SOmetimes I get a chance to do something a little different. I forget what I was having cut, but the waterjet guys had a couple oopses on a run of blades and I was able to manipulate the wreckage into some usable knives.


this is a sort of mini seax, with a 3" blade and a 7.125" OAL. it is .160 thick S30V stainless with some thin OD linen micarta handles.




Semper 360

Most people wish they could screw up like that.  GREAT looking knife!

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Here is a double edge pikal that came out pretty decent. I am still playing the the design of the top edge but this is pretty close to a final version.


full double hollow grind blade out of O1 tool steel, about 1/8" thick. it is holy fucking shit sharp and unfortunately a tiny cosmetic flaw forced me to keep it as a T&E duty knife. I only get to keep the fuck ups...






Semper 360

I am the proud owner of the the "oopsie" mini Seax (posted 2 knives ago). I love it. Super sharp out of the box, with my own blood to prove it. Ver cool parkerizing on the blade and a well cut handle. Tom made me a fold-over sheath. the knife is almost small enough to wear as a neck knife in a pinch. So I put some gutted 550 cord on it held in place by home-made ranger band (bicycle inner tube). Primary mode of EDC is front pocket. There is a lip on the spine part (folded-over part) of the holster, such that I have started carrying the knife in my front pocket. The band and lip give, with correct draw stroke,  enough purchase to get the knife out. Re -sheathing is more of a problem. Again, because the knife is so sharp, I learned the hard way (poor pants pocket) to draw with the blade up.


The sheath rivets are set up to accept a tek-lok, which is anther cool carry option. 


Tom said I am on the list to get one of the full-size Seaxs that are coming this fall. Cant wait. The only down-side is that I just got a Winkler II belt knife and I dont have enough belt real-estate to carry everything I "need" to. I couldn't be happier with the setup. 


Thanks Tom. Keep 'em coming

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Tom, forgive me if this was mentioned in the past 10 pages and I just missed it, but is there a way for us laypersons not hooked up on the bookface to get in on some of your blades as they come available?



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Originally Posted by MG in TX:

Testudo I also hesitated too long but added my name to the list like you AND emailed Tom directly.


I received my 1st Halloran, a 360 several weeks ago from him. I strongly recommend you email him as well, his email add. is:

Thanks for the info. I messaged Tom about a SEAX.


After an eye opening Southnarc class I realized I wanted a good fixed blade knife. I was originally looking at one of his Pikals, but the SEAX is now calling.

Hi guys, I have been crazy busy at work and hunting...

I am still adding folks to the list, just have not been real productive lately getting any knife work done. cold temps will now be forcing me indoors, so hope to get some stuff moving now.


Speaking of Shivworks, I am hosting a ECQB class here in Great FAlls next May, there is a post in the class announcements with details, check it out!

Semper 360


Just thought I would post a quick pic of the current state of the Seax and RD, I realized there were not too many current pictures. FYI I started flat grinding the RD blades vs. hollow grinding, and like the outcome much better. These are in 3/16" and 5/32" thick, respectively CPM S30V. Enjoy!

Semper 360

Originally Posted by testudo:

 I was originally looking at one of his Pikals, but the SEAX is now calling.








Yes, you do want a SEAX. It is a tremendous knife. I have only had mine for a a couple years now, but I really like it.



I keep being tempted to send it to Tom for a leather sheath and to get his newer handle grind done, but I hate to be separated from it for long.


I agree with longeye, you can't go wrong with the Seax. I have wanted to send mine in for the new handle grind also (nothing wrong with how it is now), but i can't stand to be without my go to knife. Most of my other fixed blade knives have been retired since I received it and I haven't found many tasks that it doesn't do well.

Mine is 1/4" thick so it isn't as good as some thinner knives at slicing, but it is sharp enough to shave so I am not complaining.

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The 2013 Wounded Wear/Camp PAtriot/Semper Fi Fund raffle grand prize was't turning out the way I wanted, so the winner requested a tanto instead. I came up with a heavy duty CPM 3V knife for him. I have been reading Uncle Erik's book and it made me nostalgic for the old days, and I am proud that the winner of this knife, Ski, was my team mate and up-gunner.


Semper 360

The HSGI option: Necessity being the mother of invention, I needed a new way to carry a knife on my SWAT gear. I also needed a platform to carry a few 40mm grenades.
Having past good experience with HSGI drop legs and pouches, and knowing... Gene always has a space for a knife in the back of his rigs, I ordered a mini-drop leg panel.
I thought it would have velcro it, but it didn't. No sweat, just make a new kydex sheath, grind some relief cuts in it, and use the securing tab thing that was in the panel.
A little 550 cord in the bottom, and it is secure as anything else I have tried. Time will tell if it is a winner, but I will report whatever happens. WHo knows, I may just grind the reliefs into every molle type sheath, just to give guys more options.

Semper 360

I dig that.

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Originally Posted by tomh:

Here is a recent hunter 360 in O1 Ijust finished up, tring to get a few of these done before summer, or there will be no hope for having them read for hunting season.


Looks oddly familiar. I've received a lot of compliments on mine. It's now one of my favorites. Nice job, Tom. 

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Semper 360

Lots happening even though I have not been posting much. A batch of Carpenter CTS-XHP is on the way, as well as some new designs. Here is a very rough prototype of a Karambit. I have several more designs to finish and send out to people who know much more about them than I do.


.187 thick O1 tool steel

3.187" long blade tip to scale





I didn't sharpen it yet in the interest of keeping myself intact.

Semper 360

I finished a couple more prototype karambits, so now I just need to get them out to a couple people who know more than I do and get feedback.





both of these are in 5/32" O1


the top one has a pronounce pommel for striking, it is 6.75" OAL with a 3" blade



the bottom one is 7"OAL and has a 3.25" blade, and out of the 3 is the one I probable wont do again, at least without getting rid of the choil, and either shortening the blade or using the wasted space as more cutting edge.


All the curves prompted me to do a curved pikal blade, which I was pretty happy how it turned out. It makes the blade look longer and gives some style to a very stark design.




The knife is 7.75 OAL with blade 3.650" out of 1/8" O1. unsharpened top edge



Next up to finish out is a reverse edge karambit, which for me will essentially be a ringed pikal in the style of the knuckle duster k-bit in the top picture.


The only problem is the day job is getting in the way of my fun time......

Semper 360

Have you seen the movie "The Raid 2"?


One of the bad guys uses two really nice looking karambits, especially look at the fight near the end of the movie.  You might get an idea to fine tune yours from that maybe.






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Forgot to ask, does that Double edge Pikal style, 5/32" CPM S30V with green canvas micarta handle cost more than the regular Pikal?


 That curved one really trips my trigger.




“The two highest achievements of the human mind are the twin concepts of “loyalty” and “duty.” Whenever these twin concepts fall into disrepute – get out of there fast! You may possibly save yourself, but it is too late to save that society. It is doomed.”

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Here is a little something different. Karambits are fun, but I personally prefer an edge in orientation, with a double edge for something extra.


This one is 1/8" O1 tool steel


2.5" blade tip to scale and about 6.75" OAL


The knuckle duster is pretty cool and really has me thinking of making a full blown trench knife





The next one of these I make will have a straight blade like my standard pikal.

Semper 360

Recently purchased a SEAX from Tom. I purchased it to replace my EDC Gramm Wharncliffe which went missing much to my dismay after years of use. It was set up for pocket carry and I grew used to that method.


I was having issues with matching my work attire with carring the SEAX IWB so I started playing with Pocket carry  with mixed results. That is until I added the Raven Concealment ModuLoader Pocket Shield. It now seats comfortably in my frount pocket behind my wallet with no issues reeady for use.





here are a couple of compact concealable single edge blades.

the small stx was one where I had an odd size piece of steel and figured to make a small STX. when it was about 1/2 done I thought it would be a knife I would not be making any more of, but by the time I had it finished out, I decided that it is going to stick around.

this one and the pikal are in Carpenter BD1 stainless 1/8" thick, and are wicked sharp. I just cut myself pretty good, I need stitches, but am too busy to go the the ER, and my superglue is hard in the bottle, so a good tight tape wrap and I am set. these little guys will do the job.

I am including a picture of the little STX with the first 1084 1/4" thick prototype from about 5 years ago. it is a boat anchor compared to the newer stuff. and the newere stuff will cut circles around the old one ( althoughI did almost lose a finger tip with the old one, ps dont pry a window open with a knife, especially a double edge one.

heres the numbers for comparison:

Original STX: 1/4" thick 1084, 8.5" OAL with a 4" blade; 6.4oz

slim STX:1/8" thick BD1, 7" OAL 3.25" blade, 3.8oz

small pikal" 1/8" thick BD1, 6.625 oal, 3" blade, 3.7 oz

I think I should keep a suture kit in my first aid box...

Semper 360

Nice to see some feed back and a well used knife.


on the sheath issue, the reason why I include an IWB sheath is to get you started. there are so many variations on carry methods and positions that it would be nearly impossible to keep up on knife production and sheath options at the same time.


Thats the cool thing about having so many kydex products out there, there are a lot of attachment possibilities to customize what works for you.


One of my mid term goals is to address a few more carry methods, but time is limited these days.


I would be interested in seeing what folks have come up with to pack their knives around.


Semper 360

Originally Posted by tomh:


something slightly different, and upsized STX-T CPMS30V 5/32" thick double edge fighter



just to prove I still actually make knives!


If you are putting this out to sell I will buy it. It will be November, but that is exactly what I want. Glad to see that what I want is available. Don't care about wait, but I'm going to your website and seeing how to procure this.

Keep it up man, your work is stellar.

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