 48 a long enough dust cover to have a working rail, or keep the x.  They chose the latter, and at least for now, I think that was the better choice.

Glock 48 to be available in Canada — Glock GmbH, the maker of the world’s bestselling handgun, designed its new model 48 pistol as its first standard firearm developed specifically to be legal in Canada, one of the company’s largest recurring markets outside the U.S.

The single-stack 9 mm gun could be in stores across the country as early as next month for about $650, said James Cassells, Glock’s sales manager for Canada.

106 mm Barrel

The two-tone, 10-round G48 is the first pistol to come standard with a 106-mm barrel in Glock’s 37-year historyas a handgun manufacturer.

Canadian law makes it a crime for federally licensed shooters to have a handgun with a barrel of 105 mm or less, or to have mags with room for more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

Cassells worked with colleagues at Austria-based Glock in 2017 to make a version of the bestselling G19 pistol with a longer barrel and reduced mag capacity for sale in Canada. They also made a Canadian edition of the G19X.

Canadian Compliance’

While we have modified various models in the past to make them Canada legal, the G48 was the first standard model to account for Canada compliance in design,” Cassells told today.

Subscribers Only, Read our full Q&A with James Cassells: Glock Canada Manager Cassells Comments on New Orders, Gun Bans (If you subscribe today, we’ll send you the access password within a few hours.)

Political Context

The new model is coming as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau considers ending civilian handgun ownership through a “full ban” on pistols, revolvers and many rifles and shotguns.

He’s also preparing to pass Bill C-71as a law to prohibit and eventually confiscate certain rifles and make it harder for hunters, farmers and sport shooters to buy, sell, own and transport firearms.

The G48 is also one of the few new designs announced recently by a major firearm manufacturer and could be a highlight of this year’s SHOT Show. The world’s largest trade expo for the firearm industry opens Jan. 22 in Las Vegas, with a range day on Jan. 21. (Find our past SHOT Show coverage here.)

Record Sales

The new firearm will compete in the U.S. against Smith & Wesson’s Shield and SIG Sauer’s P365. Both guns are banned for Canadians because their barrels are too short.

Canada’s shooting market is tiny compared to the U.S., but it’s one of Glock’s most-consistent countries for sales year to year with 4,000 to 5,000 guns sold on average. Last year set a Canadian record for the company as it introduced new models and won a large police contractin Ontario, Cassells said.

Sport, Police

Hunting and target shooting are among Canada’s safest and most-popular outdoor and sporting activities. More men and women have a firearm licencethan play golf or hockey, or who ski.

For sports shooting, it will be a great pistol to start with,” Cassells said of the model 48. “It’s going to be lower cost, so it will be a good entry pistol. For law enforcement, it’s a perfect plain-clothes pistol.”

Timing, Price

The G48 will be on display at SHOT Show and in U.S. stores on Jan. 21, Glock’s U.S. subsidiary said today in unveiling the new handgun.

It could be in Canadian stores by late February or early March if the U.S. government ends a shutdown and resumes processing firearm-export permits “pretty soon,” Cassells said.

It’s probably going to be around $650 Canadian,” Cassells said. “There will be a slight adjustment in our prices because of the dollar being where it is now.”

That would make it Glock’s least-pricey firearm in Canada.

A Canadian Glock 19 Gen 4 costs $710 in many stores. ( was the firstmedia worldwide to report that Glock was planning the firearm.) The standard G19, with a 102-mm barrel and 15-round mags, is the world’s most-popular handgun.

The model 17, which was Glock’s first pistol and redefined the global handgun industry, sells in its Gen 5 version for $757 at Toronto-based Al Flaherty’s Outdoor Store and at Calgary Shooting Centre, among Canada’s largest independent firearm retailers.

G45 Next?

Glock may start selling a longer-barrel version of its model 45 pistol this year in Canada, Cassells said. The G45 is chambered in 9 mm and based on the G19X.

With the G45, there’s definitely an interest in having it with a Canadian barrel,” Cassells said. “We’ve had agencies adopt the 45. I actually think that’s the best pistol we make for law enforcement today.”


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Dorsai posted:

There are reports that the G43x and G48 are in stores already, but they can't be sold until 1/21.  Nice that Canada's laws were considered in the design and that might be an added sales incentive, though the design specs are probably enough to do that. I'll check out the G48 and at this point, I'm inclined to get one.

I have an in at the largest chain of gunstores in Florida.  I will check with their warehouse manager tomorrow to see if they have them.

stray round posted:
Dorsai posted:

  Since I'm now trying to channel their corporate decisions, they may or may not discontinue production of the slimmer 6rd gun.  I'll let you know when I make up their corporate mind.

Tell them to step up on the roughness of the grip texture.  Also if they are going to discontinue the 6 rnd 43 to do so at blowout prices because I need small...

Related image


I'll sell you mine...

Picked mine up today and it feels great. The reach to the trigger is short and I can see that I'll have to fight jamming my trigger finger in up to the first joint. The trigger pull feels good and is least a good if not better than my carry gun with factory 3.5lb connector and NY1 spring. I wish it came with a smooth trigger....

The last armorers course I went to the 42's were just coming out so I'm out of the loop. Anybody know why there is a smooth trigger available for the 42 but not the 43/43X?

The 43X fits a Gaunt leather IWB (basically a Sparks VM2 copy) just fine although I can tell the Ameriglo sights are taller and are carving a deeper sight channel. The guy at the counter (GT distributors) tells me that they now have an SKU # for mags, but does not know when they will be in stock. They are not taking backorders on mags and I was told to just keep checking the website for stock.

I made it home and loaded up the mags for a quick testfire and it ran fine and felt good.

Got to handle and shoot (first one!) a friend's 48 he showed up at the range with today. 

I don't much like Glocks. Tried for a few years, took it serious, never got them. Bad grip angle to me, etc. 

These are shockingly good. Best thing they've produced in at least a decade, and just from my tiny experience with it, one of the best new handguns I've seen in years. Really, really good hand feel. Nearly perfect hump, texturing, everything. Really nice size. Good sights even to my failing eyes; just Glock sights, but they seem stunning with tiny sights on even pretty good compacts. 

Mag is really nice. Doesn't seem at all like a hack, but like all mags should work this way. Loads smooth, orange follower is slick enough it reminds me of the Calico of all things. Very visible through witness holes. Plenty of ramping at the bottom of the frame, easy to reload. 

Slide lock easy to hit, not in the way. Seems to stick out more than usual, but I didn't measure, may be an illusion of the frame size change.  

Shoots like a dream. Breaks cleanly, recoil is smooth that my doubles are nearly touching at 10 yards. And I'm not that great a shot. 

Overall, annoyed I can't go buy one (money, other disappointments and priorities) and replace 90% of my Kahr P9 work with it. 

I see why everyone is disappointed by not-black options. Not just anti two tone guy, but do not like the color of the silvery top. But, that's pure aesthetics. 

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