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No, I'm not taking the lieutenant's test, but I am attending a Lights/Sights/Laser class in a couple of weeks.  Since my knees are still throbbing from the Police Memorial 5K, I think I'm going to follow their recommendation to bring knee (and maybe elbow) pads.  Any recommendations? Thanks and be safe.

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The Arcteryx knee pads are the best I've tried - good protection, moderately comfortable, and not too hot.  I use them for both tactical applications and for skiing.  I think I've even used them for some landscaping/gardening work.

The Black Diamond Telekneesis (sp?) are a similar design, a couple bucks cheaper, and seem to be more available than the dirty bird.  Backcountry dot com is a good vendor.

I have some of the older style knee pads, and I gave up on them.  They were too hot and fell down too often.

Arcteryx again. Best standalone kneepad goin. 

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I do not have Arcteryx pads so cannot comment on them but I have tried half a dozen types of skateboard pads and given up on all of them.  Instead I went another way; either Crye trousers with the built in pads or divers' neoprene soft pads.

The scuba pads are designed to stop cave divers scuffing their wetsuit but I found that they could be worn under trousers, next to the skin.  They were low profile, not too hot, never moved and offered the protection I needed.  The disadvantage is they have no hard shell so they are padding rather than protection.  I have never found this to be an issue  even as an infantryman who spends a lot of his life kneeling and prone.  In particular I liked that because they were under the trousers, they did not catch on things and get tugged down when crawling on rough ground.  This may not be relevant to you.

They brand I like best is Beaver (snigger):

Which I buy online from diving shops.  Not sure if they sell them state-side but I'm sure you could find something similar.



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In addition:

I strongly dislike elbow pads for shooting as I think they make you too unstable in the prone and are too restrictive on arm movement.  I usually just accept the discomfort.

That said I was recently training for a competition that included a stage with 10 exposures at 200 - 300m, spread over nearly 8 minutes, from the prone, on tarmac.  After rehearsing it a few times and with my kneepads in mind, I bought some velcro and neoprene elbow wraps for sports/weights and put them on loosely.  Something like this:

I am a convert. They offer enough protection to make me comfortable and restrict my movement little enough to be tolerable.  I still would not wear a full elbow pad though.



"Don't forget your stick Lieutenant."


"Rather, Sir. Wouldn't want to face a Jerry machine gun without this."

JNC, if you want to try before you buy, stop by the schoolhouse. You're welcome to use mine.

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I used my Arc caps working on my truck and the straps bunched up and the backs of my knees were all pinched up.  Anyone else have this issue? 

I tried the other day X-ing the straps and I think that might work better.

Also I am going to try using a heavy clip to clip them to my pant legs, instead of the straps.

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