Latest evolution of the RAID pack: The Fight or Flight Pack

Did they have any idea when that could be?




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Any concerns with re-posting the first prototype pic elsewhere?  No mention of LFer.,.just dropping a snap to see what the resultant frenzy would look like among types and GoRuck afficianados.

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Who else has had their hands on this pack?  Impressions?

It is better that they do it imperfectly than that you do it perfectly. For it is their war and their country and your time here is limited.


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It was pages back, but I handled it a bit. Not under load, but at the time it was semi-new I would have gotten it. I never really liked the RAID, but reduced weight and the other little features made it very nice, would have fit a niche I had. 

But... took forever so I have bought other things I like since then. Not sure I'd get it now but maybe. For what I am doing now (travel, low-profile, some light hiking) it might be rather good, as it was designed to be indeed. 

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Still waiting for the buy now button to work

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I was going to "not quite studboard" a post on my recent deployment pack, but I don't think it or I even rate that high . For years I've been using my original RAID as my day pack, but it's gotten to the point where what I carry and accessibility to it have changed, and the "one big space" of the RAID doesn't work well anymore.

I received a giveaway a while back of a OGIO Mastermind. It's a cross between a golf and computer geek pack. It even has icons on each pocket to tell you what goes there (I shit you not). I ended up taking it to the Michael deployment, and the fucker just plain works. The number, size and accessibility of the pockets is near perfect, at least for me, doing medical/admin. The downside to it is durability. I had to go to the cobbler (that's a shoemaker for you Philistines) to have it resewn in one spot when I got back. Also, it has no Nalgene pouch, or ability to attach one. I moused a Zulu carrier and paracord onto it.

I carried everything from a 17" laptop to MRE to trauma kit in it. I know the Fight or Flight is quite far down the design road, but if it's not too late, I'd love to see some of these specs added in. Either way, is the FoF near availability?


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