Glock 43 X

anyone else underwhelmed?

I enjoyed the light weight however the "shoot ability " of my G43 compared to my G26 left me unimpressed.

Perhaps the larger grip will help but I doubt they changed the trigger geometry enough if at all to compare to my G26

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I’m curious to see how this all works out. I’ve seen that there will be multiple pistols based on this magazine.  I’ve wanted to see a full size “single”ish stack 9mm.  

SNDT1319 posted:

.  I’ve wanted to see a full size “single”ish stack 9mm.  

One of the rumors is that it is just that along  with a smaller 26-ish version.

Whatever is released, with a new designed magazine coupled with other dimensional changes, it might pay to not be an early adopter.



The rumor also says that there is a G48 (what happened to G44, G46 and G47?) which includes the G43x 10rd mag, and a 4" barrel.  I guess we'll find out for sure, maybe, partially? on 1/3/2019.

Too bad the Glock 45 wasn’t a commander sized .45 ACP with single stack magazine 😕

I like the thin profile of the G43 but have a hard time getting a good grip with the short frame, maybe this will be enough of a change to be a good compromise between the 43 & the 26

Mmmmm....I could learn to like the longer slide version with a 10 rd mag. Plus 2 mags are bound to follow making it more compatible for EDC vs. the BUG role 

But PLEASE get rid of the serrated trigger!

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I've been hoping they would introduce a single stack gun the size of the G19 for years.

I have big hands and long fingers so it isn't an issue for ME, but when I was instructing in the police academy, every class we would have one or two shooters with REALLY small hands and a gun the configuration of a single stack G19 would have been a good option for those people.

I have a 19 and a 42 and a 43. I'm not sure if I'm interested in buying ANOTHER variety of Glock, but we'll see how all this develops

I predict a bunch of used 19, 26, and 43s hitting the market.

That would check a lot of boxes for a desirable carry gun.  I like the extended slide as it would carry nicer IWB  than one with a frame length slide not to mention better sight radius than what I think the 43X will be.

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I could get behind the 48.  I can’t shoot s 43, to save my skin. Same with the Shield. I shout my LC9 almost as well as my comped 19. 

The 48 could be my replacement for my LC9 as my go to Ca. gun. 

We'll see if Glock spills all the beans when they make their announcement, or if we'll have to wait for SHOT to look at things, but I'm guessing the G43x is the crossover between the G43 and the G48, i.e. G43 slide and G48 frame.  Which is the only reason I can think of for not extending the dust cover enough to have a light rail.  About which some people will complain.  The same crowd that would bitch about a free blowjob.  If I'm right, I wouldn't be surprised to see another change to the Gen 5 line.  Right now, Glock is making Gen 5 frames to fit the G17/34, G19, G19x and G45.  The G45 and G48 leads me to believe that they will drop the exclusive G17/34 frame and lengthen the portion under the slide for the recoil spring on both the G17 and G34 slides.  It will simplify their production line and allow them to interchange the G17, G19 and G34 slide groups on either frame.  Similar to the M&P 2.0 lineup.  The dustcover length on the full size and compact frames are the same, just the grip length differs.

I would make mention of no light rail and generally that makes it a non-starter for me, but my LC9 has no light rail and I get by just fine with my hand held ProTac HL-X. As for free blowjobs, from a bearded toothless hag, yeah, I might complain.  

Well...this was pretty much the last thing I needed to happen before I completely shitcan .45ACP...that being a decent 10-round single stack 9mm that is compliant in unfriendly regions but not a hamstrung compact or pocket/bug that's hard to shoot well without extendo grips and what not like the 43 is for me now.

Screw it...I'm in.

People have been asking for a single stack G19 since forever, I’ll pick up one for me and another for the old lady- I was about to get her a 43 too.

Are Blue Label guns avalible immediately at release or do they show up after the initially drop?

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The 43X makes sense, they are probably listening to feedback from shooters who hate the short grip on the 43, but love everything else about it.

Got a 43 a while back for the 6 actual,  to complement her G19.   It's a great little gun, surprisingly accurate and controllable for being so small, but she hates shooting it with the flush-fit mag.  The one with the extension makes all the difference in the world.

Got a PearceGrip +1 extension for the short mag, incidentally, runs great with it.

Sounds like the ten rnd 43X mags may not work in the 43.  If so, lame.

The 48, as others have said, is something I've heard folks clamoring for for years.   Surprised it took Glock so long to come out with it.

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Consigliere posted:

Welcome to my 10rd 9mm world. 

 Glock free thank Jesus but still 10rds.

Look at it this way.  If the G48 is a hit...HK will put out teasers for their single-stack at like...SHOT 2025!

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