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You know, since I have a really nice tactical folder coming in from American Kami, there was really no need to get another folder.....oh wait....yes there is.  I actually got this one in two fucking days. 

Discounting the AK Colubris, I only wanted to own 4 folders; a Crusader Forge,  a Direware, a Medford and a Hoback.  I have the Hoback Kwaiback and the CF VIS-T.  I found a Direware Solo that I might be able to have and the Medford Praetorian Ti  is easy to get....except for the $$$ that is.  Lol.

So I was perusing Bladeforums when this jumped out.  It's another Hoback but in conjunction with Alphahunter.  This thing is the tits.  So well engineered and made.  At it's normal price I definitely would not have bothered but at half off I had too (In John's bizarro world that is.)


The stats are on the card.  It looks huge in pics but fits my hands well.  The DLC is one of three shades available, all technically black.

It will almost make me forget the Kami....almost.



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