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Just wanted to recommend Shooks Customs, LLC as a superb holster option for anyone who owns CZ pistols. Especially if you are looking for something to fit classic alloy/steel framed guns like the PCR, P-01, SP-01, 75/85, etc. (But also all of CZs polymer framed guns.)

I've been looking for a holster unicorn for quite some time: An OWB, light bearing, duty retention model for an SP-01... featuring Safariland retention hardware. Something for open carry on a duty belt or instructor gun belt.

Offerings by a plethora of holster makers are invariably for CCW Kydex, but without such Level II/III retention. Only rarely does anyone offer a light bearing model that fits any currently popular lights.  Even Safariland is out to lunch when it comes to such for classic CZ75 series guns. Other duty options are invariably euro models that are just kind of "not right" in that their configuration/retention release are way different from the Safariland USA envelope I'm used to.

Lo and behold, after a long search, I stumbled across a holster shop devoted exclusively to housing CZ pistols in holsters you can use.  They also sell CZ upgrade parts, accessories, magazines, mag pouches, tourniquet holders, etc. 

Ordered and received exactly what I was looking for.  Custom OWB Taco Holster for CZ SP-01, Streamlight TLR-1HL, SLS w/ Sentry Lock, adjustable retention screw, SL UBL low ride drop extender, extra SL belt slide, color of choice, and exact belt size desired (1.75").

Other options (not chosen) included SLS Hood Guard, 1 or 2 thigh straps, molded for suppressor height sights, cut for threaded barrel/mounted optic, & G-Code RTI or QLS mount .

In other words, as with the very best custom shops, you build the holster exactly the way you need it to be. And they offer almost every conceivable option.

Mine looks just like the OD model below:

Holster ordered late June with an indefinite lead time due to backlog (projected to be built sometime in August). In actuality, time from on-line order to doorstep... 5 weeks*. Arrived last week of July. $150 as optioned, but only $135 with military/leo (including retired) 10% discount. Safariland-style duty holster, at less than Safariland prices, for a gun Safariland doesn't cover, and a wait time that presently beats Safariland anyway.

(*At the moment, Shooks is temporarily closed for new custom orders, as they work through existing ones. Have to check the web-site to see when re-opened for new custom orders. They do have quick ship models available.)

Superb materials, fit, finish (including holster body edges). Safariland hardware & screws. Easily matches the best custom makers out there. I've got the proverbial holster locker with enough examples of custom holsters to make an educated comparison. At the end of day, I wanted the same kind of Safariland 6XXX design that I've used for years with other duty guns (1911, M-9, SIG 220, G17).  Got that plus some upgrades for a gun that is a bitch to find such a holster for.

As a bonus, the same holster accepts my P-01 w/ the same light.

Couldn't be happier unless the damn thing featured a beer tap. Those of you with CZ 75s know that it's sometimes difficult to find exactly what you want holster-wise. Especially with regard to retention rigs. IMHO, Shooks Customs is your solution.

I usually don't gush over gear, but really pleased with what arrived in the mail.

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In the flesh, the holster I received matches or exceeds anything else I've ever bought. Whether custom shop or major manufacturer. I own $1k + worth of Safariland rigs alone. Also JM Custom, Raven Concealment, Huckleberry Tactical, Dara, Blade-Tech, Bianchi, Galco, DeSantis, Theis, etc.  Never mind leather makers like Kramer or El Paso Saddlery. 

Wanted a holster that replicated the features I carried downrange with other duty guns. Mission accomplished.

CZs are just ass pain to find decent holster selections for. In a world where every option under the sun exists for Glocks, M&Ps, or SIGs, it's nice to find a shop that caters exclusively to CZ handguns.


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