The shape and taper of the flap may negate the need for a snap at all.  I had a concern with my full-length closure, but you may not have as much to worry about.  Smaller surface, less chance for snag.  The flipside being- smaller surface, less chance of retention during a snag.  It's a balance like anything else. 




About the only buckle I would put on a TQ pouch would be a snapdragon or one of those National Molding deals with the pulltab, but I don't know if I've ever seen them smaller than 1in, and thats a lot of bulk and complexity for such a small/light pouch.


I have never received a report of the D27 having an issue with the TQ flap inadvertenly opening (not saying it hasn't happened, but no one who knows I was involved ever mentioned it to me), and none of those that ever saw the light of day, three or four versions, had a snap.  Most were used high on the chest as intended, though.  I went to a snap when the stand-alone matured enough to be built.  Everybody wanted to put it on a belt and I just didn't trust the velcro-only. 

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I'm just happier than shit that there's a few different options for horizontal TQ pouches right now.


Tron Tactical is temporarily not producing, but they'll be back up in time.


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Any further developments here? I still am using the D27 on my entry vest  and I have no complaints.  We are adding plate carriers to our loadout so I need another pouch for that and would like the smaller footprint option.  It seems like as of this moment the only option for an enclosed horizontal TQ pouch would be the TronTac? Anything new with you Croz? Plasti?



Don't look at me in that tone of voice


My stuff is still with another company for potential manufacture.  I have no idea how long that may take, or if it will even happen.  The first manufacturing option did not pan out, so they are trying another route.


Having said that, and with a week or so off coming up, what color would you need?  Hit me with a PM...

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I got a few PMs about this earlier so I'll answer publicly - I'm in the middle of a PCS, Croz is the go-to guy for TQ pouches! My design is on the 5th or 6th revision and still getting worked out, but I can't make any for at least 30 days so there's that.

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So sorry for the necro post.  I am in need of a TQ pouch that mounts horizontal and looking at the current market, I don't think Tron is taking orders. I don't see any new options out there...   

Croz?  Plasti?   I am local to Ft Bragg and Current LEO, I have some riggers that might can sew, anyone willing to share a pattern?   Need two blk, one multicam... but take what I can get. 


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I emailed tron thru facebook months back. Never heard from him. Emailed him again today as this took a back seat for a few months.  I'm currently running an issued CAT horizontally on my kit but its very floppy and just not as slick.  I also prefer the sofftw over the CAT.  I currently carry a sofftw on my duty belt and a swat tq in each cargo pocket.  The sofftw is for myself or coworker. The swat t is for anyone that needs a tq.  


We are currently issued narcan but prohibited from carrying epi pens.  Not sure on liberal logic but above my paygrade. 


IT IS WHAT IT IS- The Motto of the street cop.

I just started using the North American Rescue CAT tourniquet holder.  It can be mounted vertical or horizontal.  It's very solid vertically, but it does move some when mounted in the horizontal position.  It seems to be more of a nuisance than a real issue though.  The tourniquet is held with great retention though.  FWIW, it can be found at Amazon for $22.50 

I just used a BFG Tourniquet Now! with some zip ties.


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I had a horizontal TQ pouch made by John Wilde to my specs with his input as well. That pouch is one of those pieces of gear that you consistently have with you because it simply works very well. I have had it about a year now and it's worn every uniform day.


Horizontal orientation. I wanted it up front on the belt but not digging into my massive quads  when sitting/squatting for hours on end.

Secured to duty belt by two overlapping Velcro straps

I wanted the entire TQ covered to keep debris/contaminants to a minimum.

Lowest profile I can get.

Now, John took this design a step further and created a pouch that when you pull the flap open it actually pulls the TQ out into your hand. A  very simple yet nice feature.  That being said, you can wrap and compress the TQ deep into the pouch and pull it tight with the flap creating just about the lowest profile possible.  The Velcro flap has never snagged open on anything and requires a deliberate pull to open. I carry the SOF-TT-W in the pouch and never really notice I'm wearing  it.IMG_20170108_185922

I'm not affiliated with John or his company, I'm  just a pain in the ass customer. He can make just about

anything nylon and the quality is extremely high.

Check them out: Wild Custom Gear

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Tropleo posted:

Did he happen to say if he made that with molle compatible backing? Or would the velcro work with molle?

The one I have will work with MOLLE as well (kind of a PITA) but he can make it anyway you like.  I have MOLLE on my duty belt as well. I found that wrapping it onto my duty belt with the two straps pulls it in a little tighter than attaching with the  MOLLE system.

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Is that the "Ejection Seat" model on their web site?


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What's the current hotness on these? The Tron one looks good especially if he can do the WTF attachment...I'm totally sold on thoes! Is he takeing orders? I'm planning on emailing him tomorrow but figured I'd see if any of you guys are still making these? I need one...MC or Rangerish green. I tried to see if the admin one is still in production as well (D27?) but can't find a vendor?

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pointblank4445 posted:
Malpaso posted:

Is that the "Ejection Seat" model on their web site?

It's not on the website; it's a custom rig.

I'm probably going to inquire about one today myself...

He has a link now:

FWIW- most open top TQ pouches I have seen in LE environments generally end up with various crap on the exposed area (e.g., dirt, dust, various fluids, blood, crumbs, etc. ). This is exactly why I prefer some type of covering.    


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