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Hey guys, 

I have 2 gnat's-ass questions about pistol sight pictures and factory zero distance.

1. At what range are factory Glock sights zeroed (assuming here that most/all standard-height aftermarket sights would follow suit if properly installed).

2. Within the sight picture at the zeroed distance, does the bullethole in the target bisect the top edge of the front sight post, or sit behind the post centered in the white dot?  If the latter, at what range should I set the target for a properly-zeroed set of sights to show the bullet he bisecting the top edge of the front sight post?

Context: I just bought a used SIRT trainer on eBay and it's wildly off-zero.  I'm trying to figure out what right looks like at CQB ranges so I can correctly practice in my garage.

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-25 yards is a good distance to have your sights zero’d. 15 yards would also suffice if that’s the farthest your range went.

-Different ammo may have different zero. For example, out of a Gen4 Glock 17, 115 grain ammo may print a different POI than 147 grain ammo 

-Some guns print high/low out of the box, regardless of ammo. Your front sight height would be the easiest change to dictate elevation. You may need to change your front sight height to get your desired POA/POI relationship.  (Sight height calculator:

-For a SIRT pistol, I would just center the rear sight in the dovetail as best you can and zero top edge POA/POI at the farthest distance you plan to practice with that laser gun. 

@Community Member It did come with manuals, and you are correct re: laser adjustment.  I was just trying to figure out which rdistance to a zero at.

However, on further testing, the laser point of impact relative to the sight picture is jumping around wildly between shots, and there’s something rattling inside the gun.  Also, the laser adjustment set screws are very loose.  I’m returning it.

I heard the SIRTs had some questionable QC when they first came out.  I’m wondering if I got a first-run lemon.  I still might spring for a new one,  but I think I’ll be ordering directly from NLT this time.

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