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Back about 1982 or so I started accumulating .22 conversion units or .22 cal equivalents of my various guns to allow me to practice for cheap. My normal practice has been to shoot about 1000 rounds a month of .22 indoors in the winter.

In January I bought the first Glock 44 I ever saw. I already have a Ciener conversion unit on a G19 frame and an Advantage Arms conversion on a G22 frame. 

I've been REALLY impressed with the Glock 44 so far. I have tested it with the following ammunition types:

200 rnds CCI Mini Mags. (40 grn at 1235 fps)

300 rnds CCI AR Tactical. (40 grn at 1200 fps)

200 rnds Winchester M-22 (40 grn at 1255 fps)

200 rnds Winchester Super Speed (40 grn @ 1300 fps)

200 rnds Federal Black (38 grn at 1260 fps)

200 rnds Browning Performance Rimfire (BPR) (40 grn at 1435 fps)

200 rns Armscore High Velocity (36 grn at 1260 fps)

200 rns Augila Super Extra High Velocity ((40 grn at 1255 fps)

That's 1,700 rounds in five weeks.

I cleaned and lubed the gun after each trip to the range. 

I had NO (0) malfunctions. 

Most of the shooting I did was accuracy drills on NRA B-24 or B-34 or B-29 or TQ-20 targets at 30 and 50 feet. I also shot on some Warren Tactical WTS-8 targets at different distances. 

Both of my other Glock conversions and the SIG factory .22 conversions require hot ammo with plated bullets to run reliably. I've usually used CCI Mini-Mags for that application, and still experienced occasional malfunctions caused by the slide not going fully into battery. 

So far I've been really impressed with the G44. The trigger feels like a stock Glock trigger. 

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Desk_jockey posted:

That’s impressive.   I have yet to see one in the wild but am very keen to try one.   

Interested in getting my hands on one too.

I can see this as being a cheap way to practice all the things I don't like to do as well as allowing focus on the fundamentals without the distraction of recoil and blast.

Another benefit is using the same holsters and mag carriers.   Another plus for familiarity and programming the software.


cd228 posted:

Good write up.  I've been looking at a .22 conversion kit for training purposes. Not to derail but is there a 1911 conversion kit you recommend?

I have a Kimber 22 Conversion kit, which I believe is made by Ceiner and a GSG 1911 - .22 - reportedly they make/made the Sig 1911 -.22.

Both work okay for me.  For novice shooters, the GSG is more forgiving.

Plus the GSG  is under $300.00: 

Whereas the conversion kits are about the same price or higher:;Category_Code=1911



I shot a friend's GSG Gold Cup on Sunday.  Trigger was a little heavy, but seemed reasonable accurate.  I had some standard velocity .22 he tried, wouldn't cycle,  The regular Federal ammo did fine.  I don't know if the "Gold Cup" is different from GSG's other 1911s. 

I bought a Colt .22 conversion kit 20+ years ago.  It wouldn't function well with high speed ammo, but does well with standard velocity stuff.  The problem with those is the cost of spare magazines, at least $50 for a used one.

Well, I bought a G44 today.  Wasn't planning on it really, but I went to one of the local Sporting Goods stores and they had 1 in stock, so now I own 1.   I have been wanting a semi auto .22 and was planning on either the G44 or the S&W M&P 22 Compact, since I have the full size versions of both.

Now I need to get out and shoot it, but who knows when that will happen....


I bought a 44 recently for a .22 trainer. So far it has been excellent. I’ve shot a variety of ammo (all “high velocity”) to the tune of about 500 rounds. Other than the lighter weight, it’s a perfect trainer for a 19. I conducted some training for a brand new shooter. I started them with the 44 for a 100 rounds or so, then moved them to a 19. The transition worked well, and I think it would have taken a lot longer to work them up if I had to start with the 19. I’ve had 3 ammo related malfunctions. All 3 fires, but failed to eject or extract. The bullet hit steel, but due to a light load, or just old ammo (some has been in storage for years) the slide did not reciprocate. I don’t hold these against the gun. I have yet to lube or clean. Just took it out of the box and started shooting. 

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