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I searched but couldn't find what I am looking for. I thought I saw somebody on here post about a combo handcuff/flashlight belt holder, kydex if I recall correctly.


I'm looking for something that can hold a pair of handcuffs and my Surefire Peacekeeper flashlight for plainclothes duties. It seems most options are handcuff/pistol magazine, or flashlight/magazine, and I'm not finding the handcuff/flashlight. I'm going to cover magazines with a separate holder, so I don't need or want a magazine on the handcuff/flashlight holder.


Any help is appreciated!!!



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If you are set on kydex then disregard all after.

I'd recommend the Aker cuff/light combo I have used Aker's leather cuff and a mag/flashlight combo since I started plain clothes in 2000. I carried them every shift for a couple of years but infrequently now because of my assignment. They have a belt slide and a removable paddle. I used them with the belt slide and it kept them close to my body and fairly concealable under a shirt. Even after 15 years they are in good condition.
Originally Posted by JW104:

The Aker models have tension screws to allow for differences in light diameter and retention. I can send you my mag/light combo to play with for a while. You can make your determination if it fits your need them send it back when you're done. Like I said, in my assignment I rarely use it so I won't miss it for a few weeks. Let me know.


Might take you up on that, if I don't just buy one outright.

PM07 - I checked that out, but it's the mag/light combo and not the cuff/light combo I'm looking for.

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