Happy Memorial day to all, first snd foremost!


I had a quick question for the professional door kickers on some hard gear.


Im currently running the PIG plate carrier for about a year and a half. I have grown fond of the elastic cummerbund because i can get a nice snug fit but it still moves and flexes opposed to the molle cummerbund that is solid and has no flex or give to it.


The negatives of the elastic cummerbund is you loose all that molle real estate on the side.  I have tried the molle sleeves that go over the elastic cummerbund but they end up moving a little more then i like.


So last week i got some hands on time with the Crye JPC2 and never realized that their "solid" molle cummerbund is actually attached in the back with with shock cord giving you all the flexibility and movement of the elastic cummerbund but you still get all the molle attach ability.


So does anyone know if the Crye cummerbund can be retrofit to the PIG plate carrier?


Thanks in advance for any insight!

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