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Hey guys been following what yall have been putting up and just got back from the field. Been through several iterations of the belt kit. Starting with the beltminus V2, Moving on to ponying up the cash for the mayflower. Ended up using the beltminus belt with the mayflower harness and mayflower pouches. Only thing I had to add on then was an ifak. Started with a chinook med one and switched to the ATS litelok because it held a tourniquet more securely and fit the belt kit size profile a bit better. Only thing I havent found a great thing for was the radio pouch. I have the blue force gear one but I dont like the way it carries the radio. Might try out one from AWS inc but not sure yet. Belt kit

Made some small changes along the way. Bungees on the mag pouches and a few other things. Love the ATS ifak though, able to buckle down a tourniquet so it's outside the tear off pouch but still very secure. Whistle got ripped off a while ago, So adding a whistle and wanted to find a way to secure my esee-4 to my left shoulder. I think the mayflower mag pouches could be improved if a plastic strip was added to the mouth of the pouch just to hold it open, Tac reloads would be substantially faster if that was done. Biggest thing I see to this setup it how the pouches and harness interface. Between the buttpack, nalgene pouches, and mag pouches it can weigh a fair amount. But with the harness directly suspending the weight it makes it very comfortable. Havent had an issue with rucking on it, actually very comfortable with both the 1606 frame and mystery ranch frame. Molle 2 ruck is really long though and sits on the buttpack. 

Holds a total of 6 mags, 2 nalgene's with titanium cup, 1 ifak, 1 mbitr, and normal small things I keep on my second line. CLP, Spare set of batteries, small tube of bug spray, camo, and headlamp. Gives me more than enough room more sustainment for a day, snivel, camo for the surv site or anything else I decide is need. Two deficiences I have though are the ability to hold any other mags than m4 mags (not really an issue for me right now), and carrying smoke grenades. Was thinking of putting them on the space in front but right now I can get directly in the prone with the way it is and don't really want to change that. Possibly somewhere on the shoulder I could find space for one. 

Diz I like those tuck tab pouches, You think you would be able to sew a version just like the mayflower's but with that securing method?

Also first time posting pictures so apologize if it's all fuckered.

OK, I wonder if you could save a bit of room on the belt: with the waterbottle pouches, thread the rearwards strap to the side of the bumpack & the forward one normally to the belt.?

While looking at my Alice LBE and fiddling with putting together a more modern set up I've noticed that the attachment points on the Alice pouches are more inboard and those on the MOLLE pouches are pushed out to the sides. On my ALICE kit this enabled me to shove the attachment points up against one another, getting rid of any extra space between the pouches when worn (curved around a waist)- this also prevents the kit from laying flat anymore as the pouches are too close together to do so when loaded. This enabled me to fit my butt pack, a gallon of water, 4 mag pouches and compass pouch on my 34" waist. Does that make sense? If not I'll go take some photos to better illustrate.

No I'm tracking with ya.  This is something I've run into while trying to direct sew pouches onto a belt.  I am looking at a similar technique that will sew them down basically where the ALICE clips used to be, versus along the edges where molle hangers are.  This allows the curvature you're referring to, which allows you to fit more pouches.     

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