In 2018, is anybody voluntarily shooting .45ACP extensively on their own dime?

My last homicide I worked , dude was shot DRT by 115 gr. FMJ 9mm ...albiet 7 rds point blank (on video) 


Shot placement and capacity helps


just sayin

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Dorsai posted:


I think the 9x23 was a niche gun in a niche that was rapidly disappearing.  I don't think it was ever offered in a double stack practical pistol, just competition guns and most were 1911 single stack.  Changes in rules, heavy 9mm loads edged it out.

They're a bit more like 10mm in the respect that factory loads weren't pushing them where they were designed to be and thus, they served little purpose in that capacity; you had to handload or buy specialty stuff.  And like the 10mm, you were going to have to jam it into a .45-sized gun and there wasn't much about at that time that was going to A) handle it and B) not feel like complete shit.  We would have more and better options today.  I know I've said else-where, but never here on LF that were I king for the day, the HK45 prototype (and all the trigger variant capability) would be my thesis statement in 10mm or 9x23 Win provided you could get it to no less than 14+1 and 16+1 respective capacity.  I guess I just feel that when you get up into the "full-size" guns...might as well have that bulk to your advantage and get some more juice...

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I have two 1911s and due to some stupidity I am carrying a 1911 Springfield Range Officer compact.  I like it and enjoy it but would prefer to have more than 8 rounds in the gun.  I have better ammo in 40 and 45 (Winchester Ranger 180 grain and Federal HSTs 230 grain) than I do 9mm ammo (standard pressure 124 grain gold dots and 9mm BPLE).  For some odd reason all my Federal 9mm HST 147 grain is in Alabama. 

Now I do have a 1911 Kimber Ultra Aegis in 9mm that I like alot.  Its fun and enjoyable but there is something about having 45ACP that make me think dang I can take on the world....then the Indians show up and I am like fudge.  


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