That thread is discussing mostly Team Wendy helmets and not much about Ops Core, which might be a clue.

TW is also a lot more expensive. With the FAST MT-C being 46% off for a pre order it is hard to choose not having ever worn either. I don't have anything to compare it too as I have zero experience with helmets. 

I'm also not sure if there is enough cost to performance ratio there to justify it for my limited use one way or the other either. I don't mind not being one of the coolest kids on the block by not having a TW. But don't want to be miserable for saving a few hundred bucks either. Cry once etc. Just don't know what I don't know...


MT-C is the shape and design as the standard "XP" high cut but uses the materials from the Ops-Core Maritime. The MT-C and Maritime helmets protect to the SOCOM standard 

2 - Grain RCC - 4,075 fps
4 - Grain RCC - 3,450 fps
16 - Grain RCC - 2,425 fps
64 - Grain RCC - 1,700 fps
9MM FMJ RN (V0 at 0° Obliquity) - 1,195 fps threshold / @ 1,295 fps objective with 25.4 mm Backface Deformation


The Gentex TBH you linked uses aramid fibers while Ops-Core helmets use a blend of lighter HDPE and carbon fiber to achieve lower weight.

The Gentex TBH protects up to IIIA but at the expense of weight - it is marketed as a more cost effective alternative to the Ops-Core line of helmets or for departments that require full IIIA protection.

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MELON-KILLER - good info.

Some additional:

FAST MT-C is slightly lighter than FAST XP, ballistics slightly lower. The FAST MT-C can be maintained and upgraded with Ops-Core FAST family accessories (helmet covers, comfort pads, shrouds etc.)

TBH-II is essentially a high cut, mission configured ACH helmet. Aramid and stops 9mm @1400fps per ACH spec.  (Not the .44 Magnum which is the highest NIJ IIIA threat). Gentex also makes a TBH-IIIA which stops all IIIA threats. Both helmets feature the Ops-Core ARC rail system which will allow the best and easiest accessory attachment and the Ops-Core Head-Loc chinstrap system - one handed, non slip adjustment with no loose ends.

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