Guess I will start the new format with a new knife, until I figure out how to link the older threads to this one. I am better at knives than computers or pictures!

This is the new mini-Grunt, until I get a better name for it.

parkerized 1080 blade
4" blade
8.875" oal
3/16" thick
brown canvas micarta handle with black stainless screws
kydex sheath of course

I am pretty happy with how this came out except I had higher hopes for the way the micarta would look. oh well!

I have had pretty good feed back on the full size Grunt so I hope this will follow in it's footsteps.
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Very cool blade. I like the shape of this one a lot. There is definitely some bevel on the top edge but I dont think its sharpened. I am a sucker for knives with a top edge though. Just about all my knives have some top edge. Again, very cool looking. Looking forward to seeing more.
It says on his website that the top edge can be sharpen so I assume it is an extra option.

Great knife you got there! One of these days I will decide between the mini Grunt and the 360 and put an order in!
I agree with you on the top false edge sharpened. Many of my combat knives were that way. I am glad that Tom does come up with new styles of knives and listens to what the end user wants or needs. Wink Tom I do like the latest version of the mini-grunt too.

I am trying to save up so I can get him to make me the latest version of the P-fighter. Cool
Here are a couple of my latest prototypes

Tanto is 3/16" thick 1080 steel, parked
3 7/8" tip to handle 8 3/8"oal
od green G10

I have resisted making tantos for a long time and once I did this one, I started designing about 6 others of all sizes and shapes.

the double edge knife is one I came up with for work. this type of knife will probably replace my "pikal" blade.

Most of the no-shit pekiti tersia guys I have talked to just want a double edge knife they can use comfortably in either forward or reverse grip. this blade does that in spades.

I have had guys look at my pikal knife and say "what the fuck am I gonna do with that?!" now they will probably bitch that there is no skull crusher on the pommel, but you can't please everybody. Thats what custom orders are for! Big Grin

Lets call this one the "Spade" for now
1/4" thick 1084 steel parked
3 7/8" blade tip to scale
1/8" thick, medium textured g10 slabs

I made this one extra thin in the handle department to make it more concealable and low profile. Not quite as hand filling and feel good as my normal utility handles, but for a no shit self defense knife this feels really good.
tanto looks great. have you ever thought of making a reverse tanto? it seems like those give a longer cutting edge. most of the time a knife isnt used for stabbing(well, not for me), but other mundane cutting tasks.
The tanto is slimmer than the pikal? Huh. That seems backwards to me, but that's just what I've heard and seen. I'm not saying it is right or wrong... Regardless, you are on my "short list." Great work - M
Wow, Tom! I'm not even bullshitting when I say that I've been meaning to talk to you about doing a special project for myself and some friends. One of the ideas we've been tossing around is a double edge and that Spade is very similar to what I had goin on in my mind. Nice!
guys any of my knives can be had in either 3/16" or 1/4" thickness, depending on your anticipated use. In GENERAL, thinner for better cutting performance, thicker for prybar performance. that is over simplified, but you get the point.

Thanks for the positive feedback. As soon as I get time to make a sheath for the Spade, I will start carrying at work and see if it needs any tweaks. As of now it seems to fit the bill of why I made it the way I did.

nyeti, you can have #2 Spade, this one stays at home for now. Big Grin
The Seax

1/4" thick high carbon steel, parkerized
4.25" flat ground blade, sharpened clip on request
9" oal
1/8" thick textured G10 handle slabs
kydex sheath with IWB loop or tek lok

This knife is my modern interpretation of an ancient seax. It is perfect for use in either a forward or pikal (reverse) grip.

Seax was a common term for knives of all sizes in Viking times. Most had a nearly straight cutting edge and a dropped or spear point. Some had a straight clip, known as the broken back seax, which might have been the ancestor of the Bowie knife.

The long, straight edge has tremendous cutting power, and the dropped point is ideal for reverse grip jabs.

The slim handle conceals well and offers a good grip.

Compared to my Mini-Grunt:

I can't wait to make more of these in different lengths and thicknesses, just a matter of finding time between work, orders and honey do's Cool

Thanks for looking!
On the new Seax knife will you offer the verticle grooves in the handle? Wink This is an awesome looking knife too! Told HH6 that this would be a great early Christmas present. Cool
Bruce, on the slim G10 handle, the only option is the stock checkered texture.

If I put plain thin or thick micarta or G10 I can groove it all you want.

The nice thing about making them to order is you can get whatever floats your boat!
I can't decide if I like the Seax or the Grunt better. I've always wanted to do something with the Seax idea. I think you perfected the idea for an easily carried version.

guess i got tired of making bigger knives all the time. I wanted to make myself a small belt/neck knife.

this one is a 3 finger dealio.

1/8" thick 1080, differential heat treat
3 1/4" blade, flat ground
6.5" overall

this one was supposed to get a set of koa scales, but i got tired of waiting, so I slapped some black canvas micarta on it.
not the most beautiful stuff, but it makes a good handle.

anyway something different, i like it, so i will be making more.
Here is one of a fellow LF'er in A-stan. If you look close you see a P Fighter tucked behind his pistol.

I would love to see some pics of where you guys have my knives on your gear! It motivates the hell out me!
We all appreciate the knives that you make. It goes to show that they are well used. Thanks for the photo of one of the P-fighters in A-stan. Wink

If one was available back in 2001 when I was over there I would have carried it instead of the Becker, Knife and tool 7" combat knives! The BK-7 went to a good home to a friend up in Canada. I am pondering which Halloran knife will be my next choice. Cool
Here is a simple Bowie shape camp utility type knife.

I am calling the MFK, for Military Field Knife. I was going to call it the FUK, for field utility knife, but I am going for the kinder genterl name. You can call it what you want Big Grin
As usual, something else to add to my wish list... Would it be feasible to put a P-Fighter or Grunt type guard on the FUK, er I mean MFK?

Any pics of something a little smaller that you've finished just recently? (hint hint) Wink
I had Tom do me a D2 a while back and it works great! Hasn't been on deployment yet, but it has seen some field time. Sadly it accompanies me to the BDE S3 everyday now, but that's ok.

Thanks again Tom!
It is great that your knives have evolved into implements used by all branches of the military, law enforcement and some fire depts!

Can't wait to hit the store to get my copy. Bet they are gone quick, just like your knives. Big Grin

Your time has come and I am glad to be one of your customers and friends. I look forward to more custom Hallorans and the styles that you create. Hats off and the first round is on me. Cool
Originally posted by tomh:
Seax with a bit smaller blade, but still a pretty sharp prybar.

FINALLY! I am very excited about this one. I look forward to working with it and we'll see if we can't keep momma proud with some mag coverage.

Here is a D2 version of my seax interpretation:

8" oal
3 7/8" tip to scale
3/16" D2 blasted finish
flat ground
false edge
0D canvas micarta handle
kydex sheath with molle or tek lok

who knew it would go so good in this scheme? Next up is going to be this knife in CPM154. I am really digging this shape! Now if I only had time!
Originally posted by zombiekiller:
just read the article. great write-up!!

did the magazine hit stands yet, or subscription at home?

people are already trying to sell me shit
Been a while since I did a prettied up 360. I love these things, there are a lot of things I can do with em.

This is one of the 1/8" thick dealies. DIfferential HT with stabilized spalted maple.

Did I mention I like this knife? A dead deer gets one look at this and guts and skins itself. really. i am not bullshitting. at all.
That spalted maple handled 360 is a thing of beauty. I would be pissed if I used it here on one of these tiny Florida deer. Roll Eyes

I'd better get off my duff and order one of those Halloran ball caps. Tom do you make them in M/C or subdued colors so I can wear it on the ranges here just to piss off the retreads? Wink Just pay Caleb Crye his percentage. Only kidding my friend Cool
I'll bite the bullet and take that blemish ridden hat off your hands.

I love your knives by the way. I just wish I did something cool and useful enough or for that matter knew how to handle a nice fixed blade to warrant getting a nice one and not making myself bleed.
Originally posted by tomh:
That hat is just a sample, I am getting them done in OD and tan, and trying to figure out the multi cam angle.

Rich that is a cool knife brother!

Just please make sure the hats aren't "one size fits most." Those little cloth-savers never fit my fat melon.
this is the only thing I will say on this: MIL, LEO and contractors have priority, no questions asked: front of the line. and deployed goes to the front of that line.
Originally posted by tomh:
this is the only thing I will say on this: MIL, LEO and contractors have priority, no questions asked: front of the line. and deployed goes to the front of that line.

Which is the way it should be, and just illustrates the reason why Tom has, and will continue to get my business (and I am no longer in that "front of the line" category).
Originally posted by tomh:
this is the only thing I will say on this: MIL, LEO and contractors have priority, no questions asked: front of the line. and deployed goes to the front of that line.

Tom sleeps better knowing that he's split and doubled down that a Muhj or a mutt has better odds of being stabbed in the face with one of his blades.
Great article in TK Tom. Loved the tree-beater you made.

Really like the Seax you posted here. That would of been a great field knife when I was in. As a knife-nut it sort of sucks to work a job now where I can go almost all day & not need a knife.
Custom PSD5

I made this for a former team mate who dresses up for work now.

African Blackwood handle, G10 liners, nickel pins
1080 High carbon steel, differential ht, leather IWB sheath.

Blade is just under 5.5" OAL 10.25"
Just got my mini-grunt in the mail last night. It is the tits (love to P-hustle). Brought in to work today and the guys love it. Will get a picture up soon, but it looks exactly like the one Tom posted to start the thread.

I've asked that question exactly 4 times to other lightfighters, in a group setting, and still felt I could hold my head high and was not at risk of being given a CD box-set of the sountrack for RENT.

Just sayin'.
I will see what I can dig up around here for sheath attachments, the choices are, molle, tek lok or IWB rubber loop. All blade tech products. be patient I am slammed right now!
Originally posted by tomh:
Custom PSD5

I made this for a former team mate who dresses up for work now.

African Blackwood handle, G10 liners, nickel pins
1080 High carbon steel, differential ht, leather IWB sheath.

Blade is just under 5.5" OAL 10.25"

Great temper line on this one. That is gorgeous.
No need on the pics now- I checked out the BT offerings and will continue to pursue the integral belt loop we discussed via email. Or maybe the rubber loops a'la IWB style. The rest of the BT attachments are weaksauce/clownshoes in my experiance.

here is another 3 finger. this one is 3/16" thick 01 tool steel. I was really happy how this little guy turned out.

I am also happy with my new maker's mark turned out with thanks to Duke. Looking forward to a couple other projects with him.

Still working on the raffle knife for Wounded Warrior, hopefully the stars will align to let me finish it soon...
Hey Tom,
Thanks for the new stamp on my Halloran nessmuk. Big Grin You are right Duke is a saint and the stamp is superb. Thanks also for the sharpening job on the knife. Wink It looks like you tweeked the OD kydex sheath too. Good job.
glad you guys are still happy with your knives. always nice to get some feed back. I really have to work on making one of each knife for myself. the shoemakers kids thing i guess Wink
Tom- you posted be patient about a folder you might have in development... but christ everytime you post I get a little excited that maybe your finally showing this folder. any updates on this?
folders will be coming after I buy a bigger house and shop, and have the room and money for some new machinery. I have some designs but thats it. i am a bigger proponent of fixed blades anyway Big Grin
so we are probably looking at a year or better, and I won't be held to that....
For any one waiting on one of these, it is in the works...Working night shift is killing my production schedule. Only 3 more weeks of nights and I will be back to full production whatever that means. My wife is out of town for the holidays so I can grind with no distractions! I got this one done in between waiting for epoxy to dry.

D2 tool steel, false edge, coyote G10 handle, stainless pins.
Blade length 3.5" tip to scale
OAL 6.5"
You have posted some great knives and I have liked many of them. I have one of your Tanto knives attached to my SWAT vest and I constantly hear complements about your knives. The knife you just posted has been moved to my "Must Have List".
I have been "working" on this one for a long time. Hope to get it done before SHOT and start the raffle process there. 100% of all money is going to Wounded Warrior. Now if I can just finish it without fucking it up.....

I was gonna fancy this one up with african blackwood and nickel silver bolsters, but decided to go with basic black g-10... it is meant be used.

now i just have to glue it all up and make a leather sheath for it. so far it is coming out better than I imagined, but I never mis-underestimate my ability to fuck something up Wink
have not come out with all the details, but I wanted the raffle mainly for LF guys, and then who ever else wants to play. Will post how it will work when the knife is done.
here is the finished WWP knife. just have to get a leather sheath finished, and we are set to raffle it off. stand by for details....

I am calling this one the Gunny for now

steel: 1/4" thick 1080 high carbon, differential Heat Treat
blade length: 6.75" OAL 12.5"
width: 2.125"
handle black g10 with orange g10 liners

I hope to raise at least what this would sell for.
You hit it right with the "Gunny" as it is one sweet knife. I'd be in for the raffle too. Wink
But if I lose and it goes to someone who needs it, then that is G2G with me.

Besides I could always hire you to make me up one for the Hog hunters in Florida. No custom knife makers here in Guam. Had several guys check out the photos of the P-fighter and the Nessmuk that you made for me. I gave them your web site info. Good luck with the house hunt. Cool
Originally posted by tomh:
WHat do you think about doing the drawing on April 19?

FWIW, I think thats a great idea, will give a chance for a larger number of folks to give $$ for a good cause (and a chance at a great looking blade). I agree the timeline for a "SHOT auction" is to compressed.
the plan was to just display the knife at SHOT. I dont think thats gonna happen.

My new plan is to do the drawing April 19, here in MT, at the local PD, drawing to be done by a wounded service member. I should be able to get TV news coverage. It is gonna be a blast. I just have to iron out a few things.

Just received both the MFK and the STX and I'm more then a little impressed. Pulling the MFK out of its sheath I immediately noted the balance and weight. I was expecting something heavier but its perfect. I've bought more then a few customs over the years and I'm hands down impressed with your work. The green scales are very nice! These are CRAP iPhone pictures and do not even remotely do these justice. I'll need to get my camera back from a friend and take some REAL pictures. Thanks!

For those considering.....pull the damn trigger. You'd pay much more from MANY makers for the work Tom is producing.

Hey, Tom. Glad to see you on the Forum. I'm a proud owner of a 5" Grunt and it is a great knife. It slices, dices, chops and cuts like a much larger knife due to the unusual, yet very practical blade geometry. If my Grunt can't do the job, the job requires a chainsaw or an axe. Mine came with a first-rate kydex sheath with tec-lok.

Once I figure out how to post pics, I'll post a photo-review of the cutting, chopping and batoning I did with my Grunt.
Here's another Tom Halloran knife in action.

I've had my double edged Pikal for about a year and a half now, and it is still wickedly sharp and tough as nails. I've used it for opening all sorts of cans, prying wood lids off of flare/ammo crates ect. while I've scratched the hell out of the shot peened finish, the knife continues to impress. You hold it and you know you've got a knife thats made to work in your grubby little paws.

My only mistake with Tom's knife was in ordering only one. I choose a knife that was very dedicated in its use, its a fighting knife, and not a multi use knife.

But thats an issue I'm hoping to resolve very shortly.

Thanks again Tom, I have a couple other photos of it I'll be sending your way shortly.
It has been a while since I posted a new design. This one is on its way to Afghanistan to a fellow LFer.

Nothing earth shattering, just a shorter version of the MFK, with a different handle shape.
CPM154 stainless 3/16" thick; 59-61 RC by Paul Bos
Blade is 4.625" OAL is 9.5"
Black Canvas Micarta handles.

I dont seem to be getting tired of this blade shape Wink

Now back to the regularly scheduled program....
Originally posted by tomh:
It has been a while since I posted a new design. This one is on its way to Afghanistan to a fellow LFer.

Nothing earth shattering, just a shorter version of the MFK, with a different handle shape.
CPM154 stainless 3/16" thick; 59-61 RC by Paul Bos
Blade is 4.625" OAL is 9.5"
Black Canvas Micarta handles.

Any idea of the weight of this one with sheath? I love my Randall, but I keep looking for something lighter for backwoods use.

Brother, I sat here laughing so hysterically at that, my kid came in the room to see what was wrong!!!!!! That there is some FUNNY assed shit.

So now we all know that tomh is a Tali-Tubbie "here is the guy making your knife......"
i wont be at the show, it is on my list for one of the next few years as well as Blade, but at this point, I dont have the time or any knives available. I cant keep up on orders as it is!

Even though these drive me crazy to make, after doing so many combat/utility knives; I sure do like the finished product. Too bad I dont have time to make myself one for this years archery season.

1084 Diff HT
G10 handle
stainless guard
4.75" blade

Thanks for looking!
Loyd you should have yours by the end of the month. it was a bugger to grind, the design is not compatible with my equipment! but it is almost ready to glue up and finish out.
So I guess you won't be knocking out dozens of them? Bummer.

I'll post pics pic when I get it, unless you beat me to the punch. You've gone way above and beyond the call of duty, and I do appreciate it. I'll have to put you on my Christmas card list for this one!
Originally posted by T-Bird:
Good looking knife. Looks well proportioned. Nice finish. The handle seems to be calling out "grab me" and take me much?

that one is a one-off. It was auctioned off for our police foundation.
I think that I like this one in particular of all the ones posted.............what was/is the handle material? Any plans to make more of that model? What's the composition of the metal? Forgive me if it was answered in an earlier posting. Thanks
i am going to be building a new shop soon so no hunting knives till next year. I will probably do 4 hunters for 2012, as long as things stay on track... thanks for the comments!
Yea baby! Maybe you ought to re-think the whole one of a kind thingee on this model!!! I hoping that the new shop facility goes well for you and look forward to getting a chance to grab one of those hunters in the not too distant future. ..........
now back to our irregularly scheduled program:

here is a slightly different take on my tanto. Nuthin fancy...

1084 steel 1/4" thick
text. coy brown handle
3.5" blade/ 8.5 oal

now if the guy who asked me to make him a tanto would just send me his address I could get rid of this thing Razz
Originally posted by tomh:
now if the guy who asked me to make him a tanto would just send me his address I could get rid of this thing Razz

Frown Sorry, Tom.

Oh, and yes I agree with Nguyen and Jeff; it is amazing. Tom is awesome to work with.
Hopefully once the new shop is built I will be the model of efficiency. But I will probably need to put ritalin in the water, with so many shiny objects competing for my attention!

proof that I am still doing something even though the new shop is not up yet. Before we moved I got a bunch of stuff heat treated and ready to finish. This set here is for groomsmens gifts.

Now back to our regularly scheduled nasty parkerized beasts...
Originally posted by tomh:

I'm going to steal your photo since its much better than what I can do, but that knife has served me everyday for close to 5-6 months now, and other than a little wear on the handle, its no worse for wear after prying open ammo crates, popping a UH-60L door out of its track, and all of the other duties we generally ask of our knives.

That knife, goes literally everywhere I do.
I finally took delivery of this beauty Thursday afternoon.

I LOVE this thing. It's hard to describe how comfortable it feels in the hand, especially for such a serious size knife with a 1/4" thick blade. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect blade if I'd designed it myself.

... oh wait a minute - I DID design it myself! Big Grin

Now I need to go find some 2x4's or unwanted trees to chop up with it.
Originally posted by AShooter:

I LOVE this thing. It's hard to describe how comfortable it feels in the hand, especially for such a serious size knife with a 1/4" thick blade. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect blade if I'd designed it myself.

... oh wait a minute - I DID design it myself! Big Grin

Now I need to go find some 2x4's or unwanted trees to chop up with it.

Now " THAT'S a knife!" Big Grin

unfortunately it is not talib blood, but what can you do...but it is really cool to use your own knife for its intended purpose!

i just had a great day hunting and had the presence of mind to snap a shot of this knife in the middle of its work.

I have not been really doing a lot of hunters, and this one was made at least a year ago for elk, which I have not used it on. Thought it would be a little big for deer at about 5.5" on the blade, but it has worked perfectly.

and to prove that I am an idiot, I shot 2 deer in the bottom of a deep coulee, a mile away from the truck. My partner shot one, and I am whooped!! I ain't as young as I once was, and I sure aint good for 3 but we did it!
I have always enjoyed Tom's knives and have 3 of them so far. Wink But this huge Halloran knife is growing on me! Reminds me of my old carry knife back in the USAF, an old Becker Knife and Tool 7" fighter. I gave my Becker to an young troop at Hurlburt Field after I retired.

But Toms knife has a bigger choil on the front of the handle,which I like on BIG knives as I have a HUGE hand. Tom I sure hope I make it out to visit you in your new shop. Keep on making superior knives for all types of use. Cool Sgt P.
Glad to see you are getting a chance to use your knives Tom! I Can't wait to put one of your Seax's to work when the new shop is rolling!I am looking forward to owning my first TH knife. it is 6 mos. later and I still haven't ordered anything.......the 6mos delay thing really puts a damper on the whole immediate gratification impulse. What's the status on the new shop are you up and running and "grinding" them out or should I wait a little longer to place an order for a hunter model and a parkerized beasty boy? The photos of the hunting/archery season have just put me over the edge (pun intended) which hunting models are you going to make? (4 models you referred to)...........thanks for the knife porn!
Looks like we will have the shop sheeted in and roofed by tomorrow. Next big push will be to get electric run over to it and start moving stuff over there.

Everyone has been supremely patient, which I sincerely appreciate, and now that there is some meat in the freezer I can totally concentrate on finishing the shop and getting back to work on some knives.

Everytime I have taken a few weeks off from grinding, I come back with improvements, so I am excited to see what this delay will bring. I have a few new designs in the works and will be continuing with the proven performers.

This will be the first dedicated shop I have had and I am really really really pumped about getting back to work!!!
I'm envious, nothing in the freezer yet and will be going out today to see if I can arrow one for the butcher tonight.........wish I had me a genuine Halloran hunting knife.........I'm sure my chances for getting one today would greatly improve! Good luck with the home stretch on the building and will look to the spring to let you talk me out of my hard earned dollars!!!
So I learned today I am an idiot and dont understand how email works.

If you ever sent me an email thru my official website and you never got a reply it is because I am stupid.

I today learned if I just clicked "reply" to your email, it just goes back to my inbox. My apologies to anyone who thought I ignored them.

If anyone has an order in and has not recently heard from me to confirm that you still want it, give me a shout and I will try very hard not to be an idiot this time (but there is no guarantee for future non-idiocy implied or otherwise.....)
Roll Eyes

That being said, the new shop is done enough to get back to doing the lords work of making sharp pointy things.
BSO can you pm your contact info?

DOnt know if I can promise folders for this year, but we are going to be working on one. I have a huge back load to clear out before I start r&d.
but hell i even want one dk!
Just hearing that you have a new shop are doing well makes me happy. Add to that a folder from you in the future made me all giddy like a school girl.Even if it isn't this year.
This shitty work week just got a little brighter.

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