I’ve been using a very light weight neck gaiter for many years on duty. It keeps the sun off me, the bugs out of my ears/nose/mouth and offered a bit of protection from foliage (working in cane fields suck). The one I have is a very thin microfiber material in Multicam and was made by a guy on eBay (action sports?), it’s getting a bit worse for the wear after nearly 6 years of daily use...

The construction of mine is a basic tube approx. 10” tall. This is less than desirable when going hands on...I had a guy get ahold of it once but I guess I hit him hard enough to break his grip or change his mind about trying to hang on?

This brings me to my question, is anyone making a neck gaiter that is not a tube design? What I’m hoping to find or have made is basically the same thing I have but that is a break away design using Velcro...in a material that is very breathable and will provide UV protection. I may just have to take mine to a local seamstress and have it altered but I’d love to have a couple of them laying around. 

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I've used the SpecOps Recon wrap and the BUFF wrap, but I've never seen a breakaway option. I think  modifying either option would be difficult as there isn't much extra fabric to allow for modifications.

Your best bet may be hitting up a fabric store and getting a couple custom made for yourself.

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Have you thought about a bandanna or silk scarf?

The cotton bandanna can be bought just about anywhere.  I understand you may have uniform concern so you may want to make one out of 100% cotton with snaps instead of Velcro.  The snaps take up less volume than Velcro and give way with less force.

If you get a silk scarf, find Jacquard silk, the heaviest and smoothest available.   It does come in solid colors and you'll want several in your wardrobe.  Silk is the most comfortable fabric I have worn, even in the desert.  Very breathable, wicks away sweat, doubles as a face mask when the dust blows up in the afternoon.  It does get dirty easily so you would want to change the scarf daily and wash it by hand with Woolite.  The 48" X 48" size will go around your neck twice, like a "wild rag" and keep the sun and critters off your neck.  As far as a bad guy grabbing it, he has just anchored himself and lost the use of one or both hands while you pummel him.

Another option is a collar liner.  

These were worn up to the end of WW2 by Soviet and German forces to keep the grime off the necks of the uniform, which was pretty expensive.  Very often the Soldier would have one uniform which would be worn until it fell off and a collar liner would reduce wear and chafing.

These are pretty much hand-made these days.  They seemed to be more comfortable with buttons sewn onto the collar liner and button holes in the shirt or jacket collar.

A tutorial can be found here:

http://www.operationeastwind <DOT> com/EB/training/Collar_Liner.html












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Well, from a grunt perspective, the OD "cravat" in your FAK was worn as a scarf in the field, Boy Scout style.  Does everything on your list and then some.  Newer ones are tan but same deal.      

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