Girly pal and I were looking for a 1911 Commander Lightweight while we were drinking some IPA that she brought over then I switched to Scotch because I wanted my Balvenie 12 Year Old Double Wood, and while we were on Gunbroker I was telling her how I always wanted a HK45 Compact Tactical  but never bought one due to the ex wife.  Well, when we were looking for the lightweight she put in HK45C and a tactical LEM V7 was going for at the time $650 so I said dang lets do $700 since that is my top end for any used pistol now, even 1911s and it was for fun because it would never go for that price RIGHT?.....I woke up the next morning after some Olympics in the evening and morning and saw I had won the bid for a grand total with shipping $699.82.  It even came with 5 total mags and night sights so I am like cool but why did I buy it I basically am only carrying a Glock 43X or a P2000 40sw LEM right now.  So Girly pal is a Marine JAG that like guns but votes for women issues but she also carries a Kimber Pro CDP 1911 everyday in 1911 so I was looking for a 1911 to carry that was not too heavy because I really did not like the CCO I had bought due to the weight compared to my P2000. 

I am looking for 8 round mags, flat base plate for said mag, and a holster.  I was told it fits P30 holsters work with the standard so a P30L should fit a HK45ct (threaded barrel is 4.54 inches).  Should I buy a standard length barrel too?  I do have a SiCo Hybrid that I can use for a suppressor if need be. 

I bought 4 HK45c 10 rounders yesterday so that makes 2 eights and 7 10 rounders. 

Ammo, does it eat anything?  My CCO did not like ammo that the Gal pals Kimber ate.  I have 500 rounds of Remmington Golden Saber 185 grain that I bought for my old finicky Custom 1911 back in the day.

I know 45 is not an end all be all but after the whole divorce I really wanted something that other than another HK45c would be the end all. I have 3 P30v3, 4 P2000V3 and a P2000skv1 and P30skV3 in 9mm and a P2000 in 40sw LEM (36,000 rounds through it)

Thanks for the help

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All I got out of that was you went gunshopping while drinking, screwed a Marine and woke up confused?


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First, she's a keeper

Second, the 45c is a great .45 handgun.  It is beautifully built and very accurate.  Non-threaded German HK barrels are available.  The 45c was closer to what Vickers had in mind for the perfect .45 when he helped out HK.  IIRC,  the pistol with a can and a light (laser too?) combo is/was issued as the Mk24.

As to holsters, I don't have one but go to Blackpoint Tactical's website and spin one up.

Finally, there is a way to securely fit a X300 on the HK45c rail because I've made two of them.  My pictures may still be hosted here on how to do it.



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Does she  have her own?  I had to buy another G19, when my current HH6  decided it was better for her, than her own G30.. Definitely a keeper.



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There are a couple LFers that have shot my HK 45C.

They can tell you better than I as I am HK all the way and they are G-lock types.

Consig said it, so I won't.

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Kahana posted:

There are a couple LFers that have shot my HK 45C.

They can tell you better than I as I am HK all the way and they are G-lock types.

Consig said it, so I won't.

March on and accept your fate

I’ve shot K’s 45C.  It is a round stacking tack driver. Even in my hands. Exceptionally soft shooting, too.  I’d buy one in a heartbeat if I really wanted to support another caliber.  I might buy one someday, regardless.  

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