Has anyone seen this?: Wraith Tactical C.A.R.R. Pack

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I can not speak to that product specifically, but generally the products that converts from "X" into a "Y" don't do either task well.  The "Jack of all/master of none" concept at work.

Remember the Blue Force Gear T.A.S.K. (tactical active shooter kit) bag?  No?... If not, there's probably a reason why...

I see the same for bags that try to bridge between a duffel and have shoulder straps to be a "backpack".  


As per this piece of kit specifically, here are my observations/concerns just from the video.  They seem to address my concern that "how do I get to the shit in my pack without taking off the carrier" as the pack is detachable somehow.  But AFTER I detach it, how the fuck to I get it back on my back by myself before moving again?  

In a world of pouches, plate carriers, and chest rigs, why is anybody willing to compromise for anything that doesn't fit like a glove and work exactly how I want it?  It's not overly time consuming to don a PC in the first place.  

"Pain, we endure...faulty weaponry, we do not."

So lets see.....

Joined yesterday.....check

Didn't post an intro.......check

Asks about an obscure product on first post.......check

From North Augusta, SC which is an hour from the business you are asking about....check

Listed occupation, distribution......check


Smells fishy to me.....

I'll play along...

Contact me privately and send me one for evaluation (federal LE). You couldn't pick a more diverse group of crazy guys who know how to punish gear and are accustomed to evaluating new products. Observations will be posted on LF forums somewhere as deemed appropriate.


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