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Basically I'm looking for a slim pouch that can carry a CAT or SOF-TW horizontally on MOLLE.  I'd prefer top-opening or something like the TQS pouch that doesn't seem to be available anymore.  I would have thought this would be an easier find.




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Looked at these for a minute:




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The D-27 is good kit, and for the niche SOP we had a need for.  I wish we had sourced them prior to our OEF rotation.

The only other horizontal TQ pouch I used was the S&S Precision TQ Pouch. I prefer the D-27 as it allowed me to store some additional Class VIII and admin kit on my chest while being unobtrusive. The Velcro also worked for a Velcro shell card when I carried the shotty.

Croz would be able to go into specifics on it.

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The S&S TQ pouch (which I think is the TQS pouch referred to in the OP) is difficult to find (The Gen II version, which was the only one worth a fuck and the only one that could fully enclose a CAT or SOF-TW), and difficult to mount horizontally on MOLLE.


Have you looked at the CAT-Trap from OC Tactical (, which has a horizontal adapter ( I admittedly don't have experience with it, but it looks like a decent option, though it doesn't fully enclose the TQ.

S&S doesn't have it on the site anymore, and TQS will only sell you one with their TQ in it.


There's two dozen different vertical TQ pouches out there, and I've got a good one (SORD), I'm just surprised at how few horizontal pouches are on the market.


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I really want something fully enclosed, yet marked/mark-able.


I've been getting back to roots and really looking hard at camo-ing the kit and TQs are the issue right now. White on one side, red on the other.


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I just started running a North American Rescue TQ pouch on my external carrier and it has worked awesome so far. I run it vertically but it has the ability to be ran horizontally and looks like it would work very well in this position as well. I was able to order it off of amazon.






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That might work, as long as it fits both the CAT and the SOFTW.  I'm liking the universal nature of the D27, just not the price since I'll probably get more than one.


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I encountered the same shortage when looking for a horizontal TQ pouch.


The whole Admin Pouch w/ TQ flap "D-27" thing grew out of my desire for a horizontal TQ pouch mounted on the flap of an admin pocket.  Having mounted my TQ on the flap for some years it made sense to combine the two.


The design sold by, and built for, Legion is about two versions old, but still works for the CAT, SOFTT, SOFTT-W, and any of the other TQ's of similar size.


As I was able to source durable stretch materials I changed the flap and retention. The newest variant will probably never see production as I doubt I deal with the distraction again.    


We tried a stand-alone TQ pouch of the original design but it could not have been brought to market for a reasonable (to me) price.


The release of WTF's PALSecure Hypalon components provided some new life for a stand-alone based on the upgraded 'D-27" TQ flap concept.


Pics are crummy but all I have with me here TDY.



photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

This version will fit all the same TQ's but with a lot less bulk.  If any of the newer variants ever see production this might be the one.


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Originally Posted by PlasticMag:


CROZ - I'd say you're on to a winner. Don't suppose you'd be willing to do a LF-only run?


I doubt it.  I certainly won't make them as I'm not a gearmaker.  I own a machine to proof concepts in prototype form or to modify existing equipment to better fit particular requirements.  I don't have the skill, time, or desire to make items in quantity.

If I find out these can be made in a small quantity for a reasonable amount, I'll let you know.  I just don't see people paying 30-35 bucks for a TQ pouch and past experience leads me to believe that will be the case.

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I like it. If this design see's the light of day, I need two in MultiCam and two in Cop Black.


Horizontal or vertical is fine but I would really dig this if it was made in Vertical orientation.


You might check with First Spear to see if they would make a small run of your design. Or Blue Force Gear or Velocity Svstems or (maybe) AWS.


This design doesn't work especially well in a vertical orientation.  It's too wide for what you get.

I would suggest the excellent First Spear or SORD pouches if you need them vertical.  I find that the SORD works better for the SOFTT, while the FS is more suited for a CAT or SOFTT-W.

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Check out Whiskey Two Four. 

It's the PALSecure from them.  WTF makes various platforms for small gearmakers to build from.  It's a cool system.

It works pretty well on a belt.  I have one mounted via one PALS column and around the inner belt itself on a Crye MRB.  Solid setup.

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Originally Posted by CROZ3212:

This design doesn't work especially well in a vertical orientation.  It's too wide for what you get.

I would suggest the excellent First Spear or SORD pouches if you need them vertical.  I find that the SORD works better for the SOFTT, while the FS is more suited for a CAT or SOFTT-W.


I have one of the FS pouches and it's very tight with a CAT - has that been your experience as well?

I've had the D-27 for a bit and really like it. I'd really like something like that stripped down pouch, especially with belt loop type attachment for concealed carry.

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Originally Posted by krax:

My SOFTW fits in the SORD pouch perfectly.  It's a pretty clever design.


Agreed.  I think the SORD might be the best overall vertical TQ pouch I have encountered.

It is a better fit for more TQ types and is more secure than the First Spear.

I would, and do, use either but if I could have only one it would be the SORD, unless available space absolutely called for the slimmer FS.

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A Google search only turns up several photos of the Gen 2, unfortunately.

I don't know anyone who has hands on with them.

I'll be ordering one this week, I'll let ya'll know what I think.

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I've never seen T3 product up close.  I'm assuming that the Gen I is horizontal just because it's displayed that way.  I have no idea what the mounting system looks like.


Perusing the rest of their site, photos and product descriptions are lacking on everything.  Looks sorta lazy, but whatever.


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The T3 mounts vertically, at least according to another place that has it in stock. 


As far as I can tell, there is not a horizontal pouch on the market right now. 


Croz, while the D27 didn't work for me, it was because of the admin pouch and not the TQ case. That stand alone looks great though. I'd buy one to mount on my BFG admin if it ever comes to market. 


I'm currently running the Tactical Medical Solutions phantom case and it does well in protecting the TQ and still providing fast access, and it looks like you could mount it horizontally, but you could probably do that with any MOLLE TQ pouch

I've seen that one, but TQ Holders where they expose the TQ are a NO GO for me as my Requirements are for the TQ to be fully enclosed to protect it from the elements.

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I'm currently on version 4 of a horizontal pouch, which is posted above.

Versions 2 and 3 were built in a like manner to the Tron Tactical one.  That added height will help with the stability as I found that a pouch that size gets pretty wobbly when using standard sewn PALS straps.

I've got a couple of the older "box" versions that have been in circulation for close to 9 months with no complaints but I found it to be too cumbersome for what you get.

Still, it's probably the best available option right now.

Out of my prototype bin from last year (built with FS 6/12 as a base and purposed for the top of a Crye JPC)-


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A few months ago we no longer issued out chemical grenades to officers, so there was an abundance of the 5.11 flashbang pouches collecting dust in the armory.  I hillbillied one to my duty belt with some zip ties to hold a CAT4.  While its less than optimal, it works pretty well.  However, I'll be looking into some of the options posted here.


Wasn't there one that 03Humpalot was making or T&Eing a while back? If memory serves it was belt mountable.  My biggest problem is that its getting more and more difficult to find stuff made in ninja-black. 

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Ok so i got the Tron Tactical TQ-H in the mail today. Obviously i cant give a true review but my initial impressions are that its smaller than i thought. Quality seems pretty thoughWA a. Its going to take a little work to get a CAT's windlass to not stick out a bit but i plan on running a SOFTW in it anyways. The "admin" pouch portion is in the same footprint as the the pouch so it doesnt add any bulk which is nice. Probably a good place for nitrile gloves.
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I've had mine for a few days now, and got to try it out at the range for a couple hours last week.  Smooth communication with Brian (who owns Tron-Tac) and quick shipping, and he seems very interested in end-user feedback, which is always welcome.


There are a few minor tweaks I would make to the pouch, but as is, it's a solid product.  My initial impressions are that the construction is excellent, with obvious attention to detail (like the cross-stitching on the loop panel).  Current price is $40, which I think is reasonable, compared to $35 for a First Spear TQ Pouch or $25 for a SORD TQ Cover.  I've included several pictures of the pouch.  If you guys have any specific questions or want to see any other details of the pouch, let me know, and I'll do my best to accommodate you.


Pouch Front

Front view with CAT


Pouch Open

Pouch open.  Note the webbing strap in the center of the pouch, intended to use in conjunction with a rubber band to retain the TQ.


Pouch open with CAT

Pouch open with CAT for size reference.


Pouch open with SOFTT-Wide

Pouch open with SOFTT-Wide.


Top view of closed pouch

Top view.  Note two elastic loops for a Sharpie or pen.  The Sharpie gets slightly in the way of closing the pouch tightly because of the pull-tab placement.  I would probably relocate the elastic loops to the underside of the pouch, or even inside the front flap.


Top view

Another view of the top of the pouch.


Attachment method

MOLLE attachment method.  It works, but I prefer MALICE clips with wider-than-spec MOLLE webbing to allow for centering the pouch on plate carriers with both odd and even numbers of MOLLE columns.


Admin slip pocket

Admin slip pocket with hook and loop closure.  This doesn't increase the footprint of the pouch at all, but does add a bit of depth.  I would be using this on a Mayflower APC and LPAAC, both of which have integrated admin pockets, so it's redundant for me.  I'd like to see the option to omit this for users who don't need it.


Right side of pouch

Right side of pouch.  You can see how the flap isn't closed all the way due to the presence of the Sharpie.  Simple solution is to close the pouch first, then stick the Sharpie in there.


Left side of pouch

Left side


Pouch on Mayflower LPAAC

Pouch mounted on the upper chest of a Mayflower LPAAC.


Pouch on Mayflower LPAAC

Another angle of the pouch mounted on an LPAAC.


Side view on LPAAC

Side view of pouch on an LPAAC.  There is sufficient clearance for accessing magazines stored directly under the pouch.  Keep in mind that the LPAAC has three rows of MOLLE on the upper chest.  If this was on a small/medium Assault Plate Carrier with only two rows of MOLLE on the chest, there wouldn't be as much space.  If you're running double mag pouches or something like a TACO that has some give to it, there should be no issues, but don't plan on using this in conjunction with mags stored in a kangaroo pocket insert.


As worn

As worn


Side view as worn

As worn, side view.  (LPAAC only has soft armor inserts, no plates.)

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