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2 Day Urban Gunfighter Class, taught by SGM Dan Brokos,  at the Hollywood Tactical Gun Club,  14571 Fl-78, Okeechobee, Fl 34974.  0800-1700   Nov 11th-12th

LFT Urban Gunfighter Course is an intermediate Pistol and carbine class focusing on the ever changing contingencies of a gunfight. The course also focuses on tactical pistol and rifle drills in daylight conditions. It involves stationary and non-stationary as well as shooting in and around positions of cover and vehicles.

Performance Objectives       Shooters will be able to reiterate verbally specific knowledge pertaining to the class when asked. the shooter will be able to successfully demonstrate /skills/ positions, using strong and support side on pistols and rifles. The shooter will demonstrate his ability to successfully employ his pistol and rifle during various timed events.

Method of Instruction    LFT uses the crawl, walk , run methodology. all weapon techniques and tactics, fundamentals, and drills covered will be thoroughly explained and demonstrated prior to shooter application.  Pro timer and shooter relay races will be used to provide the competitive spirit and self induced stress replication.

Fundamentals covered besides the Basic 8.  Tactical application of cover with both weapon systems, tactical application of vehicles, and various shooting positions involving, strong and support side shooting, kit set up to support ambidextrous shooting support side fundamentals, ballistics for carbine when canted 90 degrees, reloads strong and support side, contingencies of one arm shooting. 

Equipment needed:    Carbine:  Carbine with sling and optic of your choice, iron sights are suitable as well. BUIS light or laser if applicable, 4 magazines and 900 rounds.

Pistol of choice Iron or red dot sights 4 magazines 650rounds.

Additional Equipment:  Eye and ear pro. gloves Battle belt with holster and agazine holders, body armorif applicable, inclement weather clothing, flashlight and laser if applicable to night class, pen and paper, great attitude.

Cost is 450.00    for further info and to make payment to register for the class contact:

Lex Worthy/ Tactical Advantage Weapons Training LLC

8408 W. Donald Dr. Peoria, Arizona 85383          602-478-6189

Who is Dan Brokos?       Dan is a retired SF SGM with 26 years of service, 21 being in the SF community He has had multiple deployments to Bosnia, Kosovo, Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan all conducting direct action missions involving the Art of CQB and the ability to provide surgical firepower with a carbine and pistol. Han has held positions of Assault team leader, directly responsible for 5 team members. Troop SGM directly responsible for 45 man element consisting of 5 assault cells, 12 man sniper detachment and additional enablers. Company SGM directly responsible for the training  and conducting missions for over 100 man direct action company.

Training History:  Over his 21 year career with SF, Dan has only taken two breaks and those were to teach at the SF schoolhouse.He was the head trainer for SF Avanced CQB and shooting school.He was responsible for training 208 Green Berets per year in the arts of shooting and CQB. 4 years later he also served as the company SGM for the Schoolhouse responsible for Advanced CQB, shooting school and the SF Sniper Course. Dan has been conducting training for various Military and LEO agencies since 2008 snf curently resides on the Board of Advisors for NLEFIA  (fNational Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association.

Lead Faucet Tactical LLC

77 Cherokee Road

Pinehurst NC 28374       

LFT Mission Statement:   Impart others with relevant knowledge revolving around the employment of your weapons in a variety of realistic training venues.             

What LFT offers is relevant and realistic gunfighting in a variety of courses focusing around fighting with your carbine and pistol day and night. They offer several marksmanship and CQB courses for LEO, Military and civilian shooters to increase your shooting performance. or as LFT puts it " take the thinking out of fighting."

"Everything is a rehearsal for something."








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