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Just took delivery of two more of Slangvel's hats. I emailed him I think last Saturday evening and got them today. They are awesome as always, and now maybe my sons will let me wear mine with no guilt now that they have their own.

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I just landed 4 of his hats.  1 green, 2 tan and one purple butterfly hat (hey, waddya want, my daughter said it was for girls, so now I wear a purple butterfly boonie just to make the kid laugh).  These hat's are really excellent.

I really dig the purple butterfly hat, I may want to get one for my Mother as a gift since she's either gardening or trekking around the world.


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slangvel posted:

Hi Guys; many of you have emailed me asking if I am still available making hats.  Yes I am, and thanks for the concern and interest.   Dave

Thx for the update Dave & good to hear things are settling down for you.

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