The British ECM sack has a full length zipper opening and is mesh as well. It's built on the same Karrimor SF platform but has the straps for ECM and the internal shelf. Not a bad alternative to those interested in a mesh style pack with a full length RAID-esque zipper.


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I've been trying to find any source any where for old Eagle A-III accessory pouches to make it more RAIDesque like some of these and increase volume.


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Good evening.

Realizing that this is the place for the huge ultimate RAID pack expertise, I have one question to ask:

Does Source Hydrationsystems wider ILPS-something bladders fit inside the sleeve inside the main compartment?

Reason for asking is that some day I'll probably be forced to use the issued bladders instead of my Camelbak because of the gas mask adaptor and a bunch of other reasons...



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The old $99 RAID pack is making another trip.


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BOOM! RAID 2.5. Normal RAID 2 without PALS webbing on the front or sides. Talked to Haji a few weeks ago and he was able to get one done up for me. I love the design of the RAID, but hate carrying a bag with molle all over it in public... this should do the trick. Planned use is as a travel/EDC bag...

Is the 2.5 or Cobra in mass-production these days?

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There are two versions of the Cobra, the 2.5 without any elastic,and the 2.6, with elastic. I believe they are in production, as I have had a 2.6 in Multicam, and one in Wolf for almost two years, along with one of each of the RAID IIs in Multicam and Wolf.


I use the Multicam ones for product demos, and the Wolf ones for traveling. A MOLLE free RAID in Wolf would be the ultimate in low vis carry on, and even a bit lighter and more compact than the RAID.


My luggage for my last couple of trips to the US (SHOT Show) has been just the RAID and Cobra as carry-on. they are both the right size, and easily hold a weeks worth of clothes for me.





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I'd love a slick Cobra if it had some kind of outer pocket to replicate the medium GP pouch most people use on the lower half. I use that pouch all the time for small items I use most often. 


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The RAID and Cobra have a flat outside pouch that I use for items that I want easy access to. I guess you could use a CAP pocket stuck just inside the opening of the Cobra if you wanted more organization.


I find that once you start attaching pouches to the outside, it begins to look a bit more "tactical", which you may want to try to avoid sometimes.





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DedEye posted:
New question: Does anyone know where to buy some compression straps made of 1" nylon with Fastex buckles? I want to loop them through the PALS webbing on the bottom of the RAID but would prefer they match color (or near enough to pass muster), and that they had QD buckles like the rest of the compression straps on the pack.

I haven't been able to find a reply to this earlier question - does anybody have a good solution for clipping gear, e.g. an isomat, to the bottom of the RAID?

I'm pretty sure that if you contact ATS, they would be willing to assist you with this.

Sometimes, if a customer comes up with a good idea, they will make it, and then offer it as a production item.



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An MP5 fits perfectly in the claymore pocket. Even has retention 


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Hey, if this is ultimate, how has it been dead for years? And with everyone getting all nostalgic and weepy for Eagle 3DAPs no less.

But also: I have a weird one maybe. I thought I had an ATS RAID, for sale no less, but I was just asked a question and then noticed it has no hydro pocket. Or hydro/radio port. And it is stiffened like it has a frame sheet with two aluminum stays (you can feel them) but there's no access to the back panel. Otherwise, looks and acts all RAIDy. 

So, where's the unit historian? What IS it? 


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Were there knockoffs?




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