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Since we're kicking around AWIB's  for the G-19 and vest holsters for the G-43, I thought I'd add a request for suggestions for a standard IWB for a G-19 Gen 5.I prefer soft loops, but I'm open to clips.  I don't have a WML on the weapon and don't feel it an absolute necessity for an off-duty gun, but again, I'm open to the idea.  Thanks and be safe. 

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Huckleberry Tactical.

Quite a few mounting options to include soft loops. They offer an affordable quick ship IWB Insider (in stock) version for your Gen 5 Glock w/ soft loop. $45.  As well, they offer their IWB Grab & Go model for $50 w/ soft loops. Both models available in light bearing configuration if you change your mind about a mounted light. Lots of alternative mounting options offered for all their holsters.

I use one of their custom models for IWB carry of a full-sized HK USP w/ TLR-1 HL light. Very happy with quality & design. You can build one of their holsters with a plethora of options at a price that won't break the bank. Pretty rapid turnaround from order to delivery. Mine took less than a week to arrive at my door.



I think they make a pretty good product. Construction, layout, and materials compare favorably with most of the top tier makers out there. And a hell of a lot of user chosen options are available...


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XTCBX posted:

JM kydex. I use the IWB version 3 with soft loops. 

I've been using one of these for my M&P 2.0 C for a couple months and I like it a lot. Just wish I'd ordered it with the wider belt loop.   I have one on order to accommodate the pistol with a weapon light. 

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I've been using the JM Kydex, AIWB for about six months for G19s and M&P .45 mid-sized (G19 size) and really like them. Planning to order one with the X300U light. 

Cool part about the M&P version is that is accommodates the RMR sight, even though not ordered as such. 



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XTCBX posted:

JM kydex. I use the IWB version 3 with soft loops. 

I have the same thing for my 1911 Rail Gun.


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JM Custom Kydex IWB-3 with soft loops.  I have them for my VP9 both with and without WML.  Comfortable, durable, and concealable.  Make sure you get the wide loops, as it helps straddle, well, wider belt loops.

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I never see any mention of Vedder Holsters here...  I like them.  I like them better than a Klipt, Bladetech paddle OWB or two clip IWB (forget the model but I can look it up,) Galco hybrid, Galco single clip leather sleeve... I learn the hard way, from science experiments.

So those mentioned above sit here in a box, and I’ve now got Vedder holsters for G19, G26, G43...

4 o’clock IWB, standing, climbing, driving, whatever else, all peachy.   Comfy, good retention, no bother.  No complaints.




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Another vote for Vedder holsters. Great price, great options, fantastic costumer service.

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I use the RCS Morrigan holster for my G17 IWB at the 3-4oClock. Conceals well, soft loops, adjustable loop placement, inexpensive, adjustable retention, overall I've been very happy with it.

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JM Customs IWB version 2, Armadillo Xfer Gen 2 or Phlster Skeleton. The JM and Armadillo both work with my X300 and DG switch. The JM contours to the hip well with limited printing, even in summer attire. The Armadillo is the least comfortable of the three but only due to the nature of having the extra length the WML adds, especially during appendix carry. The Phlster is very minimalist. 

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