My Department just got new flight helmets. They came with the Gentex Maritime Rail Attachment Kit.  I am looking for a flashlight mount for it. So far I have only found airsoft crap.  

We are doing NVG work. I mostly would need white light, But would like to have IR and other colors. 

I am thinking I want to mount something like STREAMLIGHT SIDEWINDER COMPACT II MILITARY MODEL FLASHLIGHT WITH HELMET MOUNT.  Or even just throw a simple surefire in a ring and mount it on the side. 

Can you all help me find the proper light or give me ideas?


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Don’t know how bright of a light you need but I’ve been using a Princeton Tec POINT on my TW bump that is designed for a baseball cap and under $20. I have one of their “tactical” MPLS lights on my ballistic helmet and used the mounts included with that to attach the POINT. I know they have ARC mounts as is plenty bright for walking around and filling out forms. I have the ARC mount laying around somewhere if you need one and go this way. 

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Princeton Tec MPLS Charge on Ops Core ARC rails. Comes with a bunch of adapters in the box for rail-less helmets, MOLLE webbing etc.

Excellent light. Bright enough white light, red and blue light plus a decent IR light as well (better than the onboard illuminator on PVS-14 and similar)


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