Hearing bits and pieces of stuff on these. Figured I'd start a thread for info dump if anyone has them, I know there was some chatter in the FBI Selects Glock thread but this seems more organized. 

Anybody got a stance or some solid info as of this early hour? 

Original Post

You must have read my mind as I was thinking the same thing a bit ago.

My questions:

Is this the same as the FBI G17M?  Is the trigger bar and connector interchangeable with Gen 3's? 

Appreciate the insight!



I have put hands on one, but have not put rounds downrange.  The no finger grooves feels nice and in my opinion, allows for a more comfortable grip.  The ambi slide catch works fine. I like the orange follower on the magazine, and the slight flaring of the magazine well should help with speed loads.   The nose of the 17 is slightly beveled to aid in holstering.  The trigger is supposed to be superior to a standard Glock trigger-I didn't notice it to be particularly better in the dry firing I did.  The barrel is supposed to be improved as well. The slide finish is noticeably darker than the Gen 3's and 4's in the case next to it.  It is a 2 pin gun as the Gen 1 & Gen 2 guns were.

I'm waiting for Blue Labels to be available. I could have taken it home for $600, and I don't need another pistol enough to pay a $200 premium to be "first". I will buy a Gen 5 19 when available.

The lack of finger grooves means I could get a 19 again without having to take a file/dremel to the frame. Not enough of an improvement to get me to upgrade though (especially if they have the slide separation issue in dry firing).

So i was able to pick up a Blue Label Gen 5 G19 today.  First impressions are positive.   I apologize in advance for the mediocre photos.


On first impression, the NDLC coating is considerably darker than that of the Gen 4 finish and seems to be more resistant to cosmetic scratching, fingerprints, etc.   Time will tell if this change shows significant improvement or was simply something to change.  The chamfered edges of the slide are a nice touch and do seem to make reholstering seem simpler and more snag free.


The flared magazine well, and front strap cutout feels pretty good in the hand, and i think will help in the case of forced magazine extraction.  One thing i noticed right away was the edges of the front strap cuts were somewhat jagged and could potentially cause issues rubbing or irritating the pinky finger if you have larger hands.  


The Trigger grooves have been replaced by the older model flat faced trigger and feels, at least to me, as though it has been improved in pull weight, pre-travel and consistency.  It breaks very smooth and seems as though right out of the box it has been dry fired at least 1000 times.  Im pretty impressed, and look forward to getting some rounds downrange.   

I had been told the trigger guard had been undercut slightly more to accommodate those with larger hands, and to try to eliminate the "Glock-knuckle".   I didnt find it noticeable in any way, but without the finger grooves, it is more comfortable, for me, to get a higher purchase on the grip.


There were some updates to the magazines floorplates, as well as the followers.  They are backwards compatible as far as i can tell and the Gen 3 and 4 magazines seat well in the Gen 5 without issue.  All magazines dropped free with the magazine release without any manipulation of the pistol whatsoever.   

The front lip of the magazine floorplate is slightly extended and tilted upwards, and when inserted in the magazine well, makes for a very nice fit.  The front strap cut outs allow a nice grip on the front of the magazine floorplate if necessary to forcibly remove the magazine in the event of a malfunction.  


The followers have been changed to an orange colored follower, as i believe this was an FBI specific request.  They seem as reliable as previous generations and did not present any issues with loading and unloading.  


While i have not yet done a full detailed strip of the pistol, there are some noticeable changes.  The frame is now a 2 pin frame as seen in previous generations.  The slide rails seem a touch longer and more pronounced as well.  


I should be able to get out this weekend and run this pistol through its paces.  I have about 700-800 rounds ready to go in order to test some general marksmanship and inherent accuracy and reliability.  I did notice that on my pistol, the rear sight is drifted significantly towards the right side, right out of the box.  This wont matter as I will be replacing the stock sights in the next couple days.  I will try to update after i put some rounds through it.   Let me know if anyone has any specific questions.  


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I picked up a Gen5 19 yesterday but have to wait ten days to pick it up here in CA.  I also have a Gen5 17 on hold at another shop.  I'm looking forward to trying both out.  I liked the 19 when I handled it.

I do have one question... Will Gen4 grip plugs work on a Gen 5?  Does anyone know or can anyone try it?

Sold my GenIV yesterday for a break-even price.  Picked up a GenV 19 today.

I freaking LOVE it!

Well, haven't shot it yet, but...I freaking LOVE it anyway.  It feels waaaaay better.  Trigger pull really is better than of the other four Glocks I use, including the one that is most broken in that everyone who shoots it comments on.  I really think it is what Glock is supposed to be.  One thing I noticed is that it is very stable when dry firing:  Usually, when I dry fire a Glock, I can watch the front sight jump or twitch to the left and back.  Like it moves when the striker releases.  This gun simply does not move.  It's weird, but my son noticed it, too. 

Ponied up and put the Ameriglo UC sights on (similar to FBI sights but no rear dots or tritium, just plain black serrated rear sight.)  They are very nice and about as good as I could want.

Yeah, I'm happy.  PD issued me a Gen4 17MOS about two weeks ago and the Trijicon MRDS is due in soon.  Glockapalooza, baby.

Already have my name on a list for when the commercial variant of the MHS submission gun comes out, and I've been told that it is coming...

Gen5 makes me like my Glock again, is the best feeling 19 IMO (better than my Gen3 19RTF), and feels far more modern than any other "update" over the original.


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I picked mine G5 19 up Monday and only have 200 rounds through it. The ejection pattern is consistent and I've not had any brass come near me. I hope they exorcised that demon. Everything that has been said about the trigger is accurate.

If we, as a Dept., had not just traded for  Gen 4 17's at the beginning of the year, I would be pushing to trade now. As it is I've made a Dept. order for 4 for some "extras".

 I got to hold and try the trigger on one yesterday (Tim's Range & Gunstore in Westfield yesterday. Pretty much what K.O.A.M. said, I noticed the left side slide release seemed to be extended like my after market ones I always install.  Sights on the one I saw were standard Glock plastic. the magwell worked well for guiding in magazines.  I was curious if the ambi release would cause holster issues. Nice work but not enough to make me sell one of my 4 G19s that have had work done. My go to Blue Line dealers say they will not get a Gun 5 for another week or month.  

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joe138 posted:

If we, as a Dept., had not just traded for  Gen 4 17's at the beginning of the year, I would be pushing to trade now. As it is I've made a Dept. order for 4 for some "extras".

Good to know. My small department is in this boat as we speak. We have a G4 17 order ready to go to escape from our Glock 22's/40cal, but are curious about whether it's worth jumping to the G5 17. Barring some weirdness, flaw, or justification to stay with G4, I think it only makes sense to go with the new and improved version. The information shared here seems to support such a decision thus far.

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SPDSNYPR posted:

Someone go try to stuff a G5 Glock into a Safariland 6360 and see if it works. I'm concerned about the new nose profile and ambi slide stop.

Gen5 G17 works fine in my 6365. 

SoCalDep posted:

I picked up a Gen5 19 yesterday but have to wait ten days to pick it up here in CA.  I also have a Gen5 17 on hold at another shop.  I'm looking forward to trying both out.  I liked the 19 when I handled it.

I do have one question... Will Gen4 grip plugs work on a Gen 5?  Does anyone know or can anyone try it?

Glockmeister gen4 grip plugs fit the gen5 without issue. 

We Got a gen 5 17 and a gen 5 19 T&E guns in Tuesday.  The 17 has the FBI ameriglo sights while the 19 has glock  night sights.  We only got to put about 150 rounds each through them before the weather shut us down.  No glock knuckle or brass to the face. They fit in every safarliand holster we have (combo of sls, als and both sls and als, can't remember the model numbers).  

So far every deputy that has handled them is on board except 1 and he is hung up on the finger grooves.  Still working the details in the trade but I do know the ameriglo sights are only 20 bucks more per gun.  Right now trading off all our gen 3 22's, 23's and a couple of 27's with about 10,000 rounds of 40 cal fmj and its only a few hundred dollars for 25 gen 5 glocks with glock night sights.  I'm carrying a gen 4 19, along with the other 4 investigators.  I'm still waiting to see what they'll give us on trade for those. 

Spacetaco, I'm going to a  VCQB class for the Marshals Task Force later this week. I'm gonna run my magpul mags and I'll let you know how they function.  

HCDRUGHUNTER - At $20 more per gun, why wouldn't one go with the Ameriglo sights? Red label pricing it's $50 more for Ameriglo sights vs the Glock night sights, and I would still go with that.

I haven't seen it mentioned, but having handled a Gen 5 this morning, I thought I'd pass this along.  There is a new, tiny wrinkle when it comes to stripping the gun.  Everything is done in the same way, but as you push the slide forward to remove it from the frame, it only needs to go forward about an inch and there is a gap in the slide rails that will allow the slide to tip off the right side of the frame.  You don't need to run it all the way off the front.  Kind of caught me by surprise so I thought I'd pass it along.  So no one accidentally drops the slide on the counter.

Im pushing for the ameriglos.  There's no comparison to the glock sights. I know I'll never outshoot the gun but I can tell a definite improvement in accuracy with the ameriglo sights.  Buy you know how it is when it comes to spending agency money though 

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riddlin posted:

Are the Ameriglos the same as what's in the FBI pistol? I can't seem to find a legit answer.

I called Ameriglo on Wednesday and asked for "The FBI Contract Sights", and they shipped me GL-856 (not on the website yet.) It wouldn't make sense if Glock were shipping yet another set of Ameriglo sights from the factory.

The Ameriglos I have are not the FBI versions, as far as I know. Mine lack any rear dots or inserts.  They are very cleanly machined and have serrations.  They are much cleaner and flatter in finish than the set of Ameriglo CAP sights that were on the Gen4 I sold.  The front sight does match my recollection of the one on the lone FBI gun I handled in March.  This version is what my LE dealer had in stock, in significant quantity, and I prefer the lack of rear dots/colors/inserts.

GL-353 US Orange

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It is my understanding that the FBI version is a dotless rear sight and a front night sight with a blaze orange/red circle around it. Smack me down if I am incorrect

I guess I'll be the dissenter.  I tried one out at a shop on Friday with full intention of buying the G19 Gen 5.  I personally hated the slide finish...entirely too slippery for my taste.  The half circle gap in the front of the grip annoyed the bottom of my hand also.  I ended up buying a Gen 4 G19 instead.  

I went to my blue label dealer with every intention of buying the Gen 5 19. My Gen 2 and 4 fit my hands very well but the Gen 5 just didn't feel right. My little finger just naturally rested over the magazine well cutout and felt uncomfortable. Then I handled the Gen 5 17. It felt great. I bought it, since I'm going back to uniform soon anyway, and will eschew the Gen 5 19 for my Gen 4.  

The dealer told me the Gen 5 pistols won't fit Safariland holsters made for prior models. Mt Gen 5 17 with X300 with DG switch fits my 6280 like it was made for it. 


The Gen 5 is a slight amount larger in width that the Gen 4, and most Safariland holsters seem to fit just fine.  I have one of the newer 7TS series holsters that is a bit tighter than with the Gen 4, but it works and doesnt bind on draw or holstering.  

I was able to get out today and put about 400 rounds through my Blue Lable Gen 5 G19.  It is a solid shooter.  The stock sights will be going away in favor of the HD XRs, but served well today.  

The trigger seemed significantly smoother than previous generations, with no noticeable creep or grittiness in the pre-travel and a positive, shorter feeling reset.  It shot very smooth and the groups at 7, 10, 15 were amazing.  The groups at 25 were respectable in slow fire at about 4-5 inches off the baricade.  

The Gen 5 flared magwell seemed to aid in reloading and the front strap cutout was not noticeable while i was running the gun, though i could feel it on my pinky finger between strings.  I am liking the fact there are no more finger grooves, but will likely still undercut the trigger guard slightly to remove the "glock-knuckle" pressure.  

Overall, I am happy with the Gen 5 and look forward to shooting it more.  



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Pics and reviews look cool.   Looking forward to fondling one and hearing more feedback   

Given the teething issues they had on gen 4 guns I may wait a bit before I dive in but kudos to glock for continuing to evolve their product. 

Does anyone with a Gen 5 know if the ambi slide lock can be replaced with a Gen 3/4 slide lock? I'm a left handed shooter and have had issues with my grip locking the slide back on other pistols with slide lock levers on the right side

Don't know, suspect not, given changes to the trigger pin (shallower, wider notches).  I saw where one guy modified the ambi lever by cutting off the external tab on the "wrong" side.  That would be my suggestion, as a new lever is likely to be fairly inexpensive, probably $18-$20.  I think we'll see some aftermarket stuff real soon that is single-sided.

I picked up my Gen 5 G19 today after work and went straight to the range.  In between thunder storms I was able to shoot about 100 rounds of 115 Armscor.  I liked the trigger and felt it was best described as a well broken in Gen 3 trigger.  The factory sights are better and much more daylight showing between front and rear.  Useable. Soon to be replaced with Ameriglo Hakethorns.

Problems?  I too would lock back the slide using a thumbs high and foreword grip.  I need to modify how I hold the gun.  The slide lock sits slightly proud compared to my Gen 3.  

As far as holster fit, the ambi slide lock interfered with the JM Custom "George"  in the area where the soft loops attach.  A lighter to heat up the kydex in that area and some gentle pressure made room for the ambi slide lock.  Fits great now.

So far, I like it.  I'll shoot a bunch on the weekend.




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I was "in the market" for a G17 to add to my collection (I.e. I just wanted to buy something, ha) so I ended up picking up a gen 5 17 yesterday.  And in my totally professional review of said new gun, I can admit to you that the gen 5, well, feels just like a Glock.  

That is all.  

I put about 200 rounds through my 17 Friday. No issues with 124 gr Gold Dot (about 150) or Lawman (about 50), or factory Gen 3, 4, 5 or PMag magazines. The gun fit perfectly in my Bianchi Black Widow, Bianchi Reveal w/X300, and Safariland 6280 w/X300.

I don't know what it is about it, but on my first few magazines my thumb ended up resting on the slide release lever so the slide didn't lock back on the empty mags. I don't have that issue with my Gen 2/3 19, 23, or 22s. I'm not sure if it was a lazy grip or my hands rested differently without the finger grooves. I paid more attention to my grip and thumb position and it wasn't an issue for the rest of the day.


None of you work in the jurisdiction so I think I'm good. Took my Sig 320 full size to a somewhat local gun shop I know from previous trips to be huge fan boys of Sigs. I personally have no problems with Sigs but I never thought I would be able to get rid of my Sig 320.

When I walked in the shop they saw the box and started drooling. They were puzzled why I would sell a 320. 

I saw a Gen 5 17 in the back of a case near the back of the store and asked to see it. I had no intention of getting it and even told myself before I entered Ryan you don't need another Glock or an AR. 

The guy behind the counter says I will trade you the Glock for the Sig straight up in disgust. It was almost like he was handing me a Hi Point. 

I pick up my new Gen 5 17 this Friday and only have to pay $32 dollars. Didn't want to be an early adopter but I didn't see any better option.

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