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I have purchased a LaRue Tactical OBR, 18 inch barrel, 7.62mm rifle. I was informed by the customer service desk that LaRue no longer offers their service of custom rifle builds. Probably due to the high demand for their high quality/ high accuracy rifles. 


The "Standard" version of the rifle comes with the fixed A2 stock and I am interested in converting the rifle so that I can have the collapsible LaRue Tactical RISR/ Magpul CTR stock combo. Now, LaRue manufactures and sells their carbine length buffer tubes for their 7.62 rifles but they do not offer 7.62 buffer springs or heavy buffers for sale outside of buying a complete PreditOBR 7.62 or a PreditAR 7.62.


I have found on Brownells a JP Enterprise buffer spring and a DPMS Heavy buffer, both for 7.62 carbine rifles.


Does anybody have any thoughts and/ or recommendations for a buffer and a buffer spring? I do not want to run any chance of loosing accuracy or reliability.


Thanks for the help.


P.S. I live in Pennsylvania so I am allowed to have collapsible stocks, muzzle devices and pistol grips on rifles.



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You have a couple different options.


You can either go with an LR308 or AR-10 pattern buffer system. I'll outline the differences below:



-AR-15 collapsible stock receiver extension.

-Short LR308 buffer.

-LR308 carbine action spring.



-AR-10 or VLTOR A5 collapsible stock receiver extension.

-AR-15 collapsible stock buffer.

-AR-10 action spring.


Unless you really need the shortest position/LOP on an AR-15 receiver extension, I'd go with the AR-10 pattern parts. The OBR rifles that come with collapsible stocks use AR-10 pattern buffer systems. For the CTR stock you'll want a 6-position receiver extension (standard AR-10 one from Armalite or VLTOR RE-10/A5SR), but if you go to a longer stock (such as ACS, STR, EMOD, ect.) you can use the more common 7-position receiver extension. For a buffer, I recommend starting with an H3 weight (or heaver if you'll be running suppressed).

As plasman said, the factory OBR is AR10 style.  I would NOT fuck with that combination.   

As for the spring and buffer you should just ask larue what they use. 

Larue stakes their buffer tube lock plates FYI, if you are wanting it to be full on original like.   

ColtKid, I have the original OBR 7.62 from years back (the first customer deliver 18", actually). Initially I ordered it with the CTR and riser (there is a review in here somewhere) and then changed to PRS. I vaguely remember an issue with the buffer wt and spring back then but it was quickly sorted out by the LT crew. Given that, I'd take vectorsc's advice and call CS @ LT. They may not assemble it for you but they WILL get you on the right track.


I just pulled mine out of the safe and have the lower sitting here on the table but I see no distinguishing marks to tell me WTF the buffer/spring combo is. Sorry.


BTW: Mine shoots better than me so congrats on the new addition to your arsenal!!





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Buffer on my 16" was a standard H2.


As others have said, I'm willing to bet that they'll get you the standard equipment if you call them.


Whether or not that combination will work perfectly is an entirely different matter.


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Following this intently. 


I haven't taken mine out of the box yet, but I'm also torn between the PRS option and this conversion.


Let us know how you make out. They put out a statement via Facebook that they plan to be caught up with their backlog by the end of the year. If they are not willing to help you now, at that point, they are not going to have much of an excuse.

And just FYI, they do sell the materials needed to do things the other way around.


If they told you "we no longer build custom rifles," you got a horeshit answer. You're simply asking to buy a factory part. 


Like nearly all companies, they have their share of less than helpful employees. As FastSS has noted, give them a call back. Tell them that you are calling because you would like to buy some factory replacement parts--see where that gets you.

I realize this is a little old, but have a concrete answer to the topic.  


My OBR went through the same transformation (A2 to CTR).  Mine even happens to be the same length, not that that changes anything of course.  When I swapped mine out, I had to call CS as the conversion "kit" wasn't listed on the website.  The kit you want is SKU 888-001.  It contains: "Receiver Ext. Kit .308 - buffer tube, buffer, carbine stock latch plate, carbine stock ring w/ notch, buffer spring".  That was taken straight from my invoice and had a price of $79.95.  Granted, that was in 2012 so they may be doing something different now.  


As far as the, "We no longer build custom guns" comment; this is directed at new purchases.  Initially you could buy whatever stock you wanted and they would install it prior to shipping.  That is no longer the case.  

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