Needed a small pack just to knock around with and as plain Jane as possible.  Have always loved Kifaru kit so I went to their site.  Since it's been awhile, I recognized very, very little but this pack caught my eye.

The Urban Zippy is a cool name for a very cool pack.  Again, I was just looking for something to throw crap in that people wouldn't give a second look at. 

On Kifaru's site, walking around the city without drawing attention yet still be able to carry a good amount of daily stuff is what they made this thing for and I think they really nailed it.

There are zippered pockets on the outer and inner portion of the lid plus an organizer pocket and mesh pockets in the interior.  Back outside, there are two zippered pockets and two draw string pockets for water bottles.  Padded shoulder straps with a single chest strap and no belt.

Quality is typical Kifaru which is to say top, top notch.  It's the color that I love.  It's Wolf Gray which people who came to the CBS know it now the premiere urban tactical color for when urban people need to operate.  Makes you practically invisible. 

This thing with the grommet option goes for $315 plus shipping plus a wait.  Or you can find someone who wants to get rid of their cherry pack with the grommets in the color you want and have it in two days for $150 shipped.  😎




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Both of my 'urban' packs (Helikon EDC and Helikon Groundhog) are what they call 'shadow grey' and are also very low profile. 

They are described as 'small and functional', which, these days, are polar opposites to me but they make me happy anyway 



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Great pack, perfect size and configuration. $300 is steep, I wish I had your shopping skills 


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