When I bought the Dark Moby, I messed up and paid twice.  So instead of a refund...boring....I bought this...not boring.  

Hoback Paraclete with a 3.75" M390 blade and a Ti body.  Runs on bearings and not even close to being broken in, just flies right out.  Wicked sharp.   Probably the sharpest factory edge I have ever seen.

It's hard to tell as it is done perfectly but both the frame and the blade have G10 inlays.

No, I dont know why I keep getting knives as I really only want a couple.   When I figure out which one I like, I'll probably get rid of a few.  Probably.



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Consigliere posted:

Today’s my birthday...can I have it?

Really?  Happy Birthday brother!

And no, no you cannot.

But again, Happy Birthday!

Yes, really. 56. And I thought so.  

Consigliere posted:

We're the same age, so that's nice, isn't it?

Sure it is. As far as it goes, it’s nice. It apparently doesn’t go far though, as it doesn’t get me a boss knife.  That’s ok, though, I’ve got my share of pokey stabby slashy objects of destruction.  

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