I did some research but my google fu but came up empty. I have my Grandfather's WWII Mk 2 Navy knife that needs to be cleaned up and re-worked.  After my Grandfather got out of the Navy it became a fish cleaning knife. The blade needs to be cleaned up, sharpened, etc. Handle needs to be replaced and maybe needs to be polished up. I consider this a family heirloom and would like to see it brought back to its full glory. Anyone have any recommendations of people to work on it? I am prior service and now work as a LEO and would like to carry it on rural operations.  Thank you in advance!

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I've had Josh at Razor Edge work on a knife for me. His work is impeccable. I'm not sure he'd be the guy for this job though as his area is more complete mod work rather than restoration. It wouldn't hurt to reach out to him though. I found him to be very responsive to questions. 



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Tom Veff as in the "Veff Serrations" on CRKT Knives owns a knife sharpening business & does knife restorations as well. His website is: veffsharpening.com or he can be reached by phone @ (503) 656-9918.

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