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Glock 43 X

anyone else underwhelmed?

I enjoyed the light weight however the "shoot ability " of my G43 compared to my G26 left me unimpressed.

Perhaps the larger grip will help but I doubt they changed the trigger geometry enough if at all to compare to my G26

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I've been hoping they would introduce a single stack gun the size of the G19 for years.

I have big hands and long fingers so it isn't an issue for ME, but when I was instructing in the police academy, every class we would have one or two shooters with REALLY small hands and a gun the configuration of a single stack G19 would have been a good option for those people.

I have a 19 and a 42 and a 43. I'm not sure if I'm interested in buying ANOTHER variety of Glock, but we'll see how all this develops

We'll see if Glock spills all the beans when they make their announcement, or if we'll have to wait for SHOT to look at things, but I'm guessing the G43x is the crossover between the G43 and the G48, i.e. G43 slide and G48 frame.  Which is the only reason I can think of for not extending the dust cover enough to have a light rail.  About which some people will complain.  The same crowd that would bitch about a free blowjob.  If I'm right, I wouldn't be surprised to see another change to the Gen 5 line.  Right now, Glock is making Gen 5 frames to fit the G17/34, G19, G19x and G45.  The G45 and G48 leads me to believe that they will drop the exclusive G17/34 frame and lengthen the portion under the slide for the recoil spring on both the G17 and G34 slides.  It will simplify their production line and allow them to interchange the G17, G19 and G34 slide groups on either frame.  Similar to the M&P 2.0 lineup.  The dustcover length on the full size and compact frames are the same, just the grip length differs.

The 43X makes sense, they are probably listening to feedback from shooters who hate the short grip on the 43, but love everything else about it.

Got a 43 a while back for the 6 actual,  to complement her G19.   It's a great little gun, surprisingly accurate and controllable for being so small, but she hates shooting it with the flush-fit mag.  The one with the extension makes all the difference in the world.

Got a PearceGrip +1 extension for the short mag, incidentally, runs great with it.

Sounds like the ten rnd 43X mags may not work in the 43.  If so, lame.

The 48, as others have said, is something I've heard folks clamoring for for years.   Surprised it took Glock so long to come out with it.

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