Some times you don't know who is buying your stuff, then you get some feedback along the way. All I know it is an honor and a privilege to have warriors carrying my blades to some of the worst places on earth. I can thank a Marine brother, AKA, Sticks for the original design input on the STX....




I served for 38 years on active duty in the Marine Corps - as a Force Reconnaissance Marine. I spent over 60 months in combat; 19 years overseas; and in my spare time have hunted big-game all over North America and in Africa. In 2000, I created and developed the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) - the close-in fighting program for all Marines. I am still working overseas - mostly now in Africa - as an independent contractor.

I list this background not for self-aggrandizement, but rather to place in perspective that working with weapons - and weapon-usable tools - is a day-to-day thing in my life. It has been my experience that a knife is the PRIME weapon-usable tool in my profession. From camp chores to skinning and butchering game to carrying a blade as a potential close-in protective and/or offensive weapon, I can think of few days in my adult life that I have not had a knife on my belt or in my pocket and have had to use it in a wide-ranging number of situations.

Tom Halloran is a professional. He served his country as a United States Marine; currently is a serving Law Enforcement Officer; and is an ardent bowhunter in the Big Sky Country he calls home. He also makes knives - and makes them in a no-nonsense, "daily use" throughout the day manner.

In my opinion, his STX is the finest all-around blade I have had the pleasure to own and use.

This 3 7/8" blade is double-edged, the overall knife is compact (just shy of 8 inches), light in the hand, and tough and hardy in in its ability. Parkerized; sharp right out of the package; with a hand-friendly handle and solid kydex sheath, I have used this knife now on three overseas trips/assignments and it has performed magnificently in skinning a warthog and other plains game, cutting a person out of a tangled seat belt after a car accident, and a host of other tasks. The spear point is tremendous, the size and ergonomics place the user in a power position with both edges, and the handle design and scaling gives a firm grip even when wet (or bloody).

I prefer a smaller blade for carry and use. I am also a fan of larger knives for larger chores - but feel pretty strongly that they should reside in a rucksack until needed. The "next to the body" blade should be durable, functional, and - in the moment-of-truth scenarios - be able to work as a weapon. This knife does all of that.

What would I change about it? Absolutely nothing.

I would also like to add that Tom Halloran is a true craftsman who corresponds with the customer and cares that his blades are USED - though they are great to look at. He is an outdoorsman; a sportsman; a protector; and a craftsman - something that speaks to all that is good in our great nation.

I would encourage those who travel in the backcountry - or down dark streets - as a vocation, profession, or passion to contact Tom Halloran and view his line of blades. You will not be disappointed, of this I have no doubt.

I will close with this: recently I was somewhere of doubtful security, over the hills and far away. I can say that on several occasion I was warmed to the fact that at my belt the STX was there, a trusty tool sharp and ready. In situations such as these, the intangible things can become immediately tangible in a short period of time.

The Halloran STX is - in a phrase - TANGIBLE TO THE EXTREME. I will carry one of the rest of my life.

Semper Fidelis,

George H. Bristol
Colonel USMC (retired)

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Thanks Colonel Bristol for the good word and for taking me with you!



Semper 360

What model is this - I like it.
Originally Posted by tomh:
So you can look like a gentleman while completing the task at hand...

I still like simple.



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Originally Posted by Commish:

What is the meaning behind "Semper 360"? Just curious as to the origin and significance. Thanks! 

Semper 360 points to my Marine heritage plus always having 360 degree (and then some) awareness of your surroundings, 360 degree coverage of your perimeter, bubble, etc, making sure all bases are covered. and always have your 360 with you....

Semper 360


Satin finish RD in Carpenter CTS-XHP stainless, Bos HT 61 RC

3.5" blade 7.25" OAL black G10 smooth handles



3Finger in CTS XHP, Bos HT 61 RC

Green canvas Micarta black oxide finish

3.25" blade 6.625" OAL


havn't been on LF much these days, but I am still plugging away, changing the world one knife at a time!


Semper 360

I don't want to bug Tom with a bunch of questions; can anybody speak to the approximate wait times and competitiveness of the response in regards to the 'available list' Tom has when he makes new knives?  

----  I'm hanging out here because I don't know what I don't know and you folk have a way of showing me

For other folks who have the same questions - I got on Tom's list on April 10, got an email about some availability on April 15, and took delivery of my awesome new 360 on April 21.  I am not sure if it will work that fast for everybody or if I just got lucky, but that was an 11 day process to get a truly excellent knife for a really great price. 


I attached a pic of the 360 with a few other common knives for size comparison in case anybody wonders about that as well.




----  I'm hanging out here because I don't know what I don't know and you folk have a way of showing me


Photos (1)

approx 11" OAL, 6.5" blade .250" thick CTS-XHP Stainless, with green canvas micarta scales.




a friend's son is going to boot camp and is getting this for a graduation present. Nice dad...


If I were a bad guy I would be honored to be impaled on this knife

Semper 360

Things are busy and I don't get much time to post, and these are the first two newish designs I have done in a while.


First up is a large STX designated the -LD



Here is a knife I have wanted to do for a long time but never got the lines right. Then one day last summer I got an email from a war brother asking for a 5" blade double edge STX.

Changing sizes on a design is not always just as simple as scaling everything up or down as needed.

Somehow this one came out exactly as the sketch intended, and now we have the STX-LD. (it does not stand for longer and deeper)

I was so happy with the result I had to break out my nomex suit for the picture.


Specs are:
.200" thick 01 tool steel 59 RC with black oxide finish
9.5" OAL
5.25" blade
black g-10 handles

this one will get the job done


Next is a Utility Fighter  also in O1 tool steel



Here is a new knife, no name yet, just Utility Fighter for now. it is a bigger field utility style knife out of .200" thick O1 tool steel.


The main differences form the F.U.K. being the extra length and width of the blade and a slight downward angle of the blade in relation to the handle, whereas the F.U.K. is pretty much one straight line.


This one has a 12" hollow grind on it. 
Specs are:
.200" thick O1 heat treated to 59 RC black oxide finish
OAL is 10.125" long
blade is 5.25" long with a long clip
Green canvas micarta handles

The blade might be too chunky for some but big girls need love too....

Semper 360



Here are a couple pictures of some pikals with the new QRF logo. In military and contractor parlance, it stands for Quick Reaction Force.

I am using it to designate my models that I do in bigger batches(pikals and STX's), and thus "quicker" to finish than some others, but more importantly, those knives which might likely be used to quickly get your ass out of bad place. Be your own QRF.

Semper 360

tomh posted:

probably embarrassing to say that this knife took several years to finish for a very patient guy here on LF.


1084 with a differential heat treat and koa handles with black G10 liner


Which model is this one? Don't remember seeing it in your lineup.


So low speed, i'm in Park.

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Some times I gotta try new things, such as these new machine textured green canvas micarta handle slabs. If a guy wants some serious grip, these are the answer. O1 tool steel seax is the lucky girl who gets to model the first pair...


Semper 360

Well I can't believe its been a year since I posted on here! Here are a few pics of what I have been up to. Somewhere along the way I got into a japanese inspired kick and started playing with W2 and clay tempering. Talk about going down the rabbit hole!



Semper 360

tomh posted:

Here are a couple more, I will try to stay more active on LF, good things are happening!




Oh baby, the top knife is me.  That is spectacular.  I actually saw the clay tempering process on an episode of Forged In Fire.  Way cool.



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Consigliere posted:
tomh posted:

Here are a couple more, I will try to stay more active on LF, good things are happening!




Oh baby, the top knife is me.  That is spectacular.  I actually saw the clay tempering process on an episode of Forged In Fire.  Way cool.

Agreed Rev, think you need to scarf up the top one & I'll snatch the bottom one, always knew my only Halloran needed a brother.

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It has been quite awhile since I have been active on, nursing school and family have taken up the vast majority of my time. With that said, as a creative outlet, I've started making a few videos. One of the first I made was of my Halloran Knives Seax that I traded Tom for many moons ago. I hope my stumbling and mumbling doesn't detract from the great knife too much!  Enjoy and any feed back is appreciated as I'm trying to improve my quality and presentation!  


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