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Glock 43 X

anyone else underwhelmed?

I enjoyed the light weight however the "shoot ability " of my G43 compared to my G26 left me unimpressed.

Perhaps the larger grip will help but I doubt they changed the trigger geometry enough if at all to compare to my G26

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I've been hoping they would introduce a single stack gun the size of the G19 for years.

I have big hands and long fingers so it isn't an issue for ME, but when I was instructing in the police academy, every class we would have one or two shooters with REALLY small hands and a gun the configuration of a single stack G19 would have been a good option for those people.

I have a 19 and a 42 and a 43. I'm not sure if I'm interested in buying ANOTHER variety of Glock, but we'll see how all this develops

We'll see if Glock spills all the beans when they make their announcement, or if we'll have to wait for SHOT to look at things, but I'm guessing the G43x is the crossover between the G43 and the G48, i.e. G43 slide and G48 frame.  Which is the only reason I can think of for not extending the dust cover enough to have a light rail.  About which some people will complain.  The same crowd that would bitch about a free blowjob.  If I'm right, I wouldn't be surprised to see another change to the Gen 5 line.  Right now, Glock is making Gen 5 frames to fit the G17/34, G19, G19x and G45.  The G45 and G48 leads me to believe that they will drop the exclusive G17/34 frame and lengthen the portion under the slide for the recoil spring on both the G17 and G34 slides.  It will simplify their production line and allow them to interchange the G17, G19 and G34 slide groups on either frame.  Similar to the M&P 2.0 lineup.  The dustcover length on the full size and compact frames are the same, just the grip length differs.

The 43X makes sense, they are probably listening to feedback from shooters who hate the short grip on the 43, but love everything else about it.

Got a 43 a while back for the 6 actual,  to complement her G19.   It's a great little gun, surprisingly accurate and controllable for being so small, but she hates shooting it with the flush-fit mag.  The one with the extension makes all the difference in the world.

Got a PearceGrip +1 extension for the short mag, incidentally, runs great with it.

Sounds like the ten rnd 43X mags may not work in the 43.  If so, lame.

The 48, as others have said, is something I've heard folks clamoring for for years.   Surprised it took Glock so long to come out with it.

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G19 overall width is 1.26 inches, vs the G48 width of 1.10 inches. This doesn't sound like much of a difference, until you are sticking it in a belt.

A while back, I traded a Shield for a M&P9c, with the thinking that for just 0.2 inches wider, I could get almost double the rounds in a package that was otherwise the same size. It was amazing how much harder it is to carry the 9c than a single stack, plus the mags are more difficult to hide. I almost never carry it now, preferring a single stack 9 of about the same size. Plus, I can throw an extra mag in my pocket without looking like I'm happy to see someone. 

I consider myself a pretty average concealed carry person who carries regularly. I tend to default to comfort and easy. I say all this to give my prediction that if it is a skinny G19, one of their most popular carry guns now, that this will be the new BIG THING, especially if you live in a state with mag restrictions.

Someone over on ARFCOM reported that he got to shoot T&E versions of the 43X and the 48.

He stated that the 43X is being correctly reported as slightly wider than the 43, and the magazines are not interchangeable as a result. The 48 is a long slide version of the 43X with about a 4” barrel. He said the dust cover on the frame does not extended to the front of the 48 slide, since it’s a 43X frame, I guess, so it looks sort of like a mini 34.


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If the speculation is accurate (and the thing runs) Glock will have a grand slam home run with this pistol. Three years ago, I all but begged the National LE manager at Smith to do this to the Shield. I was looking at it from the perspective of an alternate duty weapon for officers with very small hands  (had a female member of the command staff who was marginal, at best, with her full size M&P,  but could damn near max the qual with her Shield. All due to hand size and fit) Added bonus would be sales in the aforementioned  ban states.

Glock may have gotten into their OODA loop as S&W did theirs with the Shield. I'm curious about it, but will let whatever it is play out a bit first. I've never been a Glock guy, and am pretty neutral/agnostic about the platform. I never carry and rarely shoot mine, though eight of the things live in my safe. That may change as I look for work in the industry, as I recently acquired both a 19X and 45. Those two guns are making me more open to the brand. 

CWM11B posted:

...alternate duty weapon for officers with very small hands  (had a female member of the command staff who was marginal, at best, with her full size M&P,  but could damn near max the qual with her Shield. All due to hand size and fit)...

I agree, having seen and experienced this several times with the Shield.  I hated the gun...until I shot one.  Now I own one.  Amazing how well most folks can shoot it regardless of what other guns they are used to or prefer.  I have not found the current 43 equally as shootable, however, so maybe this will "fix it."  The 42 I replaced with the 43 was even worse.

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CWM11B posted:

 I was looking at it from the perspective of an alternate duty weapon for officers with very small hands  (had a female member of the command staff who was marginal, at best, with her full size M&P,  but could damn near max the qual with her Shield. All due to hand size and fit)

It will be interesting to see if this G48 concept gets applied to a slim G17  offering as a duty size weapon. 

With the presence of the G43    for a BUG or when you have to go small gun, offering a slim G17 and G48 makes more sense to me than offering the 43-X and 48.    On the other hand I'm sure market is in small  CCW's rather than the limited demand for slim duty size weapons with less capacity.


I never liked the G43 when there were better options (in my opinion) like the Shield.  The G43 grip is too small, and I don't have large hands.  The trigger was heavy compared to other Glocks, which I didn't necessarily think was a bad idea for something that a lot were going to drop in a pocket.  The grip was too short and my finger slipped off with a flush fit magazine.  That said, I thought it was a very trim piece and as small as Glock could make a 9mm.  It's slim enough that adding a little more girth and length for a 10rd mag will probably make it fit my hand better.  The G48 with the longer barrel and grip than a G43 won't be as concealable, but not by much.  Certainly not a pocket pistol.  More concealable than a G19.  There are lights and lasers that clamp around the trigger guard so they'll work for the G48 as well without compromising its concealability.  I don't think there will be a G17 length version.  That niche is a small one and 10rds seems like a magic number since leftist politicians don't have to remove their shoes to count that high.  Since that can be done in the G48 envelope, I don't think they'll go bigger.  At some point, an aftermarket supplier will offer a longer slide and barrel, and magazine extensions.  That will get you up to G17 length.  I haven't done the math, but a G43 slide with a compensator will probably bring it out to G17 length.  Add a small RDS and you can turn your G43x into a mini-Roland.

treehopr posted:

Too bad the Glock 45 wasn’t a commander sized .45 ACP with single stack magazine 😕

I like the thin profile of the G43 but have a hard time getting a good grip with the short frame, maybe this will be enough of a change to be a good compromise between the 43 & the 26

Exactly, but I've been reminded by all the fan-boys we have the G36. Which is NOT a commander-size single stack.  

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A pic has come out.

Glock seems to have latched onto the new model.  Short-Short, Short-Long, Long-Long and potentially, Long-Short.  Something to please almost everyone.  I'm wondering if they will offer the last option, Long slide, Short frame, or if they will just dangle the idea, forcing the consumer to buy two guns so they can swap parts.  Of course, there will always be the inflated aftermarket.  If everything is interchangeable, and I think they are, enterprising people will buy up guns and then sell the slide groups and frames separately on Gunbroker.  The same will apply to the G19 and G17 once they resolve the dust cover issue (my opinion only, but that's what I think they will do).  I don't think Glock will offer slide/barrel groups for sale as accessories.

For all the "Shield shoots great, 43 sucks" people, I have the exact opposite experience, it's preference. Don't care for all these new models coming out, trying to drum up sales for a niche market used to be what aftermarket was for, seems like Glock is stretching itself and it's distributors selling it's product thin and I don't see that going over well for brick and mortar stores. This is basically a slimmerish g19 with less rounds and mag compatibility. Not impressed

I have long wondered why the single stack never made it to plastic for S&W. Back when guns were all metal, they used to offer a single stack .45 and 10, but both single and double stack, small and large frame, 9/40 autos. 

Always seemed obvious they'd continue that, so were they dumb or was the market not there, so they build what their customers wanted? 

I like more choice, so hope this is successful enough everyone makes a single stack version of their existing gun, or whatever minor mods to make it work/make it narrower. 


Also: no light rail? I am surprisingly happy with the TLR-6. I see one of those coming out within minutes of the new Glocks being released. 

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rebbryan posted:
... Don't care for all these new models coming out....
This is basically a slimmerish g19 with less rounds and mag compatibility. Not impressed
Yeah, who would like something light to carry, comfortable to hold, and delivers performance...
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"I have long wondered why the single stack never made it to plastic for S&W."

One of the problems was that the  S&W  3913,   Sig 225 and 239  were pretty much the same size as the G19  or Sig 228 and most people handled them in the store and went for larger capacity.   

I had a 3913 and have two 239s and actually are less bulky and more comfortable for me in a good holster.   The difference in dimensions might be slight and it may be my imagination and placebo effect.

I would like your post for some of the content, but don't want it held against me for the rest.

Forgot about the 239. That was also a nice sized gun. 

I assume the same as you: most don't carry, so why not get moar boolits when side by side at the gun store. But I feel the market is slowly changing and light/small is getting more mainstream. A big Shield or "39xx" M&P would be something I might have to buy. 

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