Problem: Most targets are not anatomically correct or properly scaled, and if they are, they are usually big poster sized targets.

Solution: KBATs (Kit Badger Anatomy Target)s

*If you hate reading there is a video here *

I've spent a lot of time training and vetting for companies/contracts on IPSC/IDPA targets and honestly, I think they've done myself and everyone else a huge disservice.  They are horrible misrepresentations of the human form.  And big picture, this leads to poor training, especially when you work failure drills (the distance from the chest to head isn't correct).  Or when you are working offset on your rifle at close ranges.  Knowing where to hold in your optic to get a "scored" head shot does not translate well to actual distance/holds on the human anatomy.

So, off I went to make some targets.  Partially inspired by the VTAC targets which I like, but are big and unwieldily - I don't want a poster tube in my range bag.  And partly inspired by the Sage Dynamic Vital Anatomy Targets.  Which while I like them, they don't read well at distance.  You are presented with a bright circle and brain stem rather than a silhouette.

So I started with taking some measurements in the mirror, followed by sketching them out with skeletal references.  Keeping the scale and anatomy correct.  Eventually they went into Adobe Illustrator where they got cleaned up and finalized. 

Overall, I am really pleased with them as they: 

  • Provide all vital anatomy on (2) 8.5"x11" sheets of paper
  • Provide anatomically correct vitals and bone structure
  • Provide appropriate target indicators (silhouette vs box/circle/etc.)
  • Targets are to scale with proper proportions
  • Easy to carry, store and use

When you place the head sheet on the top line on the thoracic sheet, the scale/proportions/anatomy line up perfectly.

I've added them as a free PDF download on my site.  You can go here to find them, scroll to the bottom, enter your email and they will be sent to your inbox.

Also included are both Color KBATs (using primarily blue and red ink/toner which are low use colors) and Black & White KBATs for if you don't have a color printer or want higher contrast.

And, since some people don't care to print off targets, I have them for sale on my site and Amazon.  I will say the KBAT Pads are pretty rad.  Pads of 50 sheets printed front and back (head/thoracic cavity) in full color on 100lbs paper.  Additionally the ink used is incredibly water resistant.  And the pads are cardboard backed and glued across the top so they won't turn into a yard sale in your range bag.

If you get a chance to print some off and use them, let me know what you think.  I'd love some feedback.  Thanks!

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Got mine. My only question is light are the anatomical lines supposed to be. Mine printed out so light as to be just barely visible held at arms length. For my purposes I don’t really need to be able to readily see that stuff from 10 to 25 yards away as long as I can see it when checking/taping targets. 

Thanks for doing this and making it available to us. 

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Awesome, let me know how they do for you!  As far as the anatomical lines, you mean the internal structures correct?  Those should be light, like they are.  As soon as you start pushing back, you should just be seeing that target indicator of the silhouette.

Also, eyes being a target indicator, you can easily color them in with a Sharpy marker. (I speak to this in the video)

Internal structures, correct. 

Most of the time I shoot steel but still on occasion break out my target stands and shoot paper. I’ll let you know what I think and how they work for me soon. 

Yo homey, is that my briefcase...?
Vincent from "Collateral"
You want the good life, you break your back, you snap your fingers, you snap your neck... Prong/Demon Hunter

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We've been using the piss out of the Sage Dynamics front and side profile targets all year during our in-service quals and both new hires and post-academy weeks.

We will give these a use during this coming week's in-service classes.


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This is awesome.  But then again you’re awesome, so this just fits your M.O.

I haven’t been on your page in a while, with transitions and all, but this freeware offer is another example of what being a good dude (and Lightfighter) is all about.  Helping people spend their money in a more informed manner, offering training tips, etc., is a good way to serve the broader tactical community.

And your give-aways?!?!  Mad respect for that.

You have influence which is outsized compared to a lot of other commercial entities trying to do the same thing.  

Thank you for the effort.  Oorah.

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If I put these targets up at my private range, half of the members would stroke out.

That’s why I’m going to buy a 50 pack.  



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Thanks for all the kind words guys.  While I would love to sell these, the overarching goal is to change the way guys get to train.  Move towards better targets that give petter results for the effort put in.

So to that end, thanks for sharing them with people!

Awesome targets, will have to get a few over to our range guys.

As an aside, since you don't have a comment option on your site, When hiking the AT we did Mac and cheese with Olive Oil, very high caloric density to weight ratio. You'd eat 5 grand in prepaid meals on a hike like that so improvisation was the name of the game.

Learn how to talk and how to fight, if you can't do one you'll be doing a lot of the other.

We have department qualifications and training next week. Just signed up for the  PDF Pack.

It should be a big help. It will save me a lot of time that is normally spent with a sharpie trying to “fix” our Q targets. 

Thank you for doing this.

I will report back with how things went.

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The interesting thing is this is was I was taught by my Dad, as a hunter. A lower educated immigrant son, not a gunfighter. He understood that it was all about anatomy. Did he study it, no. Did he know it, yes, as he dressed out more flesh than I ever will.



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I sent a link of your targets to my buddy who runs the quals at my Station a while back and was happy to see they are being put to use in this quarters training. These are a great tool. Thanks for doing this!!!


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Glad to hear you guys are liking them!  I love seeing them in the wild.  

If you ever want to pick up a pad of them, I think it'll take them to the next level for you.  The contrast with the full color is pretty rad, and the way they are printed, they are damn near waterproof.  (Which is a big plus depending on where you train)

You can find them through my site, 

Or on Amazon: 

As a favor, if you happen to pick any up on Amazon, please leave a review, it helps.

And by all means, please keep printing them out and using them!

I need to read more.

I'll be adding this, and your website, to the growing list of things I've missed in the last couple of years.


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