Looks like it'll debut at SHOT. 

Any thoughts, early info?

I know there are plenty of good small 9mm's out there now, but my wife's nerve damage in her wrist would make a reliable 380 a very desirable platform. 

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I'm anxious to see what DOCGKR says about these when he gets his hands on some.

I settled on the .380 Hydra-Shok   a long time ago mostly because of its penetration due to lack of expansion.    What little expansion they show often look wadcutter-ish.

If I can take a wild guess, I'm thinking these will not look like a wadcutter after penetration but more pointed/rounded to get the extra penetration.  The extra weight may be from filling part of the hollow or the  stud size to do just that.

I'd like to see a .380 +P, as I think most modern firearms could handle a tad more pressure without hurting anything.



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Wondering what Federal considers deep for an expanding .380 round? Eight inches? Nine inches? Is there any real chance that this round will make it to the FBI Minimum of 12 inches ?You can only pack so much "oomph" in to a .380 case.

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