Any real difference in effectiveness of these two 9mm loads? 

I have 200 rounds of Federal HST 124 grain plus P and Federal 250 rounds of HST 147 grain that I can use for my personnel Glock 19. 

Many here seem to like the 147 grain best and I do not know if I should really split hairs between the two. 

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Shot TestPartLotAmmoAmmo WeightVelocityPenetrationExpandExpandAvg.WeightWeightComments
1G1719BPLE FederalJHP9MM +P115 13.000.400.450.4390.178.35% 
2G171P9HST1 FederalJHP9MM124 11.500.450.820.64124.7100.56% 
3G171P9HST3 FederalJHP9MM +P124 12.250.460.760.61125.2100.97% 
4G171P9HST2 FederalJHP9MM147 11.750.470.870.67149.9101.97% 
5G17153617 SpeerGold Dot9MM +P124 14.000.480.910.69125.2100.97% 
6G1729BPLE FederalJHP9MM +P115 11.500.410.470.4470.261.04% 
7G172P9HST1 FederalJHP9MM124 14.000.420.590.50126101.61% 
8G172P9HST3 FederalJHP9MM +P124 13.500.430.680.56124.1100.08% 
9G172P9HST2 FederalJHP9MM147 13.500.430.660.54149.9101.97% 
10G17253617 SpeerGold Dot9MM +P124 15.250.500.620.56128.9103.95% 
11G1769BPLE FederalJHP9MM +P115 12.250.430.600.5275.165.30%Jacket Core Separation
12G176P9HST1 FederalJHP9MM124 10.250.380.550.4675.861.13%Jacket Core Separation
13G176P9HST3 FederalJHP9MM +P124 9.750.410.570.4976.962.02%Jacket Core Separation
14G176P9HST2 FederalJHP9MM147 10.750.380.610.49134.691.56% 
 #1Bare Gelatin @ 10 Feet  #3Steel @ 10 Feet #5Plywood @ 10 Feet #7Heavy Clothing @ 20 Yards  
 #2Heavy Clothing @ 10 Feet  #4Wallboard @ 10 Feet#6Auto Glass @ 10 Feet #8Auto Glass @ 20 Yards 
            #9IWBA 4 Layers of Denim   
        Bullet    ExpandRetained% 
Shot TestPartLotAmmoAmmo WeightVelocityPenetrationExpandExpandAvg.WeightWeightComments
15G17653617 SpeerGold Dot9MM +P124 13.500.400.520.46106.385.73% 

Little better penetration on the 147 I beleive. I prefer 147 but wouldn’t balk at 124+P if that’s all I had. 

Run some 10 shot groups forvaccuracy and see how that turns out. I always seem to group a little better with 147. 

Plus 147 practice ammo us readily available. 

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C Walley posted:

Any preference between the HST 124, HST 124 +P, & the HST 147 from a Glock 26? 

I’d go 147, recoil will be easier to manage in the shorter barrel. Standard pressure 147 HST is my carry load for my BUG (Ruger LC9). 

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steveg2 posted:

Did anyone do a workup on the 150HST?

Everything I've seen seems to indicate it's a real dud compared to the other HST loadings.


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